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Tineco ifloor VS Tineco ifloor 3 – Which Do You Buy?

Tineco ifloor and Tineco ifloor 3 (Wet Dry Vacuums) – Both cleaners vacuum and wash simultaneously.

Thinking about which tineco is for you? Here is how the models ifloor and ifloor 3 compare.

Starting with the key differences (and Quick Outline):

Tineco ifloorTineco ifloor 3
Tineco Ifloor model Tineco ifloor3 model
Run Time: 22 minsRun Time: 25 mins
Full Controlled LED Display: NoFull Controlled LED Display: Yes
Water Tank Capacities: BetterWater Tank Capacities: Best
Full, Empty Alarm Indicators: NoFull, Empty Alarm Indicators: Yes
HEPA Filter (Major Difference): NoHEPA Filter (Major Difference): Yes
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Ifloor 3

Tineco ifloor3 model

BottomLine: ifloor 3 is our preferred choice because of its anti-allergen HEPA filter, improved run time, better tank capacities, and smoother LED display – the more beneficial choice for the long run.

IF HEPA filter and other ifloor 3’s improvements are not required for you, get Tineco ifloor.

(But mainly these days, we highly recommend vacuums with HEPA filters. Having a HEPA filtration system removes pollutants that lead to many long-term health benefits Source).

ifloor VS ifloor3 – Full Comparison Chart

 Tineco ifloorTineco ifloor 3
Dimensions10.6 x 9.8 x 43.7 inches11.3 x 10 x 43.3 inches
Weight6.5 Pounds9.9 Pounds
LED DisplayNoYes
Battery Capacity2500 mAh3000 mAh
Charging time4 hours4 hours
Run time22 mins25 mins
Cleaning modesYesYes
Clean Water Tank0.550.6
Dirt Water Tank0.40.5
Indicator alarmsNoYes
Docking StationSelf-cleaningSelf-cleaning, Recharge, Docking (3 in 1)
HEPA FilterNoYes
Noise level82 dB78 dB
Self Cleaning OptionYesYes
Cleaning ModesYesYes
Water flow & suction control settingsNoNo
App & Voice ControlledNoNo
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Tineco ifloor 3 VS Tineco ifloor – In Brief 

Design (Dimension & Weight)

Tineco ifloor is smaller than the Tineco ifloor 3. The ifloor has a dimension of 10.6 x 9.8 x 43.7 inches and weighs 6.5 pounds.

In comparison, the Tineco ifloor 3 has a dimension of 11.3 x 10 x 43.3 inches and weighs 9.9 pounds.

Speaking of the portability, ifloor stands ahead because of the significantly less weight (3.4 pounds less) than its brother ifloor 3.

But to say, both the wet dry vacuum cleaners are relatively lightweight.

However, the Tineco ifloor is lighter than the ifloor 3, which is due to the extra accessories and features that come with the ifloor 3.

Control Options

The controls of the Tineco ifloor and ifloor 3 are found on the handle. ifloor 3 stands ahead when talking about the “easy to use” feature.

Tineco Ifloor 3 Led Display
LED Display of ifloor 3. Source: Tineco

Tineco ifloor 3 features an LED digital display control interface located close to its handle, while Tineco ifloor does not.

The LED digital display interface shows the battery level, power status, self-cleaning icon, etc. It also shows if the tanks are full or empty.

This feature allows users to monitor the cleaner’s condition while it is in use and take actions where needed, especially when the battery is low or if any of its tanks are blocked or empty.

Since Tineco ifloor doesn’t come with this feature, users will have to manually monitor features such as the tanks, power status, etc.

There are control features on both Tineco ifloor and Tineco ifloor 3 that allow users to switch cleaning modes.

Suction Power & Performance

Both cleaners perform two functions impressively, and those functions are vacuuming and washing.

They are both come with powerful suction that allows them to clean bare floors effortlessly.

You can use both the tineco vacuums to clean carpets, but only for light cleaning.

The suction power is not ideal for deep cleanings because they are designed mainly for indoor sealed surfaces such as tiles, sealed hardwood, marble, vinyl, etc.

When washing, water or solution is sprayed from the clean water tank of the cleaners on the area you want to clean.

The cleaner’s brush roll gets to work, while its powerful suction does the job of picking up larger dirt particles and liquid.

Battery Life and Charging Time

Both Tineco ifloor and Tineco ifloor 3 are cordless and require batteries to power them.

The Tineco ifloor comes with a 21.6V, 2500mAh battery, while Tineco ifloor 3 has a larger battery capacity thanks to its 21.6V, 3000mAh battery.

Both batteries have the same charging time, about 4 hours. But as we all know, more capacity, more run time.

Here we need to talk about the smart feature that came up with these models. When you put these vacuums undercharging, you need not worry about switching off the power button.

The battery stops charging when it is fully charged, thanks to the intelligent battery charger that comes with the cleaner.

Tineco ifloor has a maximum running time of 22 minutes, while the ifloor 3 has a longer running time of 25 minutes.


Since both wet/dry vacuum cleaners are cordless and lightweight, it is quite easy to move them here and there, especially when there are many areas to cover.

Therefore, users are not limited by any cord.

Both cleaners have impressive maneuverability, making the vacuums pretty easy to use in tight places such as corners and up and downstairs.

And ifloor lightweight structure seems more maneuverable than the ifloor 3. But speaking of the battery life and advanced features, you decide what is best for you.

Cleaning Modes

Apart from the normal cleaning mode, Tineco ifloor has a spot mode designed for cleaning areas with tougher dirt, sticky mess, etc.

The spot mode utilizes more power, sprays cleaning solution faster, and the brush roll of the cleaner spins faster.

Tineco ifloor 3 has two cleaning modes which are the ECO cleaning mode and the Maximum cleaning mode.

The ECO cleaning mode is designed for standard cleaning. In contrast, the Maximum cleaning mode is designed for more stubborn dirt and sticky messes.

Washing Tanks

Both vacuum cleaners tineco ifloor and ifloor 3 come equipped with two tanks: the clean water tank (CWT) and the Dirt water tank (DWT).

  • Clean Water Tank: The clean water tank of Tineco ifloor and Tineco ifloor 3 can be filled with clean water, as the name implies. You can fill it with a cleaning solution that is a mixture of clean water and the Tineco cleaning solution, which comes with both cleaners.
  • Dirt Water Tank: The dirt water tank is designed for storing the dirt liquids the cleaners pick up. When the dirt water tank of the ifloor 3 gets filled, the safety float closes. Users are alerted through the LED digital interface.

Users of both the tineco cleaners can easily inspect the tanks externally since they are transparent.

However, the tank capacity varies in both vacuum cleaners, with Tineco ifloor 3 boasting a larger tank capacity on both fronts.

The clean water tank and dirt water tank in the Tineco ifloor have a capacity of 0.55 liters and 0.4 liters. And with tineco ifloor 3, it has a capacity of 0.6 liters (clean water tank) and 0.5 liters (dirt water tank).

Therefore, if you intend to do more washing, you may have to go for the ifloor 3, which has a larger tank capacity.

Accessories & Docking Station (3 in 1)?

Apart from other accessories already mentioned above, the Tineco ifloor comes with a docking station designed to serve as a self-cleaning storage tray.

And here the major difference, Tineco ifloor 3 comes with an advance of that feature with its 3-in-1 docking station designed for charging, self-cleaning, and docking the cleaner.

You need not worry about the separate place for vacuum cleaner storage. Regular dirt cleaning is not a point to think of.

Filter System

Here is the notable difference:

HEPA filter
Ifloor 3 Hepa Filter

Both vacuum cleaners are equipped with effective filters. However, Tineco ifloor does not have the HEPA filter, which is getting increasingly popular in vacuum cleaners because of its efficiency and allergy prevention.

Tineco ifloor 3 comes equipped with the HEPA filter, which gives it an edge over its predecessor.

Noise Levels

Generally, both Tineco ifloor and Tineco ifloor 3 produce relatively low noise when they are in operation.

However, Tineco ifloor 3 has the edge over Tineco ifloor in this department thanks to its noise rating of 78dB. In comparison, Tineco ifloor has a noise rating of 82 dB.


It is relatively easy to maintain both vacuum cleaners, and they have similar methods of cleaning them. They also come with similar cleaning accessories, such as the 3-in-1 cleaning tool.

This 3 in 1 cleaning tool helps you to make the maintenance required to deficient levels.

Everything Self-Cleaning (Including Dirt Roller)

Self cleaning system
Ifloor Vacuums Self Cleaning Brushroll. Source: Tineco

Tineco ifloor and Tineco ifloor 3 come with a self-clean feature that offers users hands-free cleaning services.

All you have to do to activate the self-cleaning function when you are done cleaning and the cleaner jumps into action by auto-cleaning the brush roller and tubes.


What about the Tineco ifloor3 on Shag rugs? Is it useful?

ifloor 3, a top-end from tineco, can clean all types of surfaces like hardwoods, tile floors, vinyl, and laminate except the thick carpets. Tineco itself advises not to use this vacuum on shag rugs.

What about the warranty?

Usually, we observe this situation: when the product is from a big brand, the warranty terms will be on point, and customer service is maintained well with very few delays.

Tineco is not huge like vacuum manufacturers Bissel, Shark, or Dyson, but its warranty features and customer service after purchase are undoubtedly buyers biased like the big brands.


Comparion of tineco vacuums ifloor, ifloor 3

Tineco vacuums have good overall performance history and fewer disappointed buyers than other vacuum cleaner manufacturers.

They make everything look more advanced and stylish in terms of design and performance.

As these are wet-dry vacuums, there is no other concept of thinking about mopping when a tineco is at your home.

Another feature that makes tineco’s (high-end models) more promising is their instant dry technology. It is like a three-way cycle (vacuum, wash, dry).

And talking about this comparison of ifloor and ifloor 3, there is a thing we highly recommend that lacks in ifloor vacuum – the HEPA filter. Must have for an allergen-free home. This feature difference alone makes ifloor 3 our put up.