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Shark AI Robot Vacmop Pro RV2001WD & AV2001WD Black Friday Deals

Shark AI Vacmop Pro Robot Rv2001WD modelShark AI Robot Vacmop Pro is with two variants: RV2001WD, AV2001WD.

RV2001WD & AV2001WD? What is the difference?

The only difference is the color. Shark RV2001WD AI robot is with silver finish and Shark AV2001WD AI is with brass finish.

Everything else is the same.

Best Shark AI Vacmop Pro RV2001WD, AV2001WD Black Friday 2021 Deals?

Black Friday is on 26 November 2021. We will update the deals soon

Shark Robot RV2001WD AI Vacmop Pro Review

Technology is constantly evolving every now and then much of this evolution can be seen in the robot vacuum manufacturing industry.

The Shark AI Vacmop pro models RV2001WD, AV2001WD are the latest in the market packed with all the most advanced features that any consumer would look for.

Here is a detailed review to help you understand this neat gadget’s aspects.


With 3.48 inches in height makes the vacmop model better cleaner in hard-to-reach areas (under furniture, sofa, tables, etc.).

The vacuum weighs fewer pounds than the shark’s other models, which makes it highly portable, and it uses 35.3 watts, which means it does not consume a lot of energy.

Mopping (Sonic Mopping)


Shark AI Vacmop Pro Vacmode & Vacmop mode
Source: Sharkclean

The name itself says shark RV2001WD & AV2001WD are vacuum + mop models.

With the help of in-app carpet detection, the robot avoids mopping when it moves onto a carpet, and when it is on other hard surfaces, it vacuums and mops simultaneously.

And the mopping system, which is sonic mopping, makes the robot scrubs the floor a hundred times per minute. This feature ensures no stain left on the floors after the robot performed its cleanup.

AI Laser vision

Sharks AI laser vision is one of the essential features that make this robot more outstanding in the intelligent features roundup.

When navigating, the robot automatically detects the objects in the way and cleans without breaking any. So there is no necessity for clean-up before the robot starts its task.

Zone & Specified Room Cleaning

Also, the robot cleans with no zones active. You can fix the robot to avoid or clean a particular zone through its mobile app.

When the robot starts its first section in your home after purchase, it remembers the layout and outputs the map from the second time, where you can set the zones and specify the rooms for selective room cleanings.

Suction Force

The powerful suction is a feature that any customer would look for in a vacuum machine.

Thankfully this robot vacuum cleaner does not disappoint in any way; its powerful suction makes it able to pick up all the debris—this makes the robot vacuum the carpeted areas in your house a deep clean by sucking out deeply embedded dirt.

The overall performance of this robot is quite impressive as it picks up pet litter, debris, dust, and food particles.

IQ Navigation

This vacuum can outdo all other models with its accurate navigation. It cleans in rows and does not make repetitive movements (row by row pattern).

It also maps out your entire house for setting up a routine cleaning. You do not have to keep feeding it instructions. You can use this feature to give it special instructions on how to clean specific rooms. This feature has certainly made the lives of the users very easy.

It makes the robot fifty percent more efficient than shark base models like shark ion robot rv750.

Self Cleaning Brushroll

This Shark Vacuum Cleaner uses a self-cleaning brush roll feature. If you happen to have very long hair or your pet is shedding a lot of hair, this feature is quite helpful.

Unlike most conventional vacuums, the brushes on this do not stop if hair gets tangled on it. It is one of the best features of the vacuum. No Hair-Wrap.

The robot itself cleans the brushes without any human intervention. Keeps the maintenance work far away.

Automatic Recharge & Resume

Shark AI Vacmop model goes back to the docking station the minute it runs out of charge. It recharges its self in the docking station and resumes cleaning exactly where it stopped last.

The vacuum takes four hours (approx) to get charged fully.

What about the Self Empty Feature?

Unfortunately, shark AI vacmop models AV2001WD, RV2001WD doesn’t have auto-empty feature like the Shark IQ model.

Voice Commands

The voice control is one feature that makes this model a unique one.

You can now instruct the vacuum simply by speaking to it. It has three options for navigation, which is what makes it stand out from the rest of the robot vacuums.

You can control the robot via Google Assistant and Alexa.


  • The application sends you notifications when done with the cleaning or any object detection, which makes it stuck due to malfunction.
  • The IQ navigation system utilizes voice control that makes the cleaning process very convenient. This also assists the machine in creating maps for any future cleaning.
  • The gadget is quite affordable compared to other models with advanced features like zone cleaning, selective room cleaning, etc.
  • Potent suction that cleans all kinds of debris and dirt, including pet hair.
  • Works on all types of floors and surfaces.
  • The setup for this gadget is relatively easy as it syncs with the app in few minutes.
  • Has features like self-charging and a self-cleaning brush roll system.


  • The shark app is known to crash at times and not with a good user interface.
  • The charging time is 4 hours, which is a bit of a turn-off for some users.
  • When used in the Max Mode, it cannot be quiet for some.


There are few things that you need not worry about while you buy the Shark AI Vacmop Pro models:

  1. As a buyer, you want to buy something that is good value for your money, and this one from Shark is no exception. The overall construction is imposing, and this is what you should look out for.
  2. You want to make sure that the robot does an excellent job while cleaning, and this is where you need a gadget with powerful suction. Shark Vacmop wins all hands down. A good suction will keep the floor surfaces free from dust and debris.
  3. You do not want to buy a gadget with outdated features that only make the cleaning process tedious. So it would help if you turned your attention to the Shark IQ Vacmop Pro RV2001WD, which has voice commands enabled. Speak to the machine, and it will do your bidding.
  4. Are you putting your gadget for a recharge every time? Select something that recharges on its own; this model by Shark does that very well.

It is one inexpensive vacuum cleaner that you must not miss out on. It has many different functions, which makes it versatile. Go for it.

What is the Best Shark AI Robot Vacmop Pro Cyber Monday Deal?

This section will be updated once the deals get started.

Shark AI Vacmop Robot Black Friday Deal Predictions & Archived Deals

We predict this vacmop Ai models will be reduced to three hundred dollars around while it depends on the color, which makes the show. At present, on this day (23rd September), AV2001WD (brass finish) is at a higher price than RV2001WD (silver finish).

For these models, there are no archived deals saved in our database.