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Tineco Floor One S3, S5 and S5 Pro Black Friday Deals

Here are the best Black Friday deals of tineco floor one models s5, s5 pro, and s3.

What are the Best Tineco Floor One S3, S5 and S5 Pro Black Friday Deals?

Tineco Floor One S3 – Check here.

Tineco Floor One S5 – Check here

Tineco Floor One S5 Pro – Check here.

Differences between Floor One Models

  • Tineco floor one s5 has higher tank capacities than floor one s3 model. Also, s5 is more capable of cleaning edges when compared to s3.
  • Tineco floor one s5 pro is with 3d animated display which shows all the clean reports, statuses, and much helpful information related to the filters, batteries, and bins. s5 also shows similar data but not in a 3d manner.

In the below review, we guided the way using the only name floor one s3, as s5 and s5 pro models are with nearby information except for the above differences. Please make sure.

Tineco Floor One S3 Review


Tineco Floor One S3 ModelTineco aims at employing intelligent and innovative technology at its best. Although, their products are made in such a way that they make our lives easy.

Their smart gadgets are making heads turn, and today we bring such a product – Tineco Floor One S3.

A wise dry and wet vacuum cleaner that unquestionably makes cleaning super easy. Now, this is a cordless vac that takes the pain away.

Plus, it is a lightweight device that keeps backaches and knee pains at bay.

Trust us, we tried vacuuming the stairs, and it felt like a breeze. Even our elderly parents found it to be comfortable to work with.

The best part about cleaning with the One S3 is that it can reach every nook and corner you want it to clean.

Cleaning System

This cleans like a pro, and there are no doubts about it. Undoubtedly, unlike its predecessors that promised but have never lived up to, this pretty much does a decent job of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

We have thrown instant noodles, dried wine, and pet hair at it and have found it to clean every mess with quite a flair. We were astonished to have found the washes with a robust roller brush.

This brush is way better than the regular mops, and it leaves no streaks behind it all. It dries up so fast that you will sometimes be compelled to think were you cleaning the spot.

It can draw in the strongest of debris and clean the area as if nothing had happened.

Performance Testing

We have also used it in our studio, at the entrance, and in other high-traffic areas only to find it surprising us. This kind of intelligent vacuuming makes us deduce that it has been carefully engineered.

It has been planned to serve the modern lifestyle with its spot cleaning ability. So, you can bid goodbye to spills and drops forever.

Oh, wait, speaking about cleaning brings us to discuss one more thing.

With the One S3 in tow, you will never have to touch a dirty roller again. It can self-clean, which means the machine can clean the roller. You need to press a button to do the dirty work for you but keep your hands clean.

Suction Power

The less we say about this, the better because we really do not spill the beans (no pun intended).

Before even talking about suction, we need to tell you one more thing: this device has optimized the use of power.

It means it can auto-adjust according to the requirements. It will draw as much power as is desired, and this fine-tunes with the suction consequently.

Battery Life

That is Tineco for you, as this was what we were waiting for. A vacuum cleaner that will use power as it needs, which will save energy.

It can run up to 35 minutes, which is quite a long time compared to the others in this category. This is what makes up the “smart battery management,” as per Tineco.


It comes with 2 pieces of HEPA filters. Need we say anymore? HEPA means your house remains free of allergens, pollutants, pollens, pet dander, and dust mites.

These easily cause allergies, and some of them can turn into severe cases.

However, using the Tineco Floor One S3 will ensure that you leave your family in a safe environment. This vac cleaner can stop the breeding of harmful antigens and ultimately protect you.

Noise level

Tineco has integrated innovative technology into the One S3 very judiciously.

The noise reduction feature renders it one of the best in the trade. You value this aspect, especially if you have pets around.

This implies that you can clean the house without bothering your family and pets with this one for now.


Floor One S5 App

We have been conversing about technology for a long time. It is time that we bring the real One S3 and the technical facets that back it up.

The application can be used for intelligent cleaning with real-time performance, troubleshooting, and technical support.

On the other hand, the voice integration ensures that it keeps you updated about the cleaning progress, blockages (if any), and its functioning all the time.

The voice assistant most definitely takes it to another level of vacuuming, and for you, the experience becomes diverse.

Moreover, the iLoop(TM) sensor detects the need for cleaning. This suggests that this technology aids the vacuum cleaner in using water and then dry mop the area as required. This helps the mop clean impeccably and without leaving streaks.

Please do not get overwhelmed, as the manufacturer has kept it very simple despite these highly technical factors. You still vacuum the same way, but it is only lighter, easier, and brighter!

Docking Station

This comes along with a 3-in-1 docking station. It stores clean and charges the vacuum cleaner altogether. This, of course, is yet another attribute that you cannot ignore while investing in a vac. What say?

The point is, Tineco has taken years to devise such an amply visible machine. The research and time it must have taken that is also quite evident.

The bottom line is that it is a cautiously planned product that has taken years of hard work, which shows its success. The reviews speak galore, and we can say that it truly deserves it.

Warranty & Conclusion

The Tineco Floor One S3 is backed by 2 years limited warranty. Yes, this applies only if the product is procured from a Tineco accredited dealer.

Not to mention that it covers defective original parts and craftsmanship. It also ensures labor costs and parts (if required) for you.

We must clarify that this warranty is valid only for the country it has been purchased. Along with this, you get an excellent customer service team in place that helps you out with the smallest of things with equal enthusiasm.

Indubitably, all these qualities make the One S3 very addictive. You heard us right, and once you start using it, you will not feel the same.

It changes the way the world has looked at vacuuming for years. Happy cleaning!

What are the Best Cyber Monday Tineco Floor One Models Deals?

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