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Roomba i6+ Black Friday – Cyber Monday Deals

Roomba i6+ is an excellent choice if you are looking for a robot vacuum that excels at everything.

High-level features (including self-emptying) and outstanding performance make it stay on the best-sellers listing for a long time.

What is the Best Roomba i6+ Black Friday 2021 Deal?

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Roomba i6+ Review

Roomba i6 plus robot vacuumKeeping a clean and dust-free home is one of the biggest challenges today. Gone are the days when you had to navigate through tight spots and furniture, hogging your upright vacuum cleaner to get that speck off the floor.

Now, you can get about your activities while Roomba i6+ does the cleaning chores for you.

Let’s unravel all the key features of this Roomba model:

How good is its technology? – vSLAM & Contrast Camera

Roomba i6+ adopts the same vSLAM technology and Contrast Camera functionality as its big brother models for human-like navigation and remarkable mapping dexterity.

When traveling, the Roomba is governed by an array of sensors to dictate their motion without bumping into furniture and following the decided path.

The navigation system for the Roomba i6+ is known as iAdapt 3.0, whereas for low-end models, it is iAdapt 2.0. The navigation modules engage the Contrast Camera for mapping purposes.

This device takes low-resolution photos of the surroundings and stitches them into a 3D layout of your home. Information from the superimposed picture is used to plan the path for the Roomba i6+ robot.

One issue faced by the i6+ is when low-light conditions occur, mapping is not down efficient due to decreased light sensitivity by the infrared sensors.

Premium 3-Stage Cleaning for the i6+

Quite similar to the top-end Roomba models, the Roomba i6+ deploys a premium 3-Stage Cleaning System to clean your home.

The robot vacuum utilizes an AeroForce cleaning system that regulates the suction pressure to up to ten times the normal range to remove dirt, hair, and dust in your home.

Three operations govern the cleaning system of the i6+ – the high functioning motor for better suction, a better main brush to collect dust and debris, and a side brush to sweep dust into i6+’s cleaning path.

Dual Multi-Surface Brushes

The rubber threads on the i6+ are designed to keep constant contact with various floor surfaces like tiles, wood, marble, and carpeted area. The wise cleaner’s dual multi-surface rubber brushes are state-of-the-art and conveniently alters their position when in contact with carpet or floor.

The brushes flex and adjust variably depending on the floor surface to get dust, hair, debris, and even large rubbish.

What is more interesting is the rubber material of the brushes lasts longer than the other models and negates the need for frequent maintenance.

The primary and side brushes of the Roomba i6+ are competent cleaners because they can remove dirt surrounding the robot.

That means whenever the robot travels; the side brushes engage with wall edges and corners while sweeping and pushing dirt into the suction path.

Battery Life – Recharge & Resume

Usually, on a full charge, the Roomba i6+ can run for one and half hours. The i6+ also monitors the battery level whenever it is cleaning.

When a low battery is detected, the i6+ dutifully pauses cleaning and travels to the Home Base to charge.

Once ultimately charged, Roomba i6+ resumes cleaning exactly where it had left off (if it had left cleaning midway) and completes it duly.

Self Emptying

What does the plus (+) symbol indicate in i6+? It suggests that this model is capable of the self-emptying feature. When purchasing, in the box, you will get the empty auto dock fixed at some location in the house, which also acts as a recharging station.

Whenever the Roomba’s bin is filled with no space, the model reaches the dock and empties itself. There are very few robot vacuums with this feature enabled.

Selective Room Cleaning

There is a massive mess in the kitchen / bedroom / some room, which requires cleaning. If the robot begins cleaning, what if it starts cleaning the entire house over? It consumes more energy, resources, and time.

What if there is an option to clean only the defined room? That will be a prominent feature, and favorably, Roomba i6+ came up with specified room cleaning.

A considerable upgrade compared to its predecessors.

Carpet Boost

The robot traverses / navigates in a row by row pattern on multiple surfaces. The only difficulty arises when there is a rug in the mid-cleaning area.

But that is a matter with low to medium range models. The high ends like Roomba i6+ adequately deal with carpets.

When the i6+ model crosses from standard floor surfaces to carpet regions, it automatically raises the suction energy to the best levels to grab every peck of dust deep inside from the carpets.

Also, the auto-adjust cleaning head makes moving the robot from hard floors to heightened carpets more smoothly.

Auto adjust cleaning head
Source: Irobot

Zone Cleaning – Keep Out Zones?

Only the Roomba top-of-the-line models are with this feature – Zone cleaning and keep out zones. What is zone cleaning? How is keep-out-zones functional?

With this feature, we can arrange the Roomba model to clean in a specified zone; on the contrary, we can likewise put the robot apart from the zone.

Even though virtual wall barriers are fundamental to keeping the robot out of the specified area, zone cleaning is entirely different. It makes the cleaning process more efficient than using wall barriers.

Mobile App / Smart Home Connectivity

The Roomba i6+ is intelligent. All you need is a smartphone and the iRobot home application. Roomba i6+ can be “summoned” at your will (or fingertips) to assign cleaning schedules at your convenience.

The software is robust and easy to update, allowing seamless connectivity using WiFi. You can also monitor its cleaning activity, history and watch the maintenance videos.

Have an Alexa-enabled device or Google Assistant at your disposal? Just say the word, and the Roomba i6+ robot vacuum will start, stop and automatically dock the robot.

Accessories & Parts

With Roomba i6+, a few extra accessories like a HEPA filter, side brushes, virtual walls, manual, and auto empty docking station came in the box. The iRobot company owning the brand owns all rights of the warranty for the products and their accessories.

Before you buy your Roomba i6+, know about the seller if he is an authorized seller of iRobot products because the company will not allow you to claim the warranty if you purchase their products from unauthorized dealers.

The warranty attached to the vacuum robot is for six months, and for detailed information, you should look for the manual arriving with the machine.

The accessories and parts connected to the Roomba i6+ pose the warranty to be looked upon in the same way. The user once replaced the elements, should know the revised warranty for them.

Final Words

To sum up, the Roomba i6+ is truly a feat of engineering that keeps your home spotless and pet hair off the rugs. It is intelligent, efficient, robust, and downright convenient compared to its previous model.

What is the Best Roomba i6+ Cyber Monday 2021 Deal?

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Roomba i6+ might be available this shopping period with a whopping discount of 25 to 30 percent. As it is a lately released model, there is a possibility that the Irobot will lose an extra price percentage for this model.

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