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Tineco Floor One S7 Pro VS Floor One S5 Pro 2

Here is the comparison of tineco’s top-end wet-dry vacuum cleaners, Floor One S5 Pro 2, and Floor One S7 Pro.

Both models vacuum and wash at the same time.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the main differences with a quick bottom line.

Floor One S7 ProFloor One S5 Pro 2
floor one s7 pro model floor one s5 pro 2 model
SmoothPower System: Yes (Effortless Cleaning)SmoothPower System: No
Edge-Cleaning: Two-sidedEdge-Cleaning: One-sided
Battery Life: Up to 40 minutesBattery Life: Up to 35 minutes
LCD Display Size: 3.6 inchesLCD Display Size: 2.1 inches
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Floor One S7 Pro

floor one s7 pro model

Tineco Floor One S7 Pro’s SmoothPower Self-Propulsion system makes it user-friendly that is easy to move around than the S5 Pro 2 model.

The enhanced dual-side edge cleaning adds it up and makes it a far superior choice.

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S7 Pro VS S5 Pro 2 – Comparison Chart

Feature / ProductS7 ProS5 Pro 2
Weight21.5 Pounds18.06 Pounds
SmoothPower SystemYesNo
Edge CleaningDual SideSingle Side
Self CleaningYesYes
Centrifugal Air DryingYesYes
LCD Size3.6 inches2.1 inches
iLoopTM Smart SensorYesYes
MHCBSTM TechnologyYesYes
Charging Time4 to 5 hours4 to 5 hours
Run Time40 mins35 mins
App ConnectivityYesYes
Clean Water Tank Capacity0.85L0.8L
Dirt Water Tank Capacity0.72L0.72L
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Difference 1: S7 Pro is with SmoothPower Self-Propulsion System

The SmoothPower Self-Propulsion system is a new technology that makes the S7 Pro ahead of its lineup. Floor One S5 Pro 2 lacks this.

What is this? How does it help? Let’s get into it.

You know the conventional vacuums require significant effort applying pressure on the handle to move the cleaner.

S7 Pro gets to a further level here. The intelligent SmoothPower system helps the rear wheels of the vacuum to detect the handle motion and effortlessly glide in the desired direction.

Reducing the overall effort and making cleaning a breeze, the S7 Pro is the clear winner in terms of ease of use.

When it comes to maintenance, both excel.

The magnetic brush rollers with these floor-one models are easy to remove and reset.

Tineco Floor One S5 Pro 2 and S7 Pro offer self-cleaning features which sets them apart from their competitors. Just tap the self-clean button conveniently located near the handle.

During the cleaning process, the water would be flushed throughout the brush roller, pipes, and filters effectively removing any dirt or residue left after the cleaning session. And the advanced centrifugal air drying feature makes the roller move fast getting it dry ensures the utmost hygiene and no odor by preventing any moisture escape outside.

Difference 2: Floor One S7 Pro is with Dual Side Enhanced Edge Cleaning

Where does the bulk of dirt hide in a hard-floor house? Indeed the edges and corners.

What if the vacuum cleaner you got doesn’t clean those effectively? That would be a tragedy.

With S5 Pro 2 and S7 Pro, it is never an issue.

S5 Pro 2 has an enhanced one-side edge clean design that lets the vacuum traverse tough-to-reach areas like corners effortlessly.

S7 Pro takes this to a much more elevated level, making it the top-end tineco model. S7 Pro is with dual side edge cleaning capable design, unlike the S5 Pro 2’s one side.

For instance, you are moving the vacuum in a direction, and there is an edge on one side. With S7 Pro, you simply need to go with the flow, the S7 Pro will automatically take care of the edge without any effort, but with S5 Pro 2, you would have to position the vacuum so that the edge-cleaning brush side faces the edge to get the job done.

Both models excel at cleaning edges up to 1 cm in size.

Difference 3: Battery Life (Run Time) & Charging Time

The cleaning time in one single cycle (full-recharge) differs between Tineco Floor One S7 Pro and S5 Pro 2. 

S5 Pro 2 performs for up to 35 minutes, whereas the S7 Pro runs for 40 minutes

Point to be noted – both tineco models take 4-5 hours for a full recharge. 

It might not be a notable difference you should take into your priority list, but considering the number of recharge cycles and docking times in the long run, specifically, if you are in a large house – S7 Pro shows its worth.

The above-said hours are approximate – the operational time changes depending on the cleaning modes the tineco is running on.

For example, in the auto and max modes, the latter takes more resources resulting in a small run time.

Difference 4: Design (LCD Display)

Tineco S5 Pro 2 and S7 Pro are available in a single color (black-grey-white). We term it black considering the overall outlook. 

S7 Pro weighs 21.5 pounds, while the S5 Pro 2 weighs 18.06 pounds.

Both models are cordless cleaners and arrive with a docking station that takes up smaller space than the other market wet dry cleaners.

This docking station serves three functionalities – dock, store, and recharge.

Floor One S7 Pro and S5 Pro 2 come with user-friendly LCDs of size 3.6 inches and 2.1 inches, respectively. These animated 3D LCDs serve as helpful assistants which show essential information like cleaning statuses, battery life, cleaning modes, filter and tank alerts, and many more. These displays would be a perfect guide to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency with ease.

All the tineco model handles are designed with ergonomic design in mind so that they would be effortless to move while cleaning.

S7 Pro elevated that aspect to an entirely new level – the SmoothPower system.

iLoop Smart Sensor Technology

Floor One S5 Pro 2 and S7 Pro, both models feature iLoop Smart Sensor technology.

This intelligent technology enables the vacuum to adjust the vacuum suction power, water release quantity, and roller speed automatically based on the dirt and stain load.

Got a spot on the floor where there is a tough coffee stain? 

You can ignore it because the vacuums never. The intelligent sensors automatically detect tough stains, release more water, and performs extra mopping revolutions at that particular spot to assure thorough cleaning.

MHCBS Technology

The technology name seems advanced. Yes, it is.

Let’s take a closer look at its functionality. 

When the tineco is in action, the clean water gets evenly dispersed to the brush roller for precise cleaning. And the brush roller washes the floor at an impressive speed of 450 revolutions per minute.

But what about the dirt water? The cleaning process would be incomplete if the brush roller didn’t effectively remove dirt water and fresh water was not dispersed.

During each revolution, the brush roller squeezes out the dirt water and is immediately sucked back to the designated dirt water tank.

So this MHCBS technology ensures every small spot on the floor is washed with clean water.

Cleaning Modes

Tineco Floor One S5 Pro 2 and S7 Pro models arrived geared up with four different cleaning modes – auto, max, suction, and ultra.

You can select the mode and initiate the cleaning process as per the requirement.

  • Auto Mode: This is the default cleaning mode, which lets the wet and dry tineco vacuums adapt and clean to the needs. The iLoop Smart Sensor technology helps it automatically do what the demand dictates. 
  • Max Mode: Maximum mode works with more suction power and water release than the auto mode – the best option for cleaning high dirted areas.
  • Suction Mode: There would be circumstances where you want to vacuum the floor but not the mopping. This cleaning mode is the fitting choice for that.
  • Ultra Mode: Have oily stains on floors that are challenging to clean? Not a problem. S7 Pro and S5 Pro 2 come with ultra mode. When you set the mode of operation to ultra, the cleaning water inside the vacuum will be electrolyzed inside and then dispersed to the floor surface and brush roller. Electrolyzed water united with tineco’s fast-moving dirt roller never permits any stain to play tough. This mode is not available with Tineco Floor One S5.

Noise Level

Both these tineco models are with soft brush rollers, and the air channels system inside is engineered to produce quieter noise levels when functioning compared to the counterparts.

The average sound output would be 78 dB. It differs depending on the mode it performs. Max mode produces a bit more noticeable level than auto mode.

Water Tank Capacities

The distinction in water tank capacities (clean and dirt) between these models is quite marginal.

Tineco Floor One S5 Pro 2 is with clean water tank capacity of 0.8L and a dirt water tank capacity of 0.72L.

On the other hand, S7 Pro has a clean water tank with a capacity of 0.85L and a dirt water tank with the same capacity as the S5 Pro 2.

The clean water tank and dirt water tank are separated in design, so there would be no event of dirt and clean water mix.

App Connectivity

Tineco has its app available for both IOS and Android devices. You can link it to the voice assistant and tasks become even more convenient.

Although the app is beneficial for checking battery, tank, statuses, and alerts, it would not be as helpful as with an app-controlled robot vacuum where you could control everything without moving.

Vacuum cleaners require manual operation, accessing the settings through the LCD directly is more practical.

Tineco Floor One S7 Pro (Pros & Cons)


  • The S7 Pro SmoothPower system assists you in moving the vacuum, making the cleaning experience effortless.
  • You don’t need multiple devices. With S7 Pro, wash and vacuum at once.
  • Upgraded double-sided edge cleaning.


  • Not designed for rough surfaces and carpeted areas.
  • S7 Pro appears to carry a premium price.

Tineco Floor One S5 Pro 2 (Pros & Cons)


  • S5 Pro 2 delivers great performance at its price range.
  • Lightweight than the S7 Pro model.


  • Like S7 Pro, S5 Pro 2 doesn’t work on carpets.
  • The one-sided edge cleaning facility can sometimes lead to minor inconvenience if the edge faces the opposite side.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between Floor One S5 Pro 2 and Floor One S5?

There are two differences.

One is Floor One S5 Pro 2 comes with a 3D LCD display, while the S5 arrives with an LED display.

And the second dissimilarity is Floor One S5 doesn’t have an ultra mode option.

Do the Floor One Models S5 Pro 2 and S7 Pro work on carpets?

No. The Tineco Floor One Models are specifically designed to work on floor surfaces like hardwoods, tiles, vinyl, etc, simply non-rough surfaces.

Is the Tineco Floor One S7 Pro worth the price tag?

Yes. S7 Pro is like a complete package that shows its potential in edge cleaning and is much more effortless to use than the S5 Pro 2.


S7 Pro and S5 Pro 2 models comparison

Tineco Floor One S7 Pro is best if you are searching for a wet-dry vacuum cleaner and mop that ranks highest in effortless cleaning, S7 Pro simplifies the cleaning process and guarantees a more enjoyable and efficient cleaning experience.

If you are seeking a budget-friendly wet-dry vacuum without all the fancy features, still offering exceptional performance, S5 Pro 2 is the ideal choice.