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Dolphin E10 VS Dolphin Explorer E20

Dolphin E10 and E20 are renowned best-selling robot pool cleaners.

What are the differences between them?

Let’s uncover. Starting with the Quick Bottomline:

Dolphin E10Dolphin E20
dolphin e10 robot pool cleaner Dolphin e20 robotic pool cleaner
Ideal Pool Type: Above-Ground PoolsIdeal Pool Type: In-Ground Pools
Pool Coverage Length: Up to 30 ftPool Coverage Length: Up to 33 ft
Cleans: Only FloorCleans: Floor & Walls
Cleaning Time: 1.5 hoursCleaning Time: 2 hours
Scheduling: NoScheduling: Yes
Cable length: 40 ftCable length: 50 ft
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Dolphin E20

dolphin e10 robot pool cleaner

BottomLine: If your pool is in-ground type, Dolphin Explorer E20 is the full-packed solution for you as it cleans both walls and the bottom floor resulting in a sparkling clean pool.

Get Dolphin E20.

For above-ground pools, Dolphin E10 is an ideal choice.

Dolphin E10 vs. E20 – Side By Side Comparison

 Dolphin E10Dolphin E20
Weight13.8 lbs13.8 lbs
Dimensions22.2×17.6×12.8 inch22.2×17.6×12.8 inch
Suitable Pool TypeAbove-Ground PoolsIn-Ground Pools
Pool Size CoverageUp to 30 ftUp to 33 ft
CleansFloorsBoth Floors and Walls
Suitable Pool ShapeFree Shape, Rectangular, Oval, AnyFree Shape, Rectangular, Oval, Any
Cleaning Cycle Time1.5 hours2 hours
SchedulingNoWeekly Scheduler
Automation ModeNoYes
Cable Length40 ft50 ft
Anti Tangle CableNoNo
TopLoad FilterYesYes
Powerful Suction MotorYesYes
Suction Power4000 GPH4000 GPH
High-Speed Scrubbing BrushYesYes
Single Click Filter BasketYesYes
Smartphone connectedNoNo
Suitable Floor SurfacesAllAll
WaterLine CleaningNoNo
Remote ControlNoNo
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Suitable Pool Type?

Which pool cleaner works on which pool type?

Founded on this difference alone, you can determine what you require from these dolphin pool cleaners.

Dolphin E20 is developed for in-ground swimming pools, while on the contrary, E10 is for above-ground pools.

You need not read the whole article as it is the leading difference in comparison. Either you need one for above-ground pool cleaning or in-ground pool cleaning.

Both perform distinguished in accomplishing what they should do.

Pool Size Coverage

No such thing as – a robot pool cleaner works for only this much pool length. It relies on a few factors.

The primary element is the cable length. Counting on it, the product manufacturer will tell ideal pool coverage lengths.

And we suggest that as well.

It guarantees entire cleaning without any places skipping.

Dolphin Explorer E20 covers pools up to 33 ft, whereas the latter E10 covers up to 30 ft. That’s not considerably a dissimilarity to state.

Dolphin E20 Wall Climbing
Dolphin E20 Wall Climbing. Source: Dolphin

And when cleaning, E20 covers both floors and walls, whereas the above-ground pool cleaner E10 cleans only floors.

Pool Shapes?

It’s not a matter anyhow.

Both the models work well on all types of pool shapes like free shape, oval, rectangular, etc.

Cleaning Cycle Time

Overlooking the suggested pool lengths, it is apparent that E20 takes more time to finish one cleaning cycle.

Dolphin Explorer E20 takes 2 hours, while the E10 takes 1.5 hours to end the complete cleaning process.

You may question one thing. Though there is a slight difference in the pool coverage area, why thirty minutes difference?

Yes, you are correct. That’s a repeatedly asked one.

Everyone overlooks that E20 scrubs walls as well as the floors, unlike the E10, which covers only the pool bottoms.

So it runs long.

Cleaning Frequency / Scheduling

Here Dolphin E10’s great brother E20 beats it.

Dolphin E10 is not with the scheduling feature. You can not specify it to clean at a designated time. All you ought to do is the manual job.

So if you want the pool to be cleaned every week or every certain period, someone should take the robot in person, place it in the pool, and set it on.

If there is no one to take care of it, that would be a problem.

It is where E20 excels. E20 is with the scheduling part – you can schedule it to pool clean every once a day, or once in two, or once in three days. Leave the robot cleaner in the pool and set the scheduling.

When you think the filter basket needs to clean, gently take it out and wash it.


Design & Maintenance

Dolphin E10 and Dolphine explorer E20 stand on the same bench with a weight of 13.8 lbs.

And pointing to the cable lengths, Dolphin E10 is with 40 ft cable and E20 is with 50 ft cable.

Is it a notable difference?


A big-sized cable allows the robot to cover a pool of big-fine lengths.

Maytronics, the parent of dolphin robot cleaners, designed its product line keeping, ease of use, and maintenance in its to-do list.

Dolphin Explorer E20 Handle
Source: Dolphin

Both the robot pool cleaners dolphin E10 and E20 are with grip handles that make them comfortable to carry and effortless to take the robot out of the pool.

Take the robot out of the pool, tilt it, and the water will be released, not the dirt from the basket.


These cleaners are like you can start, make them work, and get the filters cleaned, and everything with single finger presses.

Just push the button on top of the robot cleaner, and the lid will open, showing the filter basket.

Clean the basket open its top, rinse it with water, and put the box back, pressing inside it. As simple as that.

Drawback: The cable with these robot pool cleaners tend to entangle unless you take superior upkeep in handling it.

Suction Power & Scrubbing Brushes Comparison

The dolphin robot pool cleaners E10 and E20 came fitted with sophisticated scrubbing brushes designed to scrub the floor surface with high speed and by applying ultimate pressure.

So no stains.

And the robust suction motor with these automated pool cleaners works with a 4000 GPH suction rate – intensely vacuums the remotest particles into their filter baskets.

So no dirt.


Dolphin E10 and E20 are equipped with a single-click filter basket, adequate to entrap all the microscopic particles to ample remains.

Single-Click? Yes.

Just single click it the filter basket will pop out, take it out, open the door, force the dirt out, rinse it under optimal forced water, and push the basket back.

You will hear a ticking sound.

That’s it. The robot is ready to clean.

Both E10 and E20 dolphin pool cleaners are with same-sized filter baskets. Few higher-end dolphin cleaners have extra-large filter boxes. But for pools up to 33ft in length, the came-along baskets are sufficient to say.

Smart Phone Connectivity

It is a significant disadvantage with both the dolphin cleaners E10 and E20.

E10 and E20 – the two of them lack smartphone connectivity features.

How can one foresee that they could not control a robot pool cleaner with a mobile app?

Although these dolphin pool cleaners are easier to maintain, there will be no one who can debate that smartphone feature is not worthwhile.

Usage Suggestions & Tips

  • Unless you schedule the pool cleaner to work, it is recommended to take the robot from the pool, wash its filters, and place it away. 
  • Use the cable to pull the cleaner near you, and when it gets to the pool waterline, hold it using the handle.
  • After every clean cycle, slant the robot to discharge water and any chemicals out.
  • If it is not an anti-tangle cord, leave the cord only to some extent, and the remaining, make sure it is free to roll.
  • And it is instructed to place the power supply at least 12 feet away from the pool.


Do Dolphin E10 and E20 robot pool cleaners have any floor surface exceptions?

No. E10 and E20 work on all types of surfaces.

It is undoubtedly a non-questionable one for dolphin robot cleaners. Their product line was designed to work on every pool surface type like vinyl, tiles, gunite, fiberglass, etc.

Do these Robot Pool Cleaners clean the steps in the pool?

No, these robot pool cleaners do not scrub the way-steps in the pool.

Besides that, these pool cleaners do excellent in the remaining pool cleaning.

Is the Power Supply waterproof?

Dolphin E10 Plun N Play
Source: Dolphin

Yes. But you should keep the current supply feet away from the pool for safer purposes.

E10 does not clean walls. How then?

If you already have E10, there is no additional choice except to clean walls and waterline yourself.

After scrubbing, the dirt might go down to the pool bottom. So leave it for a few minutes, then let the E10 onset clean.

Do these Dolphins cleans the pool waterline?

No. Both the robot pool cleaners E10 and E20 could not clean pool waterlines.

You will find that feature in top-end models.

What are the instructed filters for these pool cleaners?

There are two filter types for different situations. If your pool has big dust objects like plastic cups, sticks, leaves, and kind, prefer fine filters.

If it is not the case and all you need is periodic cleaning to make your home wholly spotless, use ultra-fine filters.

Not even macro particles can get away from those.


Comparison of dolphin e10 and dolphin e20 robot pool cleaners

Dolphin Explorer E20 is a robotic pool cleaner that combinedly scrubs the walls and the pool bottom floor.

So if it is in-ground pool cleaning, E20 is a perfect choice.

And for above-ground pooling, E10 is a good option but not the most practical option as it only cleans the pool floor, not the walls.