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Ecoflow Delta 2 VS Delta 2 Max

Discover the distinctions and similarities between two exceptional Ecoflow Delta series power stations Delta 2 and Delta 2 Max.

Let’s start with the key differences:

Ecoflow Delta 2Ecoflow Delta 2 Max
ef ecoflow delta 2 model ecoflow delta 2 max model
Noise Level: Extremely LowNoise Level: Low
Solar Input Capacity: 500WSolar Input Capacity: 1000W
Battery Capacity: 1024WhBattery Capacity: 2048Wh
Battery Expansion Ports: OneBattery Expansion Ports: Two
Max Battery Capacity: Up to 3072WhMax Battery Capacity: Up to 6144Wh
Charge Time: 0-80% in 50 minutes (AC)Charge Time: 0-80% in 1.1 hours (AC); 0-80% in 43 minutes (AC+Solar)
AC Output: 1800WAC Output: 2400W
Max AC Output: 2200WMax AC Output: 3400W
Weight: 50 PoundsWeight: 27 Pounds
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Delta 2 Max

ecoflow delta 2 max model

BottomLine: Delta 2 Max stands out with its quieter operation, double battery capacity, and power to handle high-rated appliances up to 3200W, surpassing Delta 2’s of up to 2200W.

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Delta 2 VS Delta 2 Max – Head-to-head Comparison

Product / FeatureDelta 2Delta 2 Max
Dimensions13.39*9.72*12.48 inches12.2*9.7*20 inches
Weight27 Pounds50 Pounds
No. Of Outlets1515
Expansion Battery Ports12
AC Outlets66
Grounded AC Outlets26
Noise Level50 dB (approx)20 dB (approx)
Battery TypeLFPLFP
AC Output1800W2400W
X-Boost TechnologyYesYes
Maximum AC Output2200W3400W
Charge Time (AC)50 minutes1.1 hours
Charge Time (AC Input + Solar Input)43 minutes
Battery Capacity1024Wh2048Wh
Battery Expansion Up to3kWh6kWh
MPPT TechnologyYesYes
Solar Input Up to500W1000W
IOS / Android AppYesYes
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Ecoflow Delta 2 Max is Quietest

Whether it is for camping or home power backup, we all need a portable generator (or) power station which makes less noise than usual.

As per noiseawareness.org, the continuous hearing of sound levels of more than 70dB is not ideal for your ears.

So when selecting a device of any kind, one should give considerable importance to noise levels in check.

Speaking of our context, Delta 2 Max is an exceptional portable power station that operates at a low noise level of 30 dB, which is much lower than a library sound level.

The emphasis is much on working at this low level with a battery capacity of 2048Wh and a 2400W output.

Whereas the Delta 2 operates at a noise level of around 50 dB, which falls within acceptable limits but is notably louder than the Delta 2 Max.

App Control

Anywhere you are, you can control the Ecoflow power stations with ease using their app.

The moment the product is out of the box, install the Ecoflow app on your smartphone and link with the device, and you are ready to go.

From the app, you can monitor input, output power, and battery statuses, and there are a few modes like “Always AC On” which you can set through the app only.

Setting automatic charging at certain time zones and getting low battery reminders is a breeze with the EF Ecoflow app.

Delta 2 Max Is With High Solar Power Input

Whether you are on the go, camping, or simply in a place where you are not in a region to get an AC power outlet, not a problem. Delta 2 and Delta 2 Max function as solar generators.

Get solar panels and connect to these stations. Thats it.

And irrespective of the day it is, cloudy or foggy, ecoflow’s intelligent MPPT technology continuously catches solar power, ensuring maximum solar generation throughout the day.

Comparing the Delta 2 Max with Delta 2, Delta 2 Max takes up to 1000W solar input, whereas the Delta 2 takes 500W input.

Ecoflow has a robust lineup of efficient solar panels with capacities varying from 60W to 400W. Based on the solar input allowed, you can choose them depending on the speed for a full charge.

Take two 400W solar panels and link them to Delta 2 Max, and get it to recharge 100% in approximately 3 hours.

With solar panels being lightweight, having a solar input option enhances portability and mobility and is a cost-saver in the long run. All it takes is solar energy.

Battery Capacities & Expansion

Delta 2 Max comes with 2048Wh battery capacity, while the Delta 2 with 1024Wh battery.

Batteries in Delta 2 and Delta 2 Max are LFP (LiFePO4) types, widely acknowledged for their safety kind and ability to maintain longevity.

On the side of devices Delta 2 and Delta 2 Max, there are dedicated battery ports designed for easy battery expansion. Delta 2 has one extra battery port, and Delta 2 Max has two.

Delta 2 battery capacity could be increased to 2-3kWh by connecting one extra Delta 2 battery, or one Delta 2 Max battery.

Likewise, in the same way, it is possible to boost the capacity of Delta 2 Max to 6kWh (6144Wh) by linking two extra 2048Wh batteries.

Will there be a necessity for battery expansion?

Delta 2 Max and Delta 2 battery capacities are enough for all the daily needs if there is a power outage. And for all outside activities having an extra battery backup helps.

Everything revolves around your requirements. Let’s say you are looking for a power station that helps during electricity outages in your home, Delta 2 and Delta 2 Max both suit. But depending on the power requirement and the size of your house, you can prefer one.

Charging Time – Delta 2 Max is Fast

Ecoflow power stations are with X-Stream technology that makes them recharge in a shorter time than their peer market portable stations.

Delta 2 Max attains 80% charge in 1.1 hours using a single AC input source, and when dual sources (AC Input + Solar Input) are connected, it takes as little as 43 minutes to get 80% charge.

Moving on the Delta 2, Delta 2 reaches 80% charge in just 50 minutes using only AC input. 

So do you think Delta 2 is faster? No.

It is important to note that Delta 2 Max comes equipped with a battery capacity of 2048Wh, twice as much as the Delta 2.

AC Output Range?

Delta 2 has 1800W AC output and powers nearly all the devices in your home. And Delta 2 Max comes with 2400W AC output that powers 100% of your devices if yours is a normal-sized house.

What if there is a special requirement?

Yes. Both devices have their answers.

And their answers route straight to the same technology called X-Boost. Ecoflow devices come with an array of impressive features, and X-Boost is among the top.

The X-boost technology helps in preventing overloading. Considering the specific device need, Delta 2 raises its AC output to 2200W, and Delta 2 Max elevates its AC output to 3400W.

So based on that greater output power, Delta 2 Max can support more devices and can support appliances with significant wattage demands.

Lightweight, Outlets, Design – Delta 2 is Lighter

Comparatively, Delta 2 Max is heavier at 50 Pounds, whereas Delta 2 weighs 27 Pounds. 

Although Delta 2 may appear lightweight, the spotlight is on Delta 2 Max, which offers a remarkable double battery capacity. With an increase in battery capacity, the weight of the portable power station also climbs.

Regarding the design, both feature a sleek black-grey color pattern. With the same number of outlets, two USB-A output ports, two USB-A fast-charge ports, two USB-C outputs, six AC outlets, one car power output, and two DC5521 output ports, both remain on the same line.

There is a distinction to be noted here, the safety aspect sets the Delta 2 MAX apart, all the Delta 2 AC outlets are grounded, whereas Delta 2 has grounding for only two of its AC outlets.

There is much to differ when safety and durability are taken into account.

Delta 2 Max prioritizes safety

Every Ecoflow power station arrives with a state-of-the-art battery management system that keeps the device safe by maintaining batteries function in order without any issues. 

What about the batteries? Do they leak? Do they cause excessive heat? No. 

The LiFePO4 battery type in Ecoflow power stations is well-known for its durability and safety attributes. 

So taking both the above mentions, the internal components of the power station are engineered with the utmost safety in mind.

Speaking of the physical exterior, All the ports are strongly built to withstand heavy usage. Delta 2 Max excels in two more safety aspects, one, being the anti-rubber slip base which doesn’t let the model slide if it is in a slant position.

And the second, Delta 2 Max is with UL94-5VA fire-resistant material, which is an additional layer that further enhances the overall safety of the device.

Ecoflow Delta 2 Pros & Cons


  • Delta 2 impresses with its lightweight build of 27 pounds, a lightweight solution.
  • Comparing to Delta 2 Max price, Delta 2’s price seems affordable and cost-saver for medium-range requirements.


  • Delta 2 tends to be noisier when compared to Delta 2 Max.

Ecoflow Delta 2 Max Pros & Cons


  • Delta 2 Max was designed with a primary focus on safety and durability, enhances in performance and lifespan.
  • Delta 2 Max operates at an incredibly low noise level.


  • It comes with a weight of 50 pounds may not be ideal for users who prioritize easy maneuverability.


ecoflow delta 2 and delta 2 max models comparison

It is important to note that Delta 2 Max caters only to individuals with specific needs, making it an excellent choice for large houses with higher power requirements, off-grid areas, and extended camping trips.

For those with a decent-sized home and regular power shortages, one to two days camping, Delta 2 provides ample backup, ensuring a reliable power supply in most situations.