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shark s87 dealsOne of the top-selling shark robot vacuum cleaner. A price saver considering features offered.

Shark S87:

Robotic cum handheld vacuum cleaner, yes that is exactly, how you describe the Ion S87. Isn’t that astonishing? Who else other Shark can pull it off? What more, they have the same charging dock! That’s like bang on the buck.

Let’s go with the top deals:

What is the Best Shark S87 Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2019 Deal?

Deals ended.

Update (December 4, 2019):  S87 is with the great deal price this Cyber Monday. Find it in below deals chart.

Current Live Shark S87 Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 Deals:

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Also, study the review below and know more about this outstanding vacuum and clear out some common misunderstandings about the product.

Shark S87 Review – In Detail

We bet you cannot keep your hands off a Shark vacuum cleaner. Guess what, neither can Shark keep themselves from innovating! This is the tendency to push limits that have once again been proven right by the evergreen Shark. They have entered a new zone that of the robotic vacuum cleaners and the Shark ion s87. Here is what it can do for you.

The Shark Ion S87 In Details

Some people have already coined a name for it – the SharkIon! This device is a true blend of the best features of Shark. Shark is well-known for its upright, handheld and all other vacuum cleaners. The robotic vacuum cleaner was certainly going to be included in their portfolio too.

Check out some key features:

Key Features

  • The only shark robot vacuum with a handheld vacuum released considering cleaning stairs. Marked as the best ideal robot vacuum if concerned vacuuming stairs.
  • Works with different modes especially the max mode provides three times more powerful suction. Great for pet hair and carpet cleaning.
  • Wifi App and smart voice control (Alexa / Google Assistant) enabled.
  • Great attachments offer various services that help the best in cleaning whatever way you want to.
  • The quiet mode makes your life easy when noise is a problem for you.

Most of us saw it coming, but what we didn’t expect is this conglomeration of a handheld vacuum and robotic vacuum cleaner. It has some aspects that you can truly rely on and we have clarified them all in this post. So, keep reading.


Boy, this has been designed quite intelligently. Generally, you would expect a not-so-impressive vacuum, if they share the same dock. Nonetheless, Shark has made it sleek and beautiful with its innovative planning.


It has an XL bin that can really take in a lot of debris. Plus, the suction capacity is 3x in its maximum mode. This makes cleaning a breeze for the robotic cleaner.

As far as the handheld model is concerned, it must be mentioned that it is pretty much in light of weight. It weighs around 1.4 pounds, which implies that it is easy to carry around.


Yes, the brush roll can clean itself, which is why it is a boon for pet parents. This dual brush roll can clean every corner of your house, which suggests no more allergens and pet hair lying on the surface area.


The Smart sensor navigation 2.0 technology really helps the robotic vacuum cleaner to sense obstacles. This makes cleaning an effortless job for this device.

Smart Home

With the possibility of the Shark ION Robot app, now you can clean your home from an afar distant place. You can schedule, monitor and control the cleaning process. On top of that, the Google Home and Alexa connection enable you to use voice command and make the most of it.


  • You can schedule, control and whatever through App. (Smart home enabled)
  • Good features for the handy price.
  • Cordless handheld unit along with the device. Definitely a pro.


  • It takes a lot of time for cleaning because of its average mapping system.
  • Not with brushless rollers. It requires a lot of maintenance.

What Difference Does It Make? – Conclusion

In simple words, the Ion S87 helps you with cleaning in an optimized manner. This means you can get on the floor as well as above-floor cleaning done with the same set of the vacuum cleaner. You don’t have to invest in another cleaner to get your drapes done! Now, isn’t that incredible?

Shark has gone way ahead with this invention and the Shark Ion S87. You can hold it in your hands for better cleaning and leave it to clean after you while you are away from home. Well, it is indeed the best of both worlds and there is nothing more that you need to know about it!

What is the Best Shark S87 Cyber Monday 2019 Deal?

Cyber Monday deal: Shark S87 might stay same as its Black friday deal. Anyway whatever whether stay or not it’s always the right way to keep you handy with the top deal.

Shark S87 Cyber Monday & Black Friday Deals Predictions 2019:

This Ash grey colored Shark robot vacuum is around three hundred dollars today. (November 7, 2019)

By taking various things in the note we are predicting that this Black Friday or Cyber Monday the deal discount might be around 50 to 70 dollars.

The deal may or may not be there. But if there our prediction is like the above.

Archived Shark S87 Black Friday, Cyber Monday Deals:

As of now, we are not at all active with the shark robot vacuums. They are in trend from the mid of this month. So next time we will be updated with these robots as well.


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