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Roomba i7 VS j7 – Which is Better?

Roomba i7 – Irobot’s top-tier model, released in 2018, has lasted on the best-selling list till day because of the all-packed features and excellent performance.

Roomba j7 – Irobot’s newest model, released in 2021 with a major upgrade.

What is it?

How do i7 and j7 compare? Let’s step in to find.

Beginning with the key differences (also bottom line):

Roomba i7Roomba j7
Roomba i7 model Roomba j7 model
Navigation: vSLAM navigationNavigation: PrecisionVision
PrecisionVision Navigation: NoPrecisionVision Navigation: Yes
Detects & Avoids Pet Waste: NoDetects & Avoids Pet Waste: Yes
Hazard Detection: NoHazard Detection: Yes
Mobile App Features: YesMobile App Features: Yes (More Advanced)
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Roomba j7

Roomba j7 model

BottomLine: Speaking of the major differences, including price, if you can afford a bit more, you will find more significant value in Roomba j7.

And undoubtedly, for households with pets, Roomba j7 is the recommended choice.

If the pet waste detection and avoidance feature is not needed at all, get the Roomba i7.

There are self-emptying variants of these i7 and j7 models, Roomba i7+ and Roomba j7+ (“+” means with auto dust disposal add-on).

Roomba i7 vs. j7 – Full Comparison Chart

 Roomba i7Roomba j7
Height3.63 inches3.4 inches
Width13.34 inches13.3 inches
Weight7.44 lbs7.49 lbs
Detects Pet WasteNoYes
Hazard DetectionNoYes
Cleaning PatternRow-By-RowRow-By-Row
Imprint MappingYesYes
Dirt SensorsYesYes
Cliff SensorsYesYes
Suction Power10 X (compared to 600 series)10 X (compared to 600 series)
Auto RechargeYesYes
Auto ResumeYesYes
Full Bin IndicatorYesYes
Carpet BoostNoNo
Bin Capacity500 ml500 ml
Self EmptyingNo (but supports)No (but supports)
Voice CommandsYesYes
Amazon AlexaYesYes
Google AssistantYesYes
Mobile AppYesYes (more options)
Personalized Cleaning RecommendationsYesYes (more options)
Zone CleaningYesYes
Keep Out ZonesYesYes
Specific Room CleaningYesYes
Anti Tangle BrushesYesYes
Imprint Link TechnologyYesYes
Cleaning ModesYesYes
HEPA filtersYesYes
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Roomba j7 VS i7 – Detailed Comparison

Design & Dimensions

Roomba j7 and i7 models are available in different colors. i7 is more black + gray in view, where the j7 is black + silver centered design. And also, the buttons and camera positions are quite different in these models.

Roomba i7 is 3.63 inches in height, 13.34 inches in width, making it 7.44 lbs in weight. Whereas j7 is 3.4 inches in height, 13.3 inches in width, making it 7.49 lbs in weight.

Being 3.4 inches in height makes the robot j7 model great in navigating under tricky to clean through areas like furniture, tables, etc., compared to the i7 model.

Roomba i7 or j7? What to pick? Is there any feature that alone makes the j7 an ideal option for you when compared to the i7?

Roomba j7 PrecisionNavigation
Roomba j7 PrecisionVision Navigation. Source: Irobot

Yes. Roomba j7 is the only Roomba model; of course, the only robot vacuum with this type of new navigation system, PrecisionVision, capable of detecting the various types of objects in its path, including the pet waste and power cords.

So far, we got to listen to the stories that a Roomba / robot made the whole mess after it navigates through the pet waste. And no solution has been made by any robot vacuum manufacturer till this model j7 release. 

To let us know about this feature’s assuring ability, Irobot is even making a promise (Pet Owner Official Promise) that allows you to replace the product if it fails to avoid pet waste. For complete details check here.

Whereas i7 is with the iadapt 3.0 + vSLAM navigation helps detect the objects and navigates in a most optimized path like the j7, but no that abled detecting things like pet waste, and power cords.

And Roomba j7 is with the hazard detection feature. The first time the robot sees a new object, it avoids and takes a snap to show and ask for your suggestion, and from the second run, it follows those guidelines.

Bottom Line: Roomba j7 wins here. For pet owners, undoubtedly j7 is the best choice.

Imprint Mapping –  Which is better?

When it comes to creating a highly accurate digital blueprint of your home, Roomba i7 and Roomba j7 work the same; to say, both are the winners.

Using their superior mapping system, the robotic models transfer almost every detail of your house’s surrounding into its digital map. This precise layout is used for intelligent navigation and path tracking when the robot cleans your home.

During the first run, the Roomba model saves the floor plan in the form of an accurate map, and from the second run, the previously saved layout helps with the features like zone cleaning, specific room cleaning, which enables you to set the clean areas from the app.

Methodological Cleaning Pattern

Roomba i7 and j7 models are smartly designed to follow designated neat rows (row-by-row pattern) when cleaning your home compared to the Roomba low-level models, which focus on reactive travel patterns while working.

The j7 and i7 Roomba models figure the most accurate cleaning path and cover an entire space or room row by row.

Why is this cleaning pattern more efficient?

Compared to the Roomba base model, which depends on the reactive sensing technology to move randomly around your home while avoiding obstacles like furniture and walls. Random movement indicates more run time, less efficient cleaning.

In contrast with row cleaning, the robot works efficiently without missing any area and completes the entire clean cycle in a small span.

Bottom Line: Both are designed to navigate in a row-by-row pattern.

Dirt & Cliff Sensors

An array of sensors helps Roomba i7 and Roomba j7 to navigate your home. The cliff sensor prevents the robots from tumbling downstairs or whenever they are working too close to the edge. Smooth obstacle sensors alert the Roombas if they get very near to walls or furniture.

Lastly, the unforgettable dirt sensor allows the i7 and j7 to detect dirt and clean it more thoroughly.

Suction Power Battle

Roomba i7 has ten times (10X) the suction force compared to beginner Roomba models. Say goodbye to tough stains and deeply lodged dirt inside carpets because the i7 removes everything.

The forceful vacuum pressure of Roomba i7 efficiently collects pet hair on each pass, ensuring your floors are left spotless.

And like the i7, Roomba j7 offers a similar vacuuming pressure when cleaning your home. However, as the latter is more precise in navigating, it ensures superior vacuuming evades avoidable objects.

Therefore, you do not need to fret about the pre tidy-up section (like removing objects); the j7 cleans them all without getting stuck or creating any mess.

Bottom Line: In terms of suction power, both win.

Cleaning Duration?

Roomba i7 and Roomba j7 models can run up to 90 minutes on a fully charged battery. It means you have more cleaning time and lesser idling or charging. Both are models are with Lithium-ion batteries.

As both the models run for two hours (approx), they manage to tidy a big-sized home (300m2) in one cycle. Both Roombas are intelligently designed devices, and so they know when the battery level is low, recharging is required.

Recharge and Resume Feature?

When cleaning your house, the Roomba i7 and j7 models do not stop when low battery. Instead, they travel to the base station, recharges fully, and navigates to the exact position where they had ceased to resume cleaning.

It is an almost repetitive cycle until the cleaning is done or you manually stop the i7.

But as said, their run time is pretty high, making it perform the cleaning process of a whole large-sized house in a single cycle. And even if they don’t, you need not despair as they are recharge-resume technology-equipped robots.

Bottom Line: Battery life is alike and not as attentive specification as both the models are with the recharge-resume feature.

A large bin with a full bin indicator

At 500 ml, the dust bins in Roomba models i7, j7 outranks the dustbins in many Roomba base, mid-level models that house only 350 ml of dirt and dust. Furthermore, the Roomba i7 and j7 offer more flexibility in indicating when you need to empty the bin.

After a couple of rounds of cleaning, the i7 and j7 models will ‘update’ you to clear their dirt container.

Either you can set the robot to beep a sound or update you with the app notification.

Compatibility with the automatic dirt disposal unit

The models Roomba j7 and i7 are compatible with the iRobot’s robotic dirt disposal technology. The charging base is fitted with a massive dustbin with channels to transfer the dirt from the robots.

Although not included with Roomba i7 and j7 models, this unit is sold separately and is suitable for use with the robotic cleaner.

And suppose you want to get the self-emptying unit with the product. In that case, you need to go with the “+” variants (Ex. If Roomba i7 is your choice, go with the Roomba i7+ model, which comes with the auto disposal station and with no other differences compared to the basic i7 variant). Likewise, Roomba j7+.

Bottom Line: Both models are compatible (works with) self-emptying dock separate sold attachment.


Scheduling is super easy with Roomba i7 and Roomba j7, thanks to the iRobot Home App. Any smart device user can download this app and ultimately control their Roombas.

Furthermore, you can assign cleaning schedules, check the cleaning history and even plan cleaning sessions for individual rooms (supported only for Roomba high ends like i7, j7) using the iRobot Home App.

Bottom Line: Both wins.

Voice Commands – Alexa and Google Assistant Support

One of the most incredible things you can do with the Roomba i7 and Roomba j7 is controlling the smart vacuum clearest using only your voice.

If you are the owner of smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can easily pair the robots with the devices and start throwing voice instructions.

For example, to get the Roombas cleaning, say, “Alexa, ask Roomba to clean. You will notice how the Roombas get activated and commence cleaning.

Also, the most customized commands like “Alexa, ask Roomba to clean the kitchen” (OR) “Alexa, ask Roomba to clean specific named room” work with these models as they are with zone and specific room cleaning features.

Bottom Line: Both are similar.

Mobile App Connectivity

Roomba j7 app recommendations
Source: Irobot

With the Irobot home app, you can create schedules, set zones, and many more. And is everything the same with both the models?

No, the Roomba j7 is one step ahead of the i7 model.

With the more advanced iRobot genius, j7 suggests various efficient cleaning recommendations after analyzing your cleaning habits, robot cleaning timings, and the weather seasons, which is more like a machine learning thing that makes the j7 a high sophisticated Roomba model.

Read: Know about the iRobot Genius here.

Want to schedule the Roomba when you leave home and stop it vacuuming when you are in the place? Yes. It’s possible with the new iRobot genius.

Bottom Line: Roomba j7 is with more advanced app features.

Clean Zones, Keep Out Zones & Specific Room Cleaning

Among the exciting things Roomba i7 and j7 models can do is design clean areas and identify keep-out zones. Since a highly precise map of your home is saved in the Roomba memory, both the models refer to it when it starts to clean.

Moreover, you can assign which rooms you want the Roomba to clean or which must be left alone. The Roomba analyzes this information and acts according to your instructions.

Named “specific room cleaning,” the feature is provided in both the models, which helps the Roomba to clean any specified room in the house. It is one of the high-end features, very beneficial in the long run, and the robot’s efficiency.

Bottom Line: Both the models are zone cleaning, specific room cleaning outfitted.

Efficient and Maintenance Free Brushes

The main roller rubber brushes on the j7 and i7 models are better than the base-level Roomba model brushes because of their tangle-free properties.

And the edge-sweeping brushes with the models make them much better at cleaning the edges and corners.

Therefore, the brushes are suitable for everyday cleaning and pet owners as collecting pet hair can be troublesome.

Besides, the brushes of Roomba i7 and j7 models are washable and need a quick, simple rinse under the tap whenever they get too dirty. Other than that, no further maintenance activity is required.

Bottom Line: Roomba i7 and j7 both are with anti-tangle dirt extractors.

Cleaning Modes

Roombas i7 and j7 are offered various cleaning modes, including standard, manual, and spot cleaning modes.

If there is concentrated dirt or high traffic areas, the spot cleaning mode becomes very useful as solid suction force and brushing action work better to remove the stains.

Another interesting similarity between the Roombas is variable suction pressure.

Depending on the floor type, you can regulate the suction force you want the robotic cleaners to work on. A higher suction force can be used for thicker rugs and carpets, while standard flooring might require lower suction force.

Bottom Line: Both are with the cleaning modes.

Who offers a better dust/dirt filtration system for your home?

HEPA filters? We all know that having a HEPA filtration system prevents your home from many types of allergens and pollutants that can cause many allergy-related health issues in the long term.

Especially when vacuuming, the robots grab the dust with their high-power suction. In that process, few impurities and allergens can escape to the air in the home if the dust filtration system is not a standard recommended one.

To your favor, to every buyer’s acceptance, Irobot’s nearly all Roomba models are with the HEPA (HIGH-EFFICIENCY PARTICULATE AIR FILTER), which traps about 99.7% of allergens from your home.

Bottom Line: Both the models i7 and j7 are with HEPA filters.


Comparison of roomba i7, j7 models

If you are in a household with pets, the Roomba j7 model is an exceptional decision.

We recommend this model for pet owners as pet waste will not be any concern further with the j7.