Shark Ion R75 (RV750), RV720 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals [Updated Now]

Shark RV750 and RV720 DealsIn this post we are covering the top deals of both best selling affordable shark robot vacuums shark RV750 and shark RV720.

First, let’s cover the difference between these models.

Shark RV750 vs Shark RV720?

There is one major difference which makes RV750 ideal for the most:

  • Shark RV720 is with remote control option. You cannot control it through your smartphone RV720 is not wifi enabled. RV750 is wifi enabled you can control it through voice commands as well. (Alexa and Google assistant enabled)

All everything is the same.

What is the Best Shark Ion R75 (RV750), RV720 Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2019 Deal?

Update (December 3, 2019): Check below for the top deals of these Shark Ion Robot models. 

Current Shark Ion RV750, RV720 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

Here are the current best deals of these shark ion models.

Deals ended.

Okay without any delay check out the quick review of these models below

Shark Ion R75 (RV750) Review – With Pros and Cons

The biggest truth is Shark has been in this line of business for years. What business? To be clear, Shark is a major manufacturer of the traditional vacuum cleaner. This means Shark is already an established name in the cleaning industry. Hence, it was not for long that we would have waited for them to come up with Shark ion robot 750. We have worked with it and have recorded our observation in the segment below. Do, read it with care.

What Is The Shark Ion Robot 750?

In simple words, it is a robotic vacuum cleaner, but there surely is more to it. Here is a fun fact, if you have been eyeing one of these robotic vacs, then you may have a fair idea as to what iRobot Roomba is. Honestly, if you have a small budget, you know you would steer clear of Roombas. The next solution is Shark Ion Robot 750 without a doubt. Why so? Let us find out about that in detail.

First the key features:

  • Came up with remote control (RV720) useful for scheduling, etc., kind of things. And R75 (RV750) better than remote control with wifi enabled you can control if from your mobile.
  • And the strong self-cleaning brush roll makes this robot vacuum a low maintenance one.
  • And speaking of its design Shark RV720 and RV750 Came up with dual spinning side brushes makes it the best for corners and edges cleaning
  • To say the battery life is over one hour which makes it a long worker available with an affordable price tag

Design Of The Ion Robot 750

It starts from here and we will certainly guide you to where it leads you to. AS for now, we can say that it is a compact device in comparison to its peers. This means, getting under the furniture and getting the work done is easy-peasy for this robotic vac. The black color only lends it a sexy look, (psst…which is easy to maintain).

Cleaning Power

It makes use of Dual-Brush Edge Cleaning technology that is all about two different brushes drawing in dirt and debris together. While the Smart Sensor Navigation automation help to adapt itself while cleaning. Yes, from carpet to floor movement is not at all jerky that you may be worried about. Indisputably this device is quite capable of cleaning carpet, tile, and hardwood floors.

Mention has to be made about the DetanglingTechnology that can untangle the hair, long thread, fiber, and the likes pretty effortlessly.

Battery Life

Whenever we talk about an electronic gadget these days, we always think about its battery life first. Let this be no different. The lithium-ion battery can provide you with one full hour of service at a stretch. Oh, yes, it can return to the docking station on its own to get juiced.

Smart Home, Sweet Home

This totally makes sense when you are using a robotic vacuum cleaner. Connect it to the Shark ION Robot application and then sync it with Alexa or Google Home. So, you can monitor, control and schedule your cleaning with these selections. The choice is yours, but hands-free cleaning of the home is what everyone dreams of and you are no exception to it. 

This is where Shark Ion 720 robot vacuum is lacking on.


  • Its low profile design makes it go even the hardest places help cover everywhere in the house.
  • No maintenance required. Self-cleaning brush roll and easy to empty the dirt bin.


  • RV720 is not with the app feature and can’t function through Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Not that best for shag carpets.


What we deduced from our examination is that the Shark ion robot 750 can clean a lot of mess. Whereas it may not be a replacement for an upright vacuum cleaner, but it certainly lives up to your needs. It can pick up pet hair, although a few may disagree with this, the helix-patterned brush roll can really do wonders to carpet cleaning. The bin is easy to clean, what can you want from a robotic vacuum cleaner? Why are you still thinking?

What about the Shark Ion RV720? What is the difference?

As said above there is just one difference between R75 (RV750) and RV720. It’s that R75 is a bit more advanced Wifi enabled which works with App and voice control (Alexa / Google Assistant). While the RV720 doesn’t.

What is the Best Shark Ion R75 (RV750), RV720 Cyber Monday 2019 Deals?

Top cyber monday deals of both these models will be added here in this section.

Shark Ion R75 (RV750) & RV720 Robot Vacuums Deals Predictions 2019

This Black Friday we are predicting these robot vacuums especially the shark ion R75 (RV750 model) will be the best seller.

The deal price we are expecting is around 30 to 60 dollars discount.

And so far we don’t have archived deals with us as we are not that aware of these shark ion models the last year.


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