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Polaris VRX IQ+ VS Polaris Alpha IQ+

Polaris VRX IQ+ and Polaris Alpha IQ+ are two top-tier robotic pool cleaning models.

From waterlines to pool floors, walls, and stairs, they cover everything – two all-inclusive options for spotless pool upkeep.

Talking about the topic Polaris VRX IQ+ and Alpha IQ+ comparison, are these models the same? Are there any significant differences?

To clear up all the confusion, look at the detailed analysis below:

Polaris VRX IQ+

polaris vrx iq plus model

One Difference: Yes, there is only one difference. You are hearing it right.

Polaris VRX IQ+ and Alpha IQ+ differ only in terms of color. VRX IQ+ is a white and black combo, while the Alpha IQ+ is grey and black.

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It is a tiny dissimilarity to take into account if performance and features are the main priority as the models are the same. But for the people like me who hold looks as utmost importance, wait a moment and take a look.

Both the robots are with top easy-to-take canisters. Almost all of the market robotic pool cleaners have it. What is so important here? 

The canisters are illuminated so that the dirt grabbed is seen easily. You need not open it every time to see whether the canister is filled or not.

Based on our 14-hour research, an important observation here. At times when the sun is stronger, the lit containers get less visible. 

Comparing the both, the Polaris model VRX IQ+ stands out better than the Alpha IQ+. The VRX model’s white body color enhances the canister visibility.

Polaris VRX IQ+ / Alpha IQ+ Pros

  • Polaris models are renowned for their long-lasting. The components utilized, tire threads, and rubber brushes are less likely to become worn.
  • iAquaLink app with these models lets you do everything the robot is designed to do and from anywhere.
  • The included premium caddy is a 4-in-1 solution used to carry and store the robot and control box.

Polaris VRX IQ+ / Alpha IQ+ Cons

  • You can set only one programmed (scheduled) cycle per day quite a drawback at this high price range. Especially if it is a place with more plants and trees around, leaves and pollen are a continued problem. So having the option to set 2-3 schedule cycles help in some cases.
  • For smaller inground pools, these models are excessive. In that situation, dolphins are a proper match.

Polaris VRX IQ+ / Alpha IQ+ Specification Table

Product / SpecificationPolaris VRX IQ+ / Alpha IQ+
ColorVRX IQ+ (White); Alpha IQ+ (Black)
Weight44 Pounds (19.958 Kgs)
Size (Dimensions)22 * 22 * 18.5 inches
Included CaddyYes
Canister Size5 Liters
Easy Lift SystemYes
Cleaning ModesYes
Waterline Only ModeYes
Spot Cleaning ModeYes
Quick Clean / Deep Clean ModeYes
Custom ModesYes
App ConnectivityYes (iAquaLink)
Sensor Based NavigationYes
Vacuum TechnologyVortex
Cable Length70 ft
Pool TypeIn Ground
Pool SizeUp to 60 ft
Tangle Reducing SwivelYes
PriceCheck Price

Quick Note: As you read through the comprehensive feature illustration, please note that VRX IQ+ and Alpha IQ+ are identical. Therefore, the aspects discussed apply equally to both models.

Polaris Alpha IQ+ / VRX IQ+ Features Detailed Look

Robot’s Design & Easy to Use

VRX IQ+ comes with dimensions 22(L)*22(W)*18.5(H) inches, weighs 19.95 Kgs. While the design and look may not appear heavier, these devices are indeed heavier.

However, the weight is not a concern as both the models come with a caddy that helps in carrying the robot pool cleaner here and there.

polaris alpha iq plus model caddy
Polaris Alpha IQ+ Model Caddy. Source: Polaris

And irrespective of the weight factor, we always recommend using a caddy for better storage and mobility.

Since a large proportion of the pool’s surrounding surfaces consist of tiles, high-grip caddy tires drive effortless movement with stability.

What about the robot tires? That is more important, right? 

These Polaris models come with dual-gripped four wheels, ensuring effortless maneuverability. Tires will inevitably get worn after prolonged usage, but for Polaris models, it takes slightly longer.

On the top is a 5L canister, which is easy to pull out and clean. The inside of it is seen because of the transparent lid.

Whenever you feel it is time to clear the dirt from the canister, press the easy lift option from your smartphone or the control box. The robot will come to the place where you are guided and in a position to lift easily.

Adding to that, upon lifting, the robot swiftly expels water from its rear, facilitating an effortless and convenient lift-up. You will not feel the weight.

And speaking of the front side of the cleaner, there is a light that shifts its colors by the function it is currently executing. For example, a pulsating green indicates active spot cleaning mode and a solid blue indicates its normal smart cleaning mode.

Cleaning Modes

Not the base level, not the mid-level, like with all the top-of-the-line pool cleaners, these models are with highly beneficial cleaning modes.

Do not think what is much usage of these. You might not have the situation tomorrow. In the long run, everyone will get to use these modes.

Let’s say in a situation. Your pool is neat, but the waterlines seem cloudy and need multiple cleanings. If you set the robot to clean again, it starts cleaning everything as usual, consumes more electricity, and takes time for the task at hand.

And in another scenario, at a spot on the pool floor, there is human hair. Are you going to schedule another whole clean cycle for that?

Not. In both situations, the armed cleaning modes help.

Listing out:

  • Smart Clean: It is the robot’s default mode. Cleans floors, walls, and waterlines based on the efficient route navigated during the first run.
  • Quick Clean Mode: This mode cleans floors only with standard intensity. 
  • Deep Clean Mode: This mode cleans the pool floor surfaces, floors, and waterlines with high pressure. It takes twice the time to smart clean.
  • Waterline Only Mode: You can set the Polaris VRX IQ+ / Alpha IQ+ to clean only waterlines.
  • Custom Modes: Have any own plans? Need walls and waterlines brushed with high intensity or any other customized clean-ups? There is an option at your disposal.

The time for the clean cycle varies according to the mode and pool size. Usually, the deep clean requires a long duration than others.

You can set the mode through the mobile app or the control box.

Control Box & Its Functions

Control box: The name signifies the center box between the power source and the robot device. You can use the box to control the majority of the cleaner functions.

On the front of the control box, there are light indicators like full dirt canister, whether the robot is wifi connected or not, time left for the cleaning to finish, and there are buttons to set cleaning mode, to start or halt the robot, and the lift system button and few more.

App Connectivity

Polaris VRX IQ+ / Alpha IQ+ are the premier models, so, no doubt of having the app option to guide the robots. It is not like Bluetooth connectivity. 

Link the control box to your wifi and add the system to your mobile app. That’s all there is. You can control the robot from any place with ease.

You can check the pool’s water temperature, dirt canister status, and cleaning cycle statuses in the app.

Based on the first detected cycle and cleaning mode chosen, the app shows the time to complete the cycle in the center of the visible screen.

It is impossible to stay near the control box always. It is windy, and your pool is loaded with all dirt. Are you far away from home?

Simple. Set the necessary cleaning mode from your app and click the start button.

You have to option to use the mobile as a remote control to steer the robot. 

There is one extensive feature that sets all of the above apart, the lift-system option

Click on the lift-system tab, and you will see a remote control screen, steer the robot to the poolside where you stand. The robot climbs to the top with a handle front. You need not even come in touch with the water.

Intelligent Technologies

Over the past two or three years, robots tend to move in random ways sometimes missing a few spots.

Today all we want is efficiency. The devices should function to the maximum extent consuming fewer sources and less human intervention.

Manufacturers understood that aspect. Polaris VRX IQ+ and Alpha IQ+ are one of the results.

When the VRX and Alpha are released for the first time in your pool, they work with an intelligent smart cycle feature that lets the robot scans your pool floors, walls, and waterlines and prepare an efficient cleaning pattern that would be used from the second run. 

And the sensor nav system keeps scanning the pool for all temperature and dirt density changes and works based on that.

Furthermore, the vortex vacuum technology intensifies suction power, allowing for the thorough capture of even the finest particles like pollen and other minute debris.

VRX IQ Plus / Alpha IQ Plus Works in InGround Pools

These Polaris models are designed to clean in-ground pools. With a cable length of 70 feet, these robots can handle large-sized swimming pools up to 60 feet without any problem.

It’s important to note that despite the manufacturer’s claim of a tangle-reducing swivel, the possibility for tangling remains if the robot is released near a corner.

We recommend positioning the robot in the middle of one side of the pool before releasing it.

Because of the gripped tires, the robots climb the walls effectively and never slide. These premium models unquestionably include waterline cleaning.

And there is another short note here, Speaking of the pool stairs cleaning, if each step features a curved face at a 45-degree angle, the robots seamlessly climb and clean like a wall clean. However, if it is a 90-degree step cut, occasional challenges may arise.

Maintenance & Safety Measures

Like any device powered by electricity, it is wise to be careful. So we are sharing a few things to ensure an exceptional experience with these products:

  • It is safer not to get the robot by pulling out the cable, even though the cable is double insulated.
  • Set the control box near the wifi router, so you will not experience control delays.
  • Replace the tires and brushes when they seem worn for better performance. Walls cleaning would be unproductive with worn tires.
  • Never use chemical water or soaps for robot cleaning, use fresh water with normal household soaps or dishwashing liquid.
  • After every use, disconnect the robot, clear the canister and brushes, wash it, place it on the caddy, and store it. Never leave the robot in the pool and under direct sunlight.
  • Also, store the control box on the caddy. The included caddy has a specific seat for the control box, which is rarely seen with the pool cleaners.

Final words

Except for the two non-considerable differences, one of which is the color format and the other related to the product’s availability across different retailers, there are no other noteworthy aspects to discuss in comparison.

Regarding the models VRX IQ+ and Alpha IQ+, the models seem heavier in weight and price choice. Given the advanced integrated features and your pool size between 50 and 60 ft, these IQ Plus models justify the price.

For smaller pool sizes less than 40 to 45 ft, although these models could serve your purposes, other mid-range models perfectly fit, offering you a chance to save money.