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Tikom G8000 Review

Tikom G8000 is a robot vacuum. No. G8000 is a robot vacuum + mop model (2 in 1).

At this cost point, Is this the only best vacuum mop combo robot?

Yes, it is.

Look into the full review (it has one downside):

Tikom G8000

Tikom g8000 robot vacuum

BottomLine: Tikom G8000 is an incredible model – works great on all floor types due to its strong 2700Pa suction.

And the mopping feature – makes it a total package for your house cleaning. The other high-end features like Carpet Boost and No-Go Areas make this robot more beneficial.

So considering the budget you spend, this robot outweighs everything.


  • G8000 is with Vacuuming + Mopping Functionality at an affordable price.
  • It comes with a carpet boost option, helpful for deep carpet cleaning.
  • You can set No-Go areas.


  • It auto recharges but doesn’t auto resume after charging. Note: except for large-sized homes, tikom’s 120 mins run time is sufficient to cover a total house cleaning.

Tikom G8000 Full Features (Complete Review)


G8000 Black Design

G8000 is available in two colors – black and white. You can glimpse those apiece on Amazon, don’t get confused. Besides the color, all remaining is the same.

Speaking of the design, G8000 is the slimmest design (2.99 inches) that helps the vacuum to run under all the hard-to-reach areas without getting stuck.

The visible front face of the robot vacuum consists of three buttons – one to reach the dock station and recharge symbolled as the home button, the second button to tap power on and off, and the third one to make it wifi-enabled.

On both sides of the robot, there are cleaning brushes helpful in cleaning the edges and corners without missing.

The dustbin is so effortless to remove, reset, and clean. No need for regular bin cleaning as G8000 is with 450ml dustbin capacity.

And the equipped water tank is 250ml in capacity. Abundant to say.

Two in One model (Sweeping + Mopping)

Is there any affordable robot device that vacuums and mops simultaneously? Yes, there is. Tikom G8000.

There might be few roborocks out there who do that well, but at this price range, tikom g8000 ranks.

G8000 is with an intelligent mopping system that helps you set the water level output depending on your requirements. There are three modes:

  • Low – for daily cleaning.
  • Middle – for care cleaning.
  • High – for deep cleaning.

High mode is more specific for tile floors and dirted areas.

Also, whenever you set the robot vacuum to run, you can choose sweeping + mopping both or individual mode, based on your home need.

Clearly, G8000 is one of the power-saving and efficient working robot vacuum models out there.

Suction Power & Carpet Boost

With our robot vacuums experience over the last five years, we got to see a steady incline in the suction power levels for fixed price ranges.

Tikom G8000 is with booming 2700Pa suction force, a good enough to say for the best cleaning.

We used the term “booming” for a reason. There are very few robot vacuums with this much power, at this cost level, and with mopping functionality.

Let’s talk about one more great feature – the carpet boost. Another reason that tells why the model is on the best sellers list.

Whenever the robot detects a carpet, it automatically raises its suction pressure to three times the original force – this enhances deeper cleaning.

And hardwood floors? I think there is no point in talking about it.

Note: It is advised not to use mopping functionality on the carpet. When vacuuming the carpet, take out the mop holder.

Battery Life & Auto Recharge

Tikom takes the device safety to the next level. The robot device’s main operational engine is layered with multiple protections from the battery to keep the device safe and long-lasting.

Speaking for the battery life, this robot model is impressive, the same as most existing market robot vacuums. On a single charge, the robot runs for 120 minutes roughly.

Why impressive? We termed it like that, as two to three years back – affordable models they hardly run around 60 to 75 minutes.

Auto recharge? Yes, the phrase itself says. When the battery gets low, the robot automatically reaches the charging station and recharges.

Note: This robot vacuum only auto-recharges – does not continue cleaning where it stopped. A drawback to highlight as present-day robots are with recharge and resume technology featured ones.

Boundary Strips & Collision Prevention

We are tired of talking about this drop-and-collision prevention system. Almost every robot vacuum comes with infrared sensors that detect steps and edges, which keeps the device away from falling off the stairs and getting collided.

G8000 is no exception from that.

But there is an exceptional feature, usually not seen in low-price range models – the boundary strips.

Using the came-along boundary strips, you can set the robot to clean only defined zones. Don’t want the robot to enter your kitchen? Set boundary strips as a border. That’s it. Notable feature.

No-go areas are highly effective when there is a pet or kids in your home

And also to keep the robot away from a place with power cables. It keeps your home safe without disturbing anything when cleaning.


Gyroscope navigation of tikom g8000


A robot vacuum runs all-around your home in a random pattern. Do you know what it results?

Misses few places to clean and consumes more time and more power sources. We can call that robot inefficient and ineffective.

Why saying all these right now?

Yes. We are here to talk about the effective and efficient navigation of the Tikom G8000 – the Gyroscope smart navigation.

The Tikom G8000 model navigates in a zig-zag pattern that covers every area in your home rows and columns. So? The robot will never miss cleaning any space and never waste anything.

Cleaning Modes

The Tikom G8000 model comes with five distinct cleaning modes. Each is worthwhile for a clear purpose.

  • Smart clean – works based on earlier runs for better efficient cleaning.
  • Edge clean – for cleaning edges precisely.
  • Spot clean – useful for vacuuming more dirted areas.
  • Random clean
  • Manual clean – to clean based on your guidance.

App & Voice Control

voice assistant

Have any voice assistants in the home? Then you can control the robot using your voice commands. There is no need for a remote or hand control.

As a matter of say, the robot is equipped with remote control as well.

Useful for people who prefer controlling with remote or with homes where there is no Alexa or Google Assistant.


How quiet is this robot vacuum cleaner?

Very very impressive. The robot vacuum is designed in a way that it cleans with no to little noise compared to the other known Roomba and roborock models. G8000 works with a noise level of 55db (10db less than the Roomba base models and 20db less than high-end models)

Is there an option for specified room cleaning?

No. With any tikom model, there is no option for this as of now.

Does this robot pick pet hair? From Carpet?

Yes. It picks pet hair effectively and from carpets – Yes. As there is an automatic carpet boost option that pulls the pet hair from deep inside the carpets.

The Key Differences with G8000 Pro model – Tikom G8000 vs. G8000 Pro

G8000 Pro is the newly released model from Tikom launched on May 30, 2022, whereas G8000 is on February.

Let’s talk about the differences between these models:

Suction Power: G8000 Pro is with an improved suction power of 4500Pa, whereas G8000 stands at 2700Pa. So Pro is a good option for households with hard-to-clean areas like carpets.

Battery Life: On a single run, the Tikom Pro model runs for nearly two and half hours, 30 minutes more than the G8000 model.

Dustbin & Watertank Capacities:

  • G8000 model: Dustbin (450ml), Water tank (250ml).
  • G8000 Pro model: Dustbin (500ml), Water tank (280ml).

Overall, taking these differences into the review, your prerequisites help pick one in between. As far as concerned, both positions are really well. For big-sized homes, we recommend the G8000 Pro model.

Specifications Table

SpecificationTikom G8000
Suction Power2700Pa
Height2.99 inches
ColorsBlack & White
Dustbin Capacity450 ml
Water tank Capacity250 ml
Carpet BoostYes
Battery Life120 mins
Auto RechargeYes
No Go AreasYes
Cleaning ModesFive
Remote ControlYes
Voice ControlYes
Noise Level55db
PriceCheck Price On Amazon


As we research features of the robot vacuum, we can say for whom it is recommended, and what it lacks for better cleaning. We can say those two things.

But talking of the real-world performance, it is wise to get the customer’s experience to see how this G8000 helps.

As the model stays on the best sellers list and with a good overall rating, we recommend this robot vacuum to you if all the requirements are there.

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