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Tineco ifloor 3, ifloor Black Friday Deals

Tineco ifloor and ifloor 3 are tineco’s ifloor series models.

All the top deals of these models are updated below. Please check out.

What are the Best Tineco ifloor3, ifloor Black Friday Deals 2021?

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Tineco ifloor 3 – Check Best Black Friday Deal here

Tineco ifloor – Check Best Black Friday Deal here

Tineco iFloor 3 Review

Tineco Ifloor 3 vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are a blessing for all and sundry. They save time and cut down on labor as you do not have to hire a professional to clean up after you.

In this line of thought, we bring you the Tineco ifloor 3 wet dry vacuum cleaner that has changed the world looks at cleaning.

This is a hard floor cleaner that cleans up fast. We have used it to clean messy, wet, and dry surfaces altogether, only to witness professional type cleaning each time.

Professional Level Cleaning Capacity

This machine can pick up spills and can clean debris from different surfaces like a pro. It can tidy up wet spills with equal vigor.

We have spilled Spaghetti-O’s and found it to clean up impeccably. Then we tested it with a blend of Thousand Island dressing and curd to check further; it did not disappoint us at all.

It simply left the surface sparkling, and it seemed as if nothing had happened. That took us by surprise for sure.

Then came the most formidable challenge of dry testing, and this time we used dried grape juice. Believe us when we say that it took on the dirt and grime pretty uncompromisingly.

It can wash and vacuum all at once, making it different from the rest of the cleaners.

It does not mean that it leaves the place wet and messy. Much to the contrary, it has a powerful brush roller that leaves the floor dry.

It has a high absorbing ability and does not leave streaks as well. We have observed that it is way better than a traditional mop.

You can mix the tank with warm water and a small cleaning agent or detergent to get the best results. The Hepa filters render it to be safe as they can keep your home safe from allergens.

It will be beneficial for you if you have pets and you know it.

Lightweight Design

After this, we even tried it on high traffic areas like the entrance of our houses, our work stations, and on the stairs. Now, the stairs are usually the trickiest of all places to clean.

The wrong vac will only add to your woes and give you backache. While the Tineco ifloor 3 astonished us.

It is easy to use owing to its hands-free and easy-to-use style. This vac is a self-cleaner that needs a hand, and you are good to go. It is very light in weight, and this happens to be its MVP.


Additionally, its cordless feature only adds to your convenience. In the stair experiment, we found it very suitable while working our way up and down.

With that said, we did not find any wires tangling up against us when working with the IFLOOR 3.

It brings us to say that this is a highly maneuverable vacuum cleaner. It can reach tight spots because of this freedom (from cords).

You can clean every nook and corner with ease. In short, it is a handy vacuum cleaner that you can carry in tow.

Suction Power & Battery Life

Now, this owes its cleaning to its brushless digital motor of 150W. It has a strong suction that can draw in all the dirt and mess simultaneously.

This dominant motor helps it pull out the grime and dust without any difficulty – means it has more suction power that assists you clean thoroughly.

A string suctioning support does not mean it has compromised battery life. On the contrary, it has a good battery life, and that is a wonder in itself!

Low Noise

Again, this digital brushless motor makes a very low noise that does not disturb your family and pets. It can work silently, which does not bother the occupants of your house.

The ultra-quiet operation system uses some “unique materials,” according to Tineco.


Tineco is about intelligent and innovative technology. The IFLOOR 3 is no exception to this as it has been designed following state-of-the-art technology.

Tineco Ifloor 3 Led Display

It has a clear digital LED display that provides you with a lot of information – includes battery indicator, self-cleaning, and power details to name a few. The sensors on the vacuum cleaner are also worth mentioning.

Docking System

We have already mentioned that it self-cleans, which means it does not take much of your time. Now, the docking station ensures that you keep it in one place without having to worry about storage anymore.

You keep it docked and let charge as it cleans itself, which makes the whole process cleaner as you don’t have to worry about residues and other messes while cleaning it up.

App Management

You can download the Tineco App that can make your life easier.

You can use your vacuum cleaner from far-off places to clean your house. However, in this case, you can use the app to troubleshoot your vacuum when in need.


It is backed by 2 years limited warranty, and this applies only if procured from Tineco authorized retailers. It covers the quality and defective original materials.

This warranty also covers labor costs and, most importantly, the parts as well.

Moreover, this warranty is valid for the country that the product has been purchased. The best part is that you do not have to pay anything for this, like a cherry on top of the cake.

Price Point with Conclusion

In addition to all this, we have to agree that the price it comes for is way lesser than name brands. However, the service that it provides is at par with these brands.

You may also watch a few videos about the IFLOOR 3 that clearly show its cleaning capacity.

That is all we wanted to convey about the Tineco ifloor 3 to you. Now, it is your time to take action. We believe it is a beast of a vacuum cleaner that can work standalone. You certainly do not need anything in addition to it.

What are the Best Cyber Monday Deals of Tineco ifloor models?

Cyber Monday is after Black Friday; we will update this section soon as the pre-black Friday deals start. Check out that time.

Deals Predictions of tineco ifloor models this 2021

Tineco ifloor3 is a brand-new model not like the ifloor one that has been in the business for quite a time. So based on the past archived deals of the ifloor model, we assume that this year its cost might go down nearly fifty dollars like last year.

And ifloor3 the alike we expect fifty to seventy dollars it might go down than the conventional prices. We are not speaking about the discounts based on the MRP prices; follow the regular time prices, usually less than MRP.