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Bluetti AC180 VS EF Ecoflow Delta 2

In this article, we will compare two portable power stations: the Bluetti AC180 and Ecoflow Delta 2.

Let’s take a look at how they are different and similar.

Starting with the key differences:

Bluetti AC180EF Ecoflow Delta 2
bluetti ac180 model ef ecoflow delta 2 model
Charge Time: 0-80% in 45 minutes, 100% in 60 minutesCharge Time: 0-80% in 50 minutes, 100% in 80 minutes
AC Input Capacity: 1440WAC Input Capacity: 1200W
Battery Capacity: 1152WhBattery Capacity: 1024Wh
Power-Saving Eco Mode: YesPower-Saving Eco Mode: No
Appliances Compatible: Up to 2700WAppliances Compatible: Up to 2200W
Weight: 37.4 PoundsWeight: 27 Pounds
Outlets: 11Outlets: 15
Silent Mode: YesSilent Mode: No
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Bluetti AC180

bluetti ac180 model

BottomLine: Bluetti AC180 boasts impressive features. Its fast charging time of 0-80% in just 45 minutes is beneficial.

On top of that, it operates quietly and has the ability to power high-rated appliances up to 2700W, making it a clever choice.

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Bluetti AC180 VS Ecoflow Delta 2 – Side-By-Side Comparison

Product / FeatureBluetti AC180Ecoflow Delta 2
Body ColorBlackBlack
Dimensions13.39*9.72*12.48 inches15.7*11.1*8.3 inches
Weight37.4 Pounds27 Pounds
AC Input1440W1200W
Charging Time (0-80%)45 Minutes50 Minutes
Car ChargingYesYes
Solar ChargingYesYes
Generator ChargingYesYes
Battery TypeLiFePO4LiFePO4
Battery Capacity1152Wh1024Wh
Battery ExpansionYesYes
ECO ModeYesNo
AC Output1800W1800W
Max AC Output2700W2200W
No Of Outlets1115
Wireless Charging PadYesNo
Noise LevelQuietNormal
Emergency ModeUPSEPS
Bluetooth ConnectivityYesYes
App ConnectivityYesYes
Warranty5 Years5 Years
PriceCheck On AmazonCheck On Amazon

Bluetti AC180 is Fast Charging 

It is all known that the higher the wattage means more power passes through.

Bluetti AC180’s turbocharging feature allows AC input up to 1440W – resulting in 0-80% charge in 45 minutes and 100% in one hour, notably faster than its competitors. 

While Ecoflow Delta 2 boasts an AC input capacity of up to 1200W, thanks to its cutting-edge X-stream technology, the device can charge up to 80% in 50 minutes and up to 100% in 80 minutes.

Despite the 5 minutes difference, it would be inaccurate to rank the Ecoflow Delta 2 second. Considering its price point, Delta 2 outperforms all its price-range competitors in terms of charging speed.

But talking about the topic at hand, Bluetti AC180 VS Ecoflow Delta 2, AC180 is the clear winner.

Charging Options – Solar Power?

Both power stations offer versatility in charging options to meet your diverse needs. AC Outlet is a common way, but what if you are going somewhere, there is a solution. 

Get the station charged by connecting the input from the car’s 12/24V cigarette lighter point. However, it is generally not recommended as it takes longer than the regular AC charging method.

Heading to the wild? Take solar panels with you. AC180 and Delta 2 have solar charging option that enables the devices to receive up to 500W input way better than the car charging choice.

For both devices, it takes approximately 3 hours to get a full charge using solar power. Without a doubt, both are top-notch solar generators out there. 

If an AC outlet and solar source are at hand, you can connect them to the AC180 and get it recharged much faster than usual.

There exists an additional charging possibility, AC input through the generator, which is seldom utilized.

Battery Type

Bluetti and EF Ecoflow use industry-standard LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries because of their long-lasting and safety factors.

Bluetti AC180 uses an 1152Wh capacity LFP battery, whereas the Delta 2 uses a 1024Wh capacitated battery.

Both the manufacturers are fully assured in this aspect promising that the AC180 battery stands without any performance degradation still 3500+ cycles, with one cycle counted as full charge and full drain. On the flip side Delta 2 guarantees 3000+ cycles.

There is a crucial feature to highlight for Ecoflow Delta 2. Its armed battery management system works continuously, regulating all the power-ups and downs, ensuring safety to a different level.

Battery Life Expansion

Like a power bank to the smartphone, wouldn’t it be great if there is a choice to have expansion batteries for these high-end portable power stations?

Yes, they will prove beneficial in many situations. 

Bluetti AC180 and Ecoflow Delta 2 each of them has the potential to expand battery capacities.

Depending on the specific needs, you can connect the AC180 to any of the Bluetti’s expansion batteries like B80, B230, or B300, based on the desired capacity.

And the same applies to Ecoflow Delta 2. You can either opt for the Delta 2 extra battery, which expands the capacity to 2kWh, or choose the Delta Max battery, which expands the capacity to 3kWh.

Based on the battery capacities of these top-notch portable power stations, Bluetti AC180(1152 Wh) and Ecoflow Delta 2(1024Wh), we can say that both power stations deliver all your power needs from mobile charging to large appliances effortlessly.

AC180 even comes with an intelligent ECO mode, which preserves power by automatically toggling on and off as needed.

Expansion might not be necessary for everyone, especially simple activities like single-day camping. 

What about high-power appliances? – AC180 Stands Ahead

Ecoflow Delta 2 and Bluetti AC180 deliver 1800W AC output, which powers the majority of the devices.

But, there will be devices like space heaters in big-sized apartments. Do these portable power stations help?

Bluetti AC180 features a power-lifting mode, which raises the ac output to 2700 watts, whereas the Ecoflow Delta 2 comes with X-Boost technology that lets it increase the ac output to 2200 watts.

So for appliances with high power requirements, AC180 stands as an outstanding power solution.

Design – Ecoflow Delta 2 is Easier To Carry

Bluetti AC180 comes with dimensions of 13.39*9.72*12.48 inches weighing 37.4 pounds

On the other hand, Ecoflow Delta 2 measures 15.7*11.1*8.3 inches. Delta 2 weighs 27 pounds, making it a more advantageous lightweight solution.

Setting aside the matter of weight, both devices come with ergonomic handles, making them effortless to move and handle.

Both power stations AC180 and Ecoflow Delta 2 are black and closely resemble each other in color.

Ecoflow Delta 2 is with 15 outlets:

  • USB-A Fast Charge (Two)
  • USB-A Output (Two)
  • USB-C Output (Two)
  • Solar / Car Charging Port (One)
  • AC Output Sockets (Six)
  • DC5521 Output Port (Two)

Bluetti AC180 is with 11 outlets:

  • USB-A Output (Four)
  • AC Outlets (Four)
  • USB-C Output (One)
  • Car Outlet (One)
  • Wireless Charging Pad (One)

Never select a portable power station based on the number of outlets. Choose based on what is your necessity.

In light of our background, Bluetti AC180’s outlets are more practical. Delta 2’s six AC outlets don’t help in real-world usage. And AC180’s wireless charging pad is highly beneficial. You can say goodbye to the hassle of searching for cable when you want to charge your smartphone.

Noise Levels – Bluetti AC180 is quieter

There is a mode on the Bluetti AC180 app named silent charging mode. Once you tap on it, AC180 charges with a much lower noise level, less than 45 decibels(dB).

On the other hand, Ecoflow Delta 2 does not offer a silent operating mode. But considering the findings, Delta 2’s noise level is on the safer side, with a slight difference from AC180.

Special Modes

AC180 comes with UPS mode, while the Delta 2 with EPS mode functionality. The names are distinct, but they serve the same.

If there is a PC in your house that requires a breakless power supply, connect the PC cord to these power stations and set the modes on.

Whenever there is a power outage, the AC180 and Delta 2 instantly (in milliseconds) power the PC, ensuring that no PC data will be erased, quite an essential feature. 

Both Power Stations are App Controlled

You can connect the Bluetti AC180 device to your smartphone app using the Bluetooth connectivity option. With the app, you can monitor power consumption, battery statuses, and charge cycles. Furthermore, to build upon the previous point, you have the option to change modes, schedule tasks, and more.

As for the Ecoflow Delta 2, the app functionality seems more advanced, and a wider selection of options.

You can readily link the Delta 2 device with the app using Bluetooth, wifi, and your mobile hotspot. Monitoring power usage, input, output sources, battery statuses, receiving low battery alerts, setting timeout options, and changing modes are readily at hand.

Examining each side by side, EF Ecoflow App is ahead of the competition. Based on our experience, there is significant room for improvement in the Bluetti app, it continues to have errors and connectivity issues.

Get the apps and control these portable power stations from anywhere.

Warranty Information

Both manufacturers offer 5 Year warranty. Other than that, there is an option to extend the warranty from both Bluetti and Ecoflow. Warranty Information: Bluetti and Ecoflow.

Bluetti AC180 Pros & Cons


  • AC180 refills its battery in less than an hour, very useful in today’s context.
  • Serves as a solar-powered generator.
  • It works quieter than its other fan-noise-making competitors. AC180’s sound is barely noticeable unless you focus on it.


  • The Bluetti App has user-friendly and connectivity issues, which could be improved.
  • Another downside is AC180 being relatively heavier, which adds slight convenience to carry and move around.

EF Ecoflow Delta 2 Pros & Cons


  • Exceptional build quality and excels in safety features, credit goes to its battery management system.
  • Same as AC180, Delta 2 functions as a solar generator.


  • No wireless charger pad.
  • Produces a mild amount of noise, not as silent as the Bluetti AC180.

Final Words

comparison of bluetti ac180 and ecoflow delta 2 models

For choosing a portable power station, there are multiple factors like battery backup, expansion options, maneuverability, recharge span, solar generator option, handling big appliances, and more.

Grounding our analysis on these factors, both the power stations Bluetti AC180 and EF Ecoflow Delta 2 are top-notch power backup systems with features that are remarkably helpful for all your diverse needs.

In between the AC180 and Delta 2,

If you are one who prioritizes silent charging, fast charging, and the ability to handle high-wattage-rated appliances up to 2700W, AC180 is the preferred choice.

And when it comes to a more travel-friendly (light-weight) option, closely matching AC180’s charging time, capable of supporting all devices (up to 2200W) with industry-standard safety features, the Ecoflow Delta 2 stands out as a recommended pick, available at a much better price.