Shark Ion R85 (RV850) Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2019 [Updated]

Shark R85 (RV850) DealsThis page covers top deals of shark ion robot vacuum R85 also called the RV850 model.

One of the top-selling robot vacuum from the veteran vacuum cleaner manufacturer shark which is affordable as well.

Before going through what this robot vacuum is, let’s go with the top Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals of the Shark R85(RV850) model.

What is the Best Shark Ion R85 (RV850) Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 Deal?

Update (December 3, 2019): Shark Ion Rv850 Best Cyber Monday Deal here. Deals ended.

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Current Shark Ion R85 (RV850) Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2019:

Deals ended.

Also, we are adding up other closely related shark models along with the differences in the above comparison chart. If you got ended with the deal end situation or out of stock situation don’t hesitate to for the above-mentioned deals.

Without wasting time. Find out what Makes The Shark Ion R85 (R850) Different?

Shark Ion R85 (RV850) Review

What makes the Shark Ion range so different than the Roombas, Neato’s and Xiaomis? There are a few differences and we have noticed that the Shark ion r85 (RV850) has many reasons to steal your heart.

First of Shark Ion has an app of its own that you can connect to and control as well as monitor the cleaning from anywhere you like. This certainly takes the cake away. The cherry on the top would be its compact size and of course, there is more. Just read this post till the end.

Here are the key features:

  • The first thing we need to highlight is its XL sized dust bin makes this robot vacuum great for medium-sized homes.
  • This RV850 is with an upgraded navigation system capable of cleaning more perfectly.
  • No need to mention if you are aware of shark robot vacuums, they are with the self-cleaning brush roll.
  • Shark clean up is at your hands available. You can use it to schedule, change settings, use different modes and whatever our RV850 is capable of.
  • 3X more powerful suction than shark basic robot vacuums.

The biggest truth about Shark is that it is already an established name in the vacuum cleaner manufacturing industry. The housekeeping departments love Shark and its products all across. Yes, they may have joined the robotic vacuum cleaner, but they are well aware of how to make it worth. Likewise, Shark Ion R85 is a decent device that you can put to use.

Who Is The Shark Ion R85 For?

It is for anyone that wants their home clean thoroughly. If you are looking for something that will not break your back and clean all kinds of surfaces in your home, then the Ion R85 is the one for you. Plus, this one has been specially meant for people with pets. No more pet dander!


The Shark Ion R85 has a minimalist design, which means it will not look overwhelming to its users. Its black body lends it an elegant look. It is a compact model that can readily go under the furniture to clean all that you want.

Cleaning Capacity

Its Dual-brush technology makes it easy to pick up debris from corners. This brush roll is a self-cleaner and this is one of the important features that people love about this device. Not to mention, corners are the breeding spots for most insects (if left unattended). It has a bigger dust cup (XL-size) that suggests it can go on for some time before you empty it out.


We are talking about Shark and its vacuum cleaners are known for their suction capacity. It can pull in three times the dirt in the maximum mode. The transition from floor to carpet is amazing in this device owing to its intelligent algorithm.

Really Smart

Makes use of Navigation 2.0, which helps the sensors to perceive barriers ahead. This implies that it usually does not get stuck like its counterparts. This way it completes the cleaning job at one go.

Mention has to be made about the Shark ION Robot app is the edge that the Ion R85 gets over its competitors. In addition to all this, you can connect it to your Alexa or Google Home app too. Use voice command to monitor, control and get your work done in a jiffy.


  • Truth to be told another great shark affordable robot vacuum with wifi feature.
  • Shark RV850 is a quieter one compared to Roomba base models.
  • Good dust bin size.


  • Not that great navigating back to the dock.
  • Shark robot vacuums don’t work well on the shag carpet.
  • The app functionality is very slow with few devices.


Look the Shark Ion R85 may not be a perfect device, but the trade-offs are not that big a deal. Overall, it is an affordable device that will not burn a hole in your pocket. You want to buy a robotic vacuum cleaner that does a decent job, then this has to be it for you. Think about!

What is the Best Shark Ion R85 (RV850) Cyber Monday 2019 Deal?

Shark Ion R85 is like the basic model with ultra-performance. So deals might be missed if you are not that active. First, ignore Cyber Monday. Concentrate more on Black Friday. Then still deals remain and products are in stock. We will update this.

Shark Ion R85(RV850) Cyber Monday – Black Friday Predictions 2019:

This Black Friday / Cyber Monday we predict this deal will rock the sales. No doubt at all. As it is already available at the best affordable price. The deal price will boost it up more.

We are expecting the deal price will be reduced to 30 to 50 dollars less than the normal price running now.

And archived deals. Sorry to say this we don’t have last year’s deals collection of shark robot vacuum models. But we can say one thing for sure this robot vacuum price got down slowly from last year.

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