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Shark NV352 VS NV360 – Differences?

In this article, we compared the differences and similarities between the two best shark vacuum models NV352 and NV360.

To say there are very few differences between these models.

Let’s find out which model outranks.

Before that, here is a quick summary:

Key Differences Between Shark NV352 and NV360

  • Lightweight: NV352 weighs 12.5 pounds, 0.5 pounds less than the NV360 model, not that high in comparison, but for older adults, it really matters.
  • Attachments: Shark NV360 came up with an extendable wand that helps you clean hard-to-reach places better compared to the NV352 attachments.
  • Portability (Easy to Use): NV360 stands ahead of NV352 in terms of portability and maintenance.
  • Canister Capacity: NV360 canister size, 0.1 quarts more than the NV352 model. Not a considerable difference.

BottomLine: Considering everything, NV360 beats NV352 in nearly all aspects but with a slight margin.

NV352 VS NV360 – Specifications Comparison Table

 Shark NV352Shark NV360
Weight12.5 Pounds13 Pounds
Weight (Without Canister)7.5 Pounds7.5 Pounds
Dimensions15 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches14.96 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches
Canister capacity1.1 quarts1.2 quarts
Power cord length25 ft25 ft
LED headlightNoNo
HEPA filtersYesYes
Anti Allergen seal technologyYesYes
Suction PowerSameSame
Motor power1200W1200W
Lift Away ModeYesYes
Dynamic SteeringYesYes
Swiveling headYesYes
Extendable WandNoYes
Upholstrey toolYesYes
Crevice AttachmentsYesYes
Warranty5 Years5 Years
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Shark NV360 VS NV352 – Detailed Comparison

Specs (Dimensions and Weight)

Shark nv352 and Shark nv360 are relatively similar in size, measuring 15 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches and 14.96 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches, respectively.

It makes these vacuums easy to store and handle, a factor to consider for effort-free vacuum cleaning.

The Shark nv352 weighs 12.5 pounds, and this reduces significantly to 7.5 pounds when the canister is detached to enable lift-away mode usage.

Shark nv360, on the other hand, weighs 13 pounds, and the weight also reduces to 7.5 pounds when its canister is detached to enable the lift-away mode.

Therefore, the nv352 is lighter than the nv360, even if this difference is quite negligible. Both vacuum cleaners are lightweight, especially when they are in the Lift-away mode.

Dust Bin Capacities Comparison

Which one is with bigger size?

The difference between the capacity of dust bin canisters is relatively small, with the nv352 canister having a capacity of 1.1 quarts. In comparison, the nv360 has a canister capacity of 1.2 quarts.

The ease of detaching the canisters from the respective vacuum cleaners varies a bit.

It is easier to detach and attach the canister of the nv360. Simultaneously, that of the nv352 can prove to be a hassle, especially when re-attaching.

Portability – Which one is Best?

There are many things to talk about here.

The difference in weight of both the nv352 and the nv360 is not that pronounced, and since their canisters can be detached, they are very portable.

This makes it easy to use them to clean above-floor areas such as stairs, furniture, wall surfaces, etc.

However, if we factor in the ease of removing and attaching the canisters, we may have to go for the nv360.

Both models come with 25 ft power cords, which could have been longer to enable users to cover a more extended range before changing the power outlet – another factor weighing the “easy to use” option.

Other key features which make vacuuming chore more effortless:

Both models come with a powerful swiveling head. This reduces the strain on users as the vacuum cleaners will be doing most of the work thanks to the swiveling head.

It is maneuverable and has considerable range. This range is the same for both models, and the ease of swiveling is relative to the user.

It has dynamic steering, which brings ease to controlling it around obstacles and above-floor surfaces such as furniture.

This feature places both the nv352 and nv360 above models with static heads.

However, both heads do not feature an LED headlight.

Suction Power & Performance

The actual suction power of both vacuum cleaners is not disclosed. Still, they both have impressive power suction capacities thanks to the 1200W motor present in both of them.

They also share similar current and voltage ratings.

Both models can be used to deep-clean carpets and remove pet hairs, and you can also use them for gentler cleaning using the Brushroll Shutoff function.

The performance is of both models on these surfaces is quite impressive.

Both the nv352 and nv360 can be used on various surfaces such as hardwood floors, low carpets, rugs, etc.

However, the suction performance tends to reduce when they are used on thick carpets. 

Extended use on such kinds of surfaces can affect the overall suction performance of the vacuum cleaners.

To be clear, these vacuum cleaners are not designed for high pile carpets. Vacuuming on shag carpets will reduce the life of vacuum cleaners. They work absolute best on low to medium-pile carpets.

HEPA Filters – What about allergens?

Anti allergen Sealed technology
Source: SharkClean

Both the nv352 and nv360 come with a HEPA filter and an anti-allergen complete seal technology.

This fully advanced seal technology prevents microscopic particles from entering the area outside the vacuum.

Design Comparison

As you would have noticed, both vacuum cleaners are quite similar, and that trend continues in their design.

A prominent feature in their design is the 2-in-one Lift-away design. Every shark vacuum (not just nv352 and nv360) is designed in a way keeping the user’s convenience on point.

This enables users to use any of the cleaners in an upright position when cleaning extended flat surfaces or switch to the Lift-away mode where the canister is removed to enable the cleaner’s easy lifting.

This feature makes it easy to use any of both models to clean upholstery, ceilings, stairs, and other tight corners.

When you look at both cleaners’ exterior, there is little difference, with the most pronounced difference being their colors. The nv352 has a lavender color, while the nv360 has a blue color.

Attachments & Accessories

Both models come with a handy power brush that improves their hair picking ability compared to standard brushes.

Here is a difference:

The Shark nv352 comes with some attachments: an upholstery tool, two crevice attachments that are 5 inches and 24 inches, respectively.

The Shark nv360 also comes with an upholstery tool, but with one 5.5-inch crevice attachment (compared to nv352), and an extendable wand.

The upholstery tool of the nv352 is slightly wider than the tool that comes with the nv360.

The 24-inch crevice tool enables the Shark nv352 to reach tight places such as your ceilings, in between seats easily with ease.

Although the shark nv360 does not have a longer crevice attachment, its extendable wand helps it get the job done, especially in hard-to-reach areas such as under beds and sofas.

Price – Is it Considerable?

Both models have different prices, something that most potential buyers tend to look out for.

To say their price difference is small, all you have to do is check the features that help you more and go with that vacuum.

For the features that come with both models, they can be considered affordable.


Both models are relatively easy to maintain.

  • Ensure that you routinely check the dust bin of the cleaners and empty them after vacuuming.
  • Other parts such as filters also need to be checked routinely. Like for everything, filters also have a lifespan; after that, you need to replace them. 

Failure to regularly doing these can impact the suction performance and reduces the vacuum life.


What about the warranty?

Both vacuum cleaners come from the same manufacturer and share the same warranty of five years.

Are these shark models good for pet hair?

They can do optimal cleaning of pet hair. But if per hair is a big problem in your house and carpets needed to be cleaned more effectively, it is better to go for much powerful shark vacuums.

Other than that for a regular home, these vacuums are quite useful.

What about the plush carpets? Do they work?

Having one to two plush carpets here-and-there is fine with these vacuum cleaners. They won’t disappoint you.

But if the major floor part of your house is plush carpeted, then it is wise to go for vacuums specially designed for plush carpet cleaning.

Are the filters and dust bin washable? Can you Clean the Canister?

Yes. The dirt bin and filters are detachable and washable. All you need to do is find the dustbin filters and place them under the running tap water once a while and place it back in their position. Everything is easy to do with the shark vacuums.


Comparison of Shark Nv352 and NV360 models

Shark is like an all-round manufacturer that released many vacuum models, which leads to two things:

One more buyer choice, the buyer can go for exactly what he wants.

And two difficulty choosing, as there are many models, is quite hard to know the differences and the ideal option. That’s the place where comparison guides like this article came to the rescue.

Speaking of the NV352 and NV360 models comparison, both are great for effective cleaning and easy-to-use options. It is like what you prefer in between. We mentioned the key differences at the starting of the article, which lets you decide quickly.

Our Recommendation: We recommend NV360 as there is room for improvements with that vacuum cleaner and the attachments offered (much to talk about the extendable wand).