Shark IQ R101AE, R101 Black Friday and Cyber Monday [Updated Deals]

Shark IQ R101AE, R101 DealsLatest one. Released recently became popular quickly as it is from the veteran company shark.

First, let’s check the difference:

Shark IQ R101AE VS Shark IQ R101?

The only difference is the auto empty base with IQ R101AE where the IQ R101 is the with the normal XL size dust bin.

What is the Best Shark IQ R101AE, R101 Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2019 Deal?

Deals ended.

Check current prices:

Shark IQ R101AE

And Shark IQ R101. Check current price here.

Don’t wait for a better price than this as this product is the best seller now and high in demand. (Anytime the deal might end or the product might get out of stock)

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Current Shark IQ R101AE, R101 Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 Deals

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As it is completely new still there is so much to be done. At present these robot vacuums are available on Amazon. So we placed those deals in the above chart.

Let’s go with the quick review. Helps you.

Shark IQ R101AE / IQ R101 Review:

Are you looking for a vacuum cleaner that can clean after you? Do you want something that empties on its own? If all your answers are in the affirmative, then it is time that you give the Shark IQ R101AE a go. It is a smart vacuum cleaner that will not fail you ever. Here is a bit on this device that you may like to read.

You don’t have to lift a finger while cleaning and this is the biggest truth for using a robotic vacuum cleaner. Plus, you can control, map and monitor it from anywhere in the world. The Shark IQ R101AE with Self-Empty Base is no exception to this. You will be pleased to install it in your house, as you will no longer have to worry about doing a mundane job. A chore that most people would like to outsource if they could.

Below mentioned are some of the unique features that you can count on:

Key Features:

  • The first-ever key feature is its self-emptying base which holds dust for nearly one month.
  • The top-end shark robot vacuum with more powerful suction.
  • The self-cleaning brush roll cleans the hair wrapped inside makes your day much better.
  • And the new advanced mapping system makes it more effective and efficient. (Saves cleaning time, and battery)
  • Recharge and resume capable.
  • Smart home control (Accessible via Alexa or Google assistant).


A Shark will never fail to impress you by its looks and the same goes for Shark IQ R101AE. Its elegant black body only makes this premise evident. The docking station along with the cleaner looks absolutely stunning in its setting.


Oh, it has a powerful suctioning capacity and by this we mean it can draw in large, small, and even clamped debris. This, in turn, implies that it is good for carpets as well as floors of type. You just need to use it and then wait for the magic to happen.


The device has been engineered with a self-cleaning brush roll that can pull out pet hair. Its high-efficiency filters can take on dander, allergens, and dust at one go. It is a boon for pet parents and they really find it to be a pay-off.


A smart device that can be mapped even better. This signifies that this bot vacuum cleaner can be used for navigating sophisticatedly. You can make boundaries, clean your house room by room, and do a lot more with this. This IQ NAV mapping is a specialty that makes this contraption pretty dope.


Owing to the use of smart technology this robot can:

  • Resume where it left off, in case it drains it batteries it can charge itself.
  • It can empty its own bin. This bin can hold dirt for a range of 30 long days.
  • You can operate it using voice commands, can sync it with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • You can schedule your cleaning with this Shark at least.


  • Zero maintenance required. No emptying needed as it is self-emptying one. And the brush roll is self-cleaning one (No more hair tangling inside).
  • You can control it using voice. With Alexa and App connectivity.


  • The price might be too much for someone.
  • The app is not that fast compared to the Irobot’s app.
  • Not a quiet robot vacuum compared to the most robot devices.


As far as, our take on the Shark IQ R101AE is concerned, we would like to say that it is a fairly reliable cleaning tool that you can use for a long time. Yes, it may be a bit pricey, but considering the robotic vacuum cleaners, this has been priced way reasonably. It is your choice, as we would not know how much you are willing to share. Rest assured this can last you long if you follow the manufacturer’s advice.

What about the Shark IQ R101?

Except for the self-emptying dirt case, everything is the same. The above quick review is the same for Shark Iq R101.

What is the Best Shark R101AE, R101 Cyber Monday Deals 2019?

Cyber Monday another great day for outstanding deals. There is no doubt about that. The top Cyber Monday deals of these shark robot vacuum models will add up here after Black Friday.

Shark IQ R101AE, R101 Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 Deals Predictions:

Shark IQ models they are the recent released reasonable price models compared to the other automatic dirt cleaning models.

Based on the current prices and fluctuations we predict this Black Friday there might be around 10 to 20 percent discount. Don’t wait for the cheap deal prices. Be first and get the best deal.

Archived Shark IQ R101Ae, R101 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals:

As these models released earlier this month (November 2019) there are no saved last year deals to update here.

Hope we get next year.

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