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I’m Sam Y, and I started faceithard.com back in 2019.

I started the site with a primary goal: to provide product reviews in categories where I had expertise.

But things didn’t work well at first. Many sites are already at their best. So we thought of helping consumers in different scenarios and kept looking for the areas where they are finding difficulty. It takes a long time to get to know that people are seeing two product comparisons and they are not finding data quickly as expected.

Finally, the path started but there was another issue I experienced. To cover all the categories we need a team who are expertise in that specific category. With all the best wishes from my well-wishers, I got to know about lingesh and contacted him and conveyed my idea, and today we are working successfully together for three years.

So, my journey began with categories where Lingesh has expertise, such as automation, while I, as a solar energy enthusiast and certified in water treatment processes, focus on writing about robotic devices and renewable energies.

What is my role at Faceithard.com?

Apart from assisting with comparison articles, my primary responsibility is content formatting and publication. Drawing from over seven years of experience in web development, I personally oversee all the web-related aspects of Faceithard.com.

In my excitement, and although it’s somewhat unrelated to our current situation, I’d like to mention that I’m proficient in various web development languages like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.