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Betta SE VS Betta 2

Betta SE and Betta 2 are simply the best solar-powered robotic pool skimmers on the market.

What to choose between them? What are the differences?

Let’s dip into this Betta SE vs. Betta 2 Comparison.

Betta SEBetta 2
Betta SE Model Betta 2 Model
Twin Salt-Chlorine Tolerant Motors: Yes (Upgraded for best performance)Twin Salt-Chlorine Tolerant Motors: Yes
Long-Lasting Build (Durability): ExceptionalLong-Lasting Build (Durability): Standard
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Betta SE

Betta SE Model

BottomLine: Betta SE is an upgraded version of the Betta 2 Model. There are only two differences. The significant difference – Betta SE came with improved motor functionality resulting in delivering much better efficient performance.

Second, the core components equipped in the Betta SE robotic pool skimmer are built differently and long-lasting than the Betta 2 model.

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Betta SE VS Betta 2 – Full Comparison Table

Product / FeatureBetta SEBetta 2
Twin SCT MotorsYes (Upgraded)Yes
Salt-Chlorine Tolerant?YesYes
Weight14.37 Pounds14 Pounds
Solar Powered100%100%
Corrosion ResistantYesYes
UV ResistantYesYes
Control Using Remote?YesYes
Smart CleaningYesYes
Detects ObstaclesYesYes
Adjustable Bumper Rods44
Works in Salt Water?YesYes
Noise LevelNegligibleNegligible
Pool Bottom Cleaning?NoNo
Debris Mesh Size0.02 cm0.02 cm
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Difference 1: Betta SE is with Re-Engineered (Improved) SCT Motors

Betta model, Betta 2 – is with the twin robust salt-chlorine tolerant motors, which intensely present the driving force to propellers that help the robot navigate around.

What about the Betta SE?

Betta SE, which is the newly unleashed 2023 Betta model, you can call it a significant upgrade to the Betta 2 model, with improved twin SCT motors.

The Betta SE’s motors are re-engineered to make them deliver much more robust force and more efficient performance compared to Betta 2 robotic pool skimmer.

With the same solar source and in the same pool, Betta SE consumes less to run than the Betta 2 version.

This is the main distinction between these two models, and we call it an upgrade meant for efficiency in parallel to performance.

Difference 2: Betta SE is more durable

The technology employed in Betta SE is more steadfast, and the core components utilized in SE robotic skimmer are of a renewed standard with durability at its prime.

We are not saying that Betta 2 is less durable in build quality. No. Viewing the in-market robotic pool skimmers, Betta models stand first when you want to rate how rugged the products are built.

Betta SE is a step ahead of Betta 2, simple.

Design & Easy To Use

Betta SE weighs 14.37 pounds, whereas the Betta 2 weighs 14 pounds. Not much difference to compare.

Both the models are relatively less in weight, which makes it easy to carry the skimmer here and there. And the came-along grip handle makes the process even more effortless.

And we don’t think there would be multiple times you need to carry the robot with your hands.

The Betta robotic pool skimmers are equipped with a mesh debris basket on top just below the solar panel cover. 

Whenever you want the throw out the grabbed dirt, all you need to do is simply uncover the robot’s top, pull out the debris and basket, remove the dirt, and push it back. 

Speaking of the build quality, as discussed before Betta’s are more enduring. Let’s take a closer look that justifies what we say.

The solar panels attached to the top of the robot are highly reliable with corrosion-resistant surface, and the whole body is developed with UV-resistant material

Cordless / Remote Control

Betta SE and Betta 2 are cordless, as there is no such requirement for an outward power supply.

With cutting-edge technology, they steer automatically without any human overseeing required.

But you know there will be possibilities where you want the robotic pool skimmer to clean only a particular spot.

Or, if you want to pilot the robot in your way – for example, line by line other than the conventional random navigation, there should be some solution. Right?

Yes, the manufacturer felt the same and provided you with the remote control feature.

Drive Betta in your way. 

Leave the robot in the pool and command it to the location you want to clean instantly and take the robot off. Time-saver in some instances, no doubt about that.

Obstacle Detection & Smart Cleaning

Betta robotic pool skimmers travel all around the pool without missing any spot. 

Runs with a smart cleaning feature, these robots know what they should trap and grab into the debris basket. So there won’t be any left off from small pollens to big leaves once the cleaning section is done as said.

What if there is any obstacle like pool toys, pool balloons, pool staircase steps, and railings?

Not a problem with these Betta skimmers.

Both models with obstacle detection features – whenever your device finds an obstacle on its path, the ultrasonic radar sensors with these robots effectively identifies, reroutes, and covers the remaining area without getting stuck anywhere.

So there is no necessity to remove any pool things when these skimmers are getting into activity.

Adjustable Bumper Rods

Betta 2 and Betta SE are with four adaptable bumper rods underneath that allow them to adjust their movement based on the water depth.

So water of medium to little depth is never a concern for these solar-powered automatic skimmers.

Power Saving – 100% Solar Powered

These gadgets will save you from two elements – the power bill and the human service costs. 

As Betta’s are solar-powered, energy is never a price topic for running these devices. They run only with solar power, not any other energy source. So for the majority of pool owners, it is a time, effort, and expense-saving gadget that one should possess.

What about the others? Yes, it would be a problem not having the option to connect with an electric source as some pools are with rooftops and completely closed.

You might think that what if the sun is blocked with clouds for a time more than an instant? Yes, you are right. What then? 

The solar panel that came with these robots are efficient enough to save the source into the equipped lithium-ion battery and will keep the device working as long as possible. The sun need not be gap-free for this device to skim around the pool.

Speaking of the long run, Betta pool skimmers will save tons of time on cleaning and power expenses, at no doubt.

Salt Water & Fresh Water

Betta robotic skimmers Betta SE and Betta 2 perform the same without any trouble in freshwater and saltwater pools.

Freshwater? Any base-level robotic skimmer serves its soundest in freshwater and remains long-lasting.

What is significant about it? Are you pondering the same?

Yes, you are correct. There is not much to discuss when freshwater is taken into discussion. 

Every sight ends in the saltwater scenario. Saltwater usually drives the rusting process extremely fast and lets the metal corrodes, making the metal motors inside less durable.

Betta SE, and Betta 2 both are with SCT motors. SCT, Salt Chlorine Tolerant, means the motors are designed in a method they would not react with salt and chlorine particles.

So whether salt water or water with chlorine or freshwater, Betta models function effectively and efficiently without any drop in performance and device built.

Colors Availability

Both the Betta SE and Betta 2 are available in the market with two color patterns. 

One is blue-black, and the other is white-black. 

Both colors have their chatter points. 

Blue looks lavish, but there might be a chance of color fading in the long run, even though companies guarantee that color won’t fade. 

White looks classy and modern, but a scratch or damage (if any happens) will be noticeable easily.

If you got stuck on this point, We suggest not considering this as it plays zero role when deciding the most useful one.

Betta SE Pros & Cons


  • Betta SE is incredibly durable, with components built to a higher quality grade.
  • The improved advanced motors make Betta SE more reliable and efficient.
  • Zero power bills, reliance on solar energy.


  • The product’s price tag seems costly for a few.
  • Betta SE relies entirely on solar power which means it won’t function if your pool is located under some rooftop.

Betta 2 Pros & Cons


  • Affordable compared to Betta SE.
  • Its durability remains undisturbed in both freshwater and saltwater pools.


  • Not as efficient as Betta SE.
  • Less debris holding capacity than the conventional pool skimmers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Betta Pool Skimmers Clean the Pool Surface. What about the bottom of the pool?

All the dirt which keeps floating on the pool surface will be trapped by Betta pool skimmers without any speck left.

But what about the stuff which gets to the bottom?

Betta’s can’t get there. There should be other ways of cleaning the pool’s bottom by human efforts or using devices like suction pool cleaners.

If you are serious about that and looking for no human supervision for cleaning the bottom of the pool, get a robotic pool cleaner.

Do Betta SE and Betta 2 Make Noise?

Straight to the point. No. 

The dual propellers make the robot move steadily without any sudden significant speed changes that make the robots perform with noise negligible to nil.

How smaller particles will the debris basket trap inside?

Betta models are with more diminutive mesh size (equal to 0.02 cm), so the particles trimmer than that level will be effectively entrapped inside the debris basket, and there is no way they can escape.

Does the mesh basket catch algae?

No. It can’t. The algae size is near or less than 15 microns, ten times smaller than the mesh filter size.

The mesh basket size is not developed to keep bacteria, algae, or so-called micro nanoparticles

We recommend the water treatment procedures if pool cleaning is required from the bacteria level.

What is the battery equipped inside the Betta Models? How long-lasting?

No surprise, talking about long-lasting, lithium-ion is the one manufacturers get their devices armed. With a slower drain in the battery’s original capacity than the other market products, you would not reach a situation of battery replacement in the first five years.

No one can say the exact battery replacement requirement time as there are many factors linked to it – usage time, maintenance, water condition, etc.


Betta SE is a clear winner taking all things into the checklist.

It would be challenging to examine the performance for a few moments and decide which is best for you as both the models deliver the same value in the short term or a few runs.

Only in the long run, you can notice the efficiency of reengineered Betta SE’s twin motors and durable core.

Why spend much time still thinking about what to choose? It is a clever way to get the upgraded version because the price difference is not that away.