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Roomba j7+, j7 Black Friday Deals this 2021

Roomba j7 modelReleased this 2021, the j7 model makes it to the top in no less time because of its combination (more advanced + superior cleaning)

Let’s check the best deal. Before that, what is the difference between j7 and j7+?

Roomba j7+ is with auto dirt emptying base, where j7 is not (but it supports).

What is the Best Roomba j7, j7+ Black Friday 2021 Deal?

Black Friday is on November 26, 2021.

We will update this part soon. Bookmark this page and check soon (refresh the page when you revisit).

Roomba j7 / j7+ Review

Do you know the name of the robot cleaner launched recently by IRobot Company? Yes, it is Roomba j7, their highly efficient model. At the same time one of its expensive models.

Are these features sufficient for pricing the Roomba j7 with such a premium tag? To know more about this robot, we need to know its features in detail. Lets check:


The Roomba j7 is no less than a lighter machine to carry with excellent performance at the same time.

The model is 13.3 inches in diameter, 3.4 inches in height, and 7.49lbs in weight (approximately 3.4 kgs), not seen lesser size at this level models.

Available in only one color. The gray outer with the silver-colored center design makes it more pleasing when cleaning. No light setup is needed in dark times as the robot is visible shining.

Suction Power

Now the Roomba j7 has ten times more suctioning capacity than the Roomba base model. It means it has improved functionalities with a better motor that can pick up dirt and dust right away.

And speaking of the cleaning performance, the Roomba j7 is a workhorse, and you will be glad to know that it uses premium 3 stage cleaning.

It means it can pick up dirt, dust and remove pet allergens at once. Its Dual Multi-Surface Brushes and Auto-Adjust technology help it to clean floors and carpets very effectively.

These brushes can sweep dust, dirt, and debris off your floor immediately. These are potent brushes that can pull the most stubborn particle off your carpet and floor.

The rubber brushes in Roomba j7 can adjust and flex themselves to clean appropriately.

Battery Life

The Roomba j7 has a run time of 75 minutes which is not a subject to speak about anymore. Most Roomba models have the recharge-resume feature, which recharges and resumes the cleaning process where it halts midway.

So battery life/run time is negligible in terms of other features check-up.

The battery is usually the lithium-ion well one known for its long life and no downtimes.

Navigation – Which is PrecisionVision System

Roomba j7 is a robot with more intelligent navigation (uses machine learning) than any other Roomba model that needs no help while working.

The equipped PrecisionVision navigation system detects objects like wires and pet waste and avoids that place cleaning to prevent any mess.

You can sleep, work, tend to other chores, or shop while the robot clean. Also, it updates you about the object in its path if the robot thinks it is unsafe.

Dirt Detect technology

As for the Roomba j7, the smart sensors assist it in navigating thoroughly.

It can clean under as well as around the floors. iRobot’s patented technology, Dirt Detect sensors (which are very much present in all the Roomba models), aids it to find out high traffic areas in your house to clean efficiently.

What about the Pet Hair?

Roomba j7 detects pet waste
Source: Irobot

All the Roomba models are supposed to be suitable for homes with pets. But honestly, this is the number one for pet owners.

No other model can detect pet waste when cleaning. Roomba j7 detects pet litter and changes its path without creating any worse.

And also, the Roomba j7 filter system can get rid of 99% of pet allergens, particles, pollens that are as small as microns in size from your house. This is all because of the high-quality filters that go into it.

Another detail that makes your “with pet” life much convenient is the robot’s tangle-free brushes—no hair weaving needed with Roomba dirt extracting brushes after cleanup.

WiFi & App technology

iRobot is known for its technology, and so are the bot vacs. The WiFi connection lends the smart feature. Mention must be made about the iRobot HOME App that makes these robotic vacuum cleaners a wonder product.

You can command them with your voice using Alexa or Google Assistant these days.

The iRobot app is available for both android and ios users.

Smart Features

As presented beforehand, the Roomba j7 model recognizes the objects and asks your inputs like what to do about them. Then after your suggestion, it saves it in the memory and follows that method the next time it identifies the same or similar object.

This feature is based on machine learning which is an endless discussion if we start talking about it, but this is a tremendously helpful, innovative feature.

Zone Cleaning & Selective Room Cleaning

Do you want a robot cleaning device that cleans a specified zone using the app (or) a selected room?

Roomba j7 is at your help, which begins running the specified area and vacuuming in a row by row pattern to make the process more productive.

Warranty & Price Details

Unquestionably the Roomba j7 has a massive price tag attached. The device is considered a premium vacuum robot used chiefly for large-sized homes and areas where competitive cleaning is required.

With all the bells and whistles, this robot is undoubtedly all-in-one.

The brand displays its best performance where it goes and offers an excellent warranty to the machine and its parts to last long.

If you have any queries related to Roomba j7, use the iRobot contact section, and they will reply to you in no time. Also, you can use the iRobot home app for customer service. If you are looking for more information on this product, then get in touch with them.


If you want to buy a Roomba and are unclear, this is the correct place to get it all ordered. The Roombas are a flagship outcome of the iRobot company, and j7 is one of the fittest models.

In this line of thought, a mention has to be made about the iRobot Roomba j7 Robot navigation system, which helps clean your house seamlessly.

It can navigate on its own, avoiding all the to-be avoided objects intelligently and at the same time keeping your home spotless.

The cleaning system, high-efficiency brushes, advanced features, and intelligent sensors make the j7 worth its weight in gold.

What is the Best Roomba j7 & j7+ Cyber Monday 2021 Deal?

Cyber Monday is on 29 November. Please make a visit before Black Friday

Roomba j7, j7+ Black Friday Deal predictions

As this is a newly released one, you will get the archived deals the following year, not this year. And speaking about the predictions, we predict this robot vacuum will go down by around 75 to 100 dollars like the expensive other Roomba models.