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About Faceithard.com

About us

 Website: faceithard.com
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Sam here. Firstly I had like to thank you for visiting my site, and secondly for taking an interest in me.

faceithard.com is started by an Indian web developer in July 2016. (Yeah, not me)

The Story behind faceithard.com –  Being passionate about Digital Marketing, I haven’t found any problem as a consultant. But one day, on surfing the internet, I noticed a post from Forbes, says that

According to retailers, most customers—82%—conduct research online before making a purchase.

And at the same time, I found many fake review sites that are there just for rotting the internet.

So, I don’t want to waste my past experience. Having such an unrivaled knowledge of various products I decided to write honest product reviews online.

In order to start the reviews website, I have searched for the domain which describes my future in-depth articles. That’s how faceithard name enters my mind which perfectly makes sense with the in-detail reviews.

But Godaddy says that the domain name is already taken, right away I checked the website and got to know a supportive thing that the site is not active.

Instantly I contacted the admin and made him offer a few bucks for the domain name and surprisingly he says that the site is available for sale. The site is completely clean (no spam or adult content) except with a few well-written programming and how-to related posts.

And without any hesitation, I bought the site in January 2017 for a good price and made some changes along with content creation.

Faceithard’s Motive

Our main motive is to offer the Best Reviews On The Internet in the form of Top lists along with Buying guides.

We want this site to be the last destination for those who are searching for the best and honest reviews about few products out there.