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Dolphin E20 VS Dolphin Nautilus CC

Today we will uncover the differences between two popular robotic pool cleaners from Dolphin.

Dolphin Explorer E20 and Dolphin Nautilus CC.

Dolphin E20Dolphin Nautilus CC
Dolphin e20 robotic pool cleaner Dolphin Nautilus CC robotic pool cleaner
Ideal Pool Type: In-GroundsIdeal Pool Type: In-Grounds & Above-Grounds
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Nautilus CC

Dolphin Nautilus CC robotic pool cleaner

BottomLine: Explorer E20 and Nautilus CC are similar in almost every way. The only significant difference is the pool type. Dolphin Nautilus CC is suitable for in-ground and above-ground pools, whereas the E20 is ideal for in-ground types.

If yours is in-ground, choose the one with less price. For above-ground, go with the Nautilus CC.

E20 and Nautilus CC – Comparison Table

 E20Nautilus CC
Weight14.6 lbs14.8 lbs
Easy to UseYesYes
Fast Water ReleaseYesYes
Washable FilterYesYes
In-Ground PoolsYesYes
Cable length50 ft50 ft
Pool CoverageUp to 33 ftUp to 33 ft
Floor SurfacesAll-typeAll-type
Cleaning TimeStandard – 2 hoursStandard – 2 hours
Suction power4000 GPH4000 GPH
CleverClean TechnologyYesYes
High-Speed BrushYesYes
Drain CleaningYesYes
Weekly SchedulerYesYes
Smartphone ConnectivityNoNo
Remote ControlNoNo
Walls Climbing?YesYes
Waterlines Cleaning?NoNo
Cleans AlgaeYesYes
Warranty24 Months Limited24 Months Limited
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Dolphin E20 vs Nautilus CC – Full Comparison

Design Differences

Dolphin Explorer E20 and Dolphin Nautilus CC are with tight dimensions that make them easy to store.

Nothing unwanted and aired space – developed uniquely well.

And their weights, there is not much distinction, but speaking of the numbers, E20 Explorer is less in weight at 14.6 lbs whereas the Nautilus CC weighs 14.8 lbs.

Two of these pool cleaners weigh less than an average vacuum weight which is 15 pounds.

And is there any color difference?

Yes. There is.

Dolphin E20 is in a light-white and black color combination, whereas the Nautilus CC is in the blue and black blend.

Easy to Use

The above lightweight factor comes into play when there is a discussion about ease of usage.

We need not debate it again.

And are you thinking that a robotic pool cleaner from Dolphin is hard to use and difficult to maintain?

Then read these six points and let us know if you are still thinking the same or not:

  1. Release the robot in the pool. Both are lightweight – so painless to carry and handle.
  2. Plug in the power supply and set the robot to start cleaning with a single button press.
  3. After cleaning, you can pull the robot out of the pool using the cable effortlessly.
  4. Tilting the robot a slant makes the water release immediately.
  5. You can take the top access filter with a single push. The filter is readily washable with a rinse of water and easier the put-back.
  6. Keep the robot in the pool if you set the scheduling option. Otherwise, it is advisable to take it out and keep it away.
Nautilus CC Water Release
Nautilus CC. Source: Maytronics

Nothing seems challenging, right? Yes. Easy to operate and easy to maintain.

Ideal for Which Pool Type?

What is your pool type?

Is it in-ground or above-ground? Dolphin E20 is designed for in-ground pool types, not for above-grounds.

And the Dolphin Nautilus CC can clean both in-ground and above-ground pools.

It is the major difference one should know, and with this distinction alone, you can deduce which model is most suitable for your pool.

Note: Dolphins parent company Maytronics mentions that Nautilus CC is ideal for in-ground, while the same company cites on Amazon that it is suitable for both the pool types.

We stirred here much further to find which is correct, and we are delighted to say that Nautilus CC operates prominent on above-ground pool types like with the in-grounds.

Pool Area Coverage

What is the ideal area coverage of these Dolphin robot pool cleaners?

Are they suitable for large-sized pools over 50ft?

No. Explorer E20 and Dolphin Nautilus CC are both cleaners that are ideal for small swimming pools, not big ones.

In some cases not suitable for medium-sized as well.

If you are looking for large-sized pool cleaners, do not waste your time here.

Taken their cable lengths which are fifty feet (50 ft), E20 and Nautilus CC clean faultlessly up to 33 ft.

More than that, they might clean, but there is a massive likelihood of missing a few spaces when cleaning.

And talking of the pool surface type, we could not say that they perform best on tile floors and standard on plaster.

Both the pool cleaners scrub all types of surfaces without any anomaly. That is too compelling.

Finally, what is their cleaning cycle time?

E20 and Nautilus CC complete their pool cleaning cycle in standard two hours. There are no quick and enhanced cleaning modes like the top-level dolphin robotic pool cleaners.

Suction Power & Brushing Capabilities

There is no dissimilarity here.

Both the pool cleaners are equally powerful and equally effective.

All because of the strong 4000 GPH suction force, super scrubbing active brush, and the Dolphin’s Patented Clever Clean technology in both the pool cleaners.

It is like a three-step process.

Firstly, the pool cleaners develop an efficient cleaning path to cover the whole pool without missing any space using the clever-clean technology they came equipped with.

After the path plan completion, the robotic pool cleaners start scrubbing with their advanced pro-active brushes.

And the intense suction of 4000 GPH pulls all the mini particles into large debris lifted by the brush resulting in a spotless and sparkling pool.

There will be no possibility of noticing a stain or hard debris after the robot clean cycle completion.

Also, another point to emphasize is the drain cleaning ability. Explorer E20 and Nautilus CC both cleanse the drain by traveling over it.

Energy-Efficient Models

Do you think these robotic pool cleaners gulp more power resources and give you an enormous bill? Do you?

No never. Not with the dolphin robot cleaners.

Every cleaner in the dolphin lineup is designed to perform, keeping energy efficiency on the prime concern list.

Maytronics cites that Dolphin robot pool cleaners are ninety percent more efficient than the old pool cleaning systems like pool pumps and things.

Dolphin Nautilus CC and Dolphin Explorer E20 take an average of 5 cents per kWh to work.

Time-saving, effort-saving, energy-saving, cost-effective, and whatnot to elevate these dolphin pool cleaners.

Scheduling – Another Best Feature

Is there a scheduling option where the robot pool cleaner automatically starts cleaning in a specific period?


With Dolphin E20 and Nautilus CC robotic pool cleaners, there is a weekly scheduler option – that allows you to plan the coming week’s cleaning process.

There are three modes – set the robot to run every day, once every two days, and once every three days.

With this option, everything darts leaned in contactless human cleaning.

Is it hard to put schedules?


Simple, at the touch of a button on the power supply unit, you can smoothly set a clean program for a week.

All the above said three modes are on the unit. Choose and let the pool cleaner do what it ought to.

Note: There is no Wi-fi or app connectivity option with both models.

Walls Climbing and Waterlines Cleaning?

Do Dolphin Nautilus CC scrub / clean pool walls along with the floors?

Dolphin E20 Wall Climbing
E20 Wall Climbing

Yes. Both the robotic pool cleaners climb walls.

It is a view that robotic pool cleaners could not perform the strongest on walls as they work on floor surfaces.

Yes, it is true, true with the second-rate pool cleaners.

Dolphin pool cleaners keep the identical suction and scrubbing intenseness on floor and wall surfaces.

What about the pool waterline cleaning?

Neither of these robotic cleaners is devised to serve waterline cleaning.

It appears to be a drawback, but in our breakdown, waterline cleaning is usually an evolved feature glimpsed in top-end models.

Warranty and Accessories Information

Both the robotic pool cleaners Dolphin E20 and Nautilus CC come with a 24-Months Limited warranty.

It seems that a two-year duration is precious. Yes, it is. Dolphin pool cleaners from Maytronics are faultlessly developed and admiringly long-lasting.

And no need to say, sometimes, once in a lifetime like that, one may notice a faulty product after quite the usage.

Dolphin products are no abnormality, and the company also knows that.

So for those cases, they offer a partial refund depending on the terms and conditions.

Two pool cleaners, Nautilus CC, and Explorer E20 come with a power supply unit, a large filter basket, and items like a manual and beginner’s start guide.


Do these dolphin pool cleaners clean algae?


Dolphin Explorer E20 and Nautilus CC effectively scrub the algae using their high-speed brushes and sucks that green dirt forcedly by its 4000 GPH suction power into the filter basket and trap it there.

But cleaning algae utilizing the robotic pool cleaner is the less recommended option. There are different methods to remove it. Try those first, then run the pool cleaner.

Do E20 and Nautilus CC make scratches or remove the lining from floor surfaces like vinyl?


They don’t. The active brushes are made with rubber-type Sharpless material known for stainless and dirtless cleaning, not scratch-making.

What if your pool size is much less near to 25 ft?

The pool cleaners Nautilus CC and E20 cover up to 33 ft in size. If it is 25 ft or around? Yes, both function well.

But in those cases, it is advisable to go for models with your specific pool area coverage, like E20’s front-in-line model.

How often do you need to replace the filter?

The large capacitated filter equipped with these cleaners works all season long as the manufacturer says.

But it depends on a few factors like the cleaning frequency, dirt loads, algae cleaning, post-cyclone cleanings, etc.

For standard cleaning, it is best to replace the filter every season.


Dolphin E20 and Nautilus CC Comparison

Unless you scrub the pool with the conventional cleaning procedures, your swimming pool won’t be clean like it should.

And frequent cleaning takes a lot of time and effort. It is where the robotic pool cleaners come into service.

They deliver daily cleaning if needed, they are power efficient and take less time and less human action.

Once the purchase long the usefulness.

Dolphin Explorer E20 and Nautilus CC are helpful and ideal pool cleaners in their scope. Go with the one with your requisites.