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Tineco Floor One S3 VS Floor One S5

Here is the comparison between tineco floor one models floor one s3 and the lately released floor one s5.

Beginning with the significant differences:

Floor One S3Floor One S5
Tineco Floor One S3 Model Tineco Floor One S5 Model
Enhanced Edge Cleaning: NoEnhanced Edge Cleaning: Yes
Dirt Water Tank Capacity: 0.6 LDirt Water Tank Capacity: 0.8 L
Clean Water Tank Capacity: 0.5 LClean Water Tank Capacity: 0.7 L
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Floor One S5

Tineco Floor One S5 Model

BottomLine: With its enhanced edge cleaning and higher tank capacities than Floor One S3, Floor One S5 is like an all-packed perfect solution that results in a fully dirt-free and stain-free home.

If you don’t see much benefit in the s5’s improvements, get the Floor One S3.

Floor One S3 VS Floor One S5 – Full Comparison Chart

 Floor One S3Floor One S5
Dimensions11.3 x 10 x 43.3 inches10.75 x 10.24 x 43.3 inches
Weight9.9 Pounds9.92 Pounds
Suction Power30W30W
Swivel SteeringYesYes
Edge CleaningYesYes (enhanced)
iLoop smart sensor techYesYes
Automatic suction adjustsYesYes
LED displayYesYes
Battery Capacity4000mAh4000mAh
Run Time35 mins35 mins
Charging Time4 hours4 hours
Clean Water Tank (CWT)0.5 L0.7 L
Dirt Water Tank (DWT)0.6 L0.8 L
Full / Blockage AlarmsYesYes
HEPA FiltersYesYes
Cleaning ModesAutoAuto
Noise78 dB78 dB
App ConnectivityYesYes
Voice AssistantYesYes
Self Cleaning SystemYesYes
3 in 1 Docking StationYesYes
3 in 1 Cleaning toolYesYes
Extra HEPA filterYes (1)Yes (2)
Extra Brush RollYes (1)Yes (2)
Cleaning SolutionYesYes
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Tineco Floor One S5 VS Floor One S3 – Detailed Comparison

Design & Maneuverability

Tineco Floor One S3 and Floor one S5 have nearly comparable dimensions and weight; floor one s3 has dimensions 11.3 x 10 x 43.3 inches and weighs 9.9 pounds, where floor one s5 is 10.75 x 10.24 x 43.3 inches and weighing 9.92 pounds.

Tinecos are designed uniquely to handle and move the vacuum quickly and conveniently compared to the other manufacturers.

Both wet dry vacuum cleaners are relatively lightweight. And being cordless makes these tineco models easy to move from place to place, especially when cleaning a large area.

And speaking of the holding position, the customizable height and best grip handle make you more relaxed when moving the vacuum up and down the stairs.

Their swivel steering makes the vacuums move challenging to reach places like edges, sides of the couches, and areas under the furniture at ease.

Edge Cleaning by Floor One S5
Source: Tineco

And the edge cleaning, tineco floor one s5 is more enhanced because of its unique brush head design.

With floor one s3, the clean water tank and dirty water tank are located top and bottom wherein floor one s5; they are placed front and back, making it more effective.

Suction Power & Multiple Surfaces

Tineco floor one s3 and Tineco floor one s5 are both wet/dry vacuum cleaners, meaning they can be used for vacuuming and washing, and they perform these functions impressively.

They both come with powerful suction (30 W) that allows them to clean bare floors easily.

Tineco floor one s3 and s5 models come with a suction power that automatically adjusts depending on the floor type and the amount and nature of diet it encounters.

Both cleaners can clean sealed bare floors such as tiles, sealed hardwood, marble, vinyl, etc. They can also be used on carpets and rugs; however, this has to be light cleaning as they are not designed for deep cleaning.

Cleaning Systems

The iLoop smart sensing technology in floor one s3 and s5 detects the dust pattern and spread on the floor and automatically adjusts its suction power. There is a word to talk about the powerful brushless roller, which is so robust in quality, making it a prime feature compared to the other traditional mops.

Also, the brushless roller gives the floor instantly dry after the wet cleaning.

Controls & LED Display

Tineco Floor One S5 Display
Source: Tineco

The controls of the Tineco floor one s3 are found on the handle. Floor One S3 features a LED digital display control interface located close to its grip.

The all-in-one led display of the floor one s3 model shows all the vacuum controls and their stats. Something like battery level, tank blockage statuses, wifi and power indicators, tangled brush indicators, and active cleaning mode can be easily seen by you on display.

Same like the floor one s3, s5 is with the beautiful iLoop display with few additions.

Note: The ring on the LED display of floor one models, which is initially red, turns to blue when your floor is spotless.

Battery Life & Charging time

Tineco floor one s3 and floor one s5 are cordless wet/dry vacuum cleaners, and therefore, they utilize batteries as a source of power.

Tineco floor one s3 comes with a 21.6V, 4000mAh battery. And floor one s5 is equipped with a similar battery. Both the batteries take roughly 4 to 4.5 hours to charge fully and work for a longer running time of up to 35 minutes without interruption when operating in standard cleaning modes.

As they work with iLoop innovative technology, which allows its sensors to detect the type of messes and auto-adjusts its suction and power input, the battery life doesn’t get wasted in any sort.

Dirt Water & Clean Water Tank Capacities

Tineco floor one s3 and Tineco floor one s5 both the models come with two transparent tanks: the clean water tank (CWT) and the Dirty water tank (DWT).

The capacity of tanks that come with Tineco floor one s3 and Tineco floor one s5 are different. The clean water tank of floor one s5 has a capacity of 0.8 liters, whereas floor one s3’s clean water tank is 0.6 liters. And the dirty water tank of s5 has a capacity of 0.7 liters, where s3 has 0.5 liters.

The improved storage capacities improve the single running time without replacing the water in the tank and improve efficiency.

The clean water tank of both models uses either pure water or a cleaning solution, usually consisting of a mixture of clean water and the tineco cleaning solution.

When you purchase, you will get the solution in the box or use your own as preferred. The clean water tank contents are sprayed during washing, and the vacuum’s powerful suction draws up the dirty liquid and particles.

The dirty water tank is designed for storing the contaminated liquids the vacuum picks up. When the dirty water tank of floor one model gets filled, the safety float closes, and users are alerted through their LED digital screen.

Both the models are with complete and blockage alarms, which guide you whenever there is a situation.

Filter System

HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters are recognized for magnificently catching allergens and pollutants up to 99.7% trapping ability.

If you are an allergic sufferer (any respiratory condition) or in the home with one, getting a HEPA filtered system vacuum is the essential feature you should consider of.

Fortunately, both the vacuums, floor one s3, and floor one s5, are with HEPA filters.

Cleaning Modes

Tineco floor one s3 and s5 models come with one cleaning mode: the Auto mode, which activates when you switch on the cleaner.

The auto mode automatically controls the flow of water and suction while the vacuum cleaner is in use. It can do this seamlessly thanks to the iLoop Smart Sensor Technology that helps detect the amount of mess on different types of sealed floors.


Generally, all the tineco’s are known for less noise-cleaning processes.

Both Tineco floor one s3 and Tineco floor one s5 produce relatively low noise when they are in operation.

Because of their air channel design which is noise optimized, the motor with no brushes results in quieter operation. They have the same noise rating of 78 dB(A).

App Connectivity & Voice Commands

Floor One S5 App
Source: Tineco

Tineco lower end models do not have an app integration and voice assistant feature. In contrast, both the Tineco floor one s3 and floor one s5 models come with app integration and a voice assistant.

Users of the Tineco floor one s3 and s5 can connect to the Tineco app to keep every control in their hands.

Users can monitor the vacuum performance in real-time, get maintenance reminders, and perform many other functions the vacuum can use the app.

The voice assistant gives users real-time updates and batter level, performance status, blockages, and other information.

Self Cleaning System

The tineco vacuum cleaners have a self-cleaning system that cleans the vacuum brush roller and tubes with a single button press located at the top of the vacuum cleaner.

This feature is an essential positive thing for both the tineco models when keeping maintenance in mind.

Maintenance & Accessories

Maintaining both the tineco floor one cleaners is relatively easy, and they both come with features that assist in making maintenance less of a hassle.

Both vacuum cleaners come with a 3-in-1 cleaning tool which helps for regular vacuum clean-up—no need to purchase any separate maintenance/cleaning device.

Tineco floor one s3 and Tineco floor one s5 comes with a 3-in-1 docking station designed for the vacuum cleaner’s three operations: charging, self-cleaning, and docking (storage).

Tineco floor one s3 comes with an extra brush roller, extra HEPA filter, and deodorizing cleaning solution within the box that helps during cleaning and in times of replacements.

The floor one s5 model comes with two extra brush rollers, two extra HEPA filters, and the same cleaning solution as the s3 model.


Comparison of tineco floor one s3 and floor one s5 models

There is nothing there to discuss what to select between these tineco floor one models.

Speaking of the bigger tank capacities doesn’t help you that much unless your home is a large-sized one or you are in a house with loads of dirt everywhere.

And edge cleaning, yes. Of course, it helps a lot. We all know dust gathers in the edges and corners of the house.

And with a regular vacuum cleaner, it is much harder to reach those areas unless it is specially designed. In that case, Floor One S5 stands ahead.