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Roomba 981 Black Friday, Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Roomba 981 is probably the most popular mid-range Roomba model with the tag “an all-rounder”.

Having almost every essential feature and high-grade performance at an affordable price makes it the prime choice for most.

What is the Best Roomba 981 Black Friday 2021 Deal?

Roomba 981 Best Black Friday deal here.

Roomba 981 Review

With the advancement of technology, time is not far when robot cleaners will be a part of every home. Marked as one of the efficient cleaning equipment, Roomba 981 is a superior product available in the market.

It is known to be one of the renowned and top-line models of robot vacuum. Equipped with Alexa’s support and Google Assistant, this incredible cleaner features long battery life and high-power cleaning proficiency.


The Roomba 981 is known to be 13.9 inches in diameter, 3.58 inches in height, and 8.7 pounds in weight. The machine is light to be carried to distant spaces like staircases and has a handle attached to mark its feasibility.

The Roomba 981 is built to offer three buttons on its chassis. The left one is for home, the middle one is for cleaning, and the right one is for spot cleaning.

The spot cleaning button is also used for preserving power and cleaning when there is a mess around. The circular design with the black trimmings looks attractive for people to make their purchases.

Cleaning performance (technology equipped and suction power):

The machine is equipped with the Power Lifting Suction, known to deliver airpower of more than 10X to improve the pickup performance. The feature can automatically stress the cleaning process.

Roomba suction visualization
Source: Irobot

The Roomba 981 has a patented Aero-Force cleaning system of three-stage attached to use various tangle-free brushes to pull embedded debris, pet hair, and dirt hiding all over the house.

The power boost technology can enhance the suction power to drill deep into the carpet and clean them over.

Maneuverability (Navigation):

The vacuum robot can make its way to clean your space. The patented iAdept 2.0 navigation and vSLAM technology are sufficient to help the robot map its surroundings and clean the entire home and floors.

The additional sensors like floor-tracking allow the Roomba 981 to adeptly navigate for cleaning the house floors despite causing any change in floor type, clutter, and furniture placement.

The sensors attached allow the Roomba 981 to derive the information to move ahead and the place already mopped up.

Smart Home Connectivity

The user can control the Roomba 981 through its iRobot Home application from any corner of the world. The robot can be connected through wifi and is allowed to schedule and manage the cleanings.

The app can help in knowing about the previous cleaning history, having a look at maintenance videos. The user receives regular updates about the use and its new features. The Amazon Alexa can also keep control of your activity and can be connected through iOS or Android devices.

These features allow you to be in touch with your robot cleaner by sitting remotely.

Carpet Boost

981 Carpet boost feature
Source: Irobot

The carpet boost is one of the best features requiring the motor to work harder to clean the dark-spotted carpet. Using a carpet boost decreases the life of the battery during the cycle.

The cleaning of carpets, uniquely the light-colored ones, becomes due now and then. The Roomba 981 can clean them deeply from dust and particles and make them new as you have just bought them today.

The carpet boost feature is for the tricky stains, spots, and dirt deeply embedded in carpets. The motor of the machine aims to remove unwanted particles and make your space look clean.

Recharge and Resume (Battery time)

The Roomba 981 is equipped with a Lithium-ion battery, which can run up to 120 minutes or two hours once ultimately charged. After working continuously for 120 minutes, the battery employed in the machine can show a red signal for discharge.

Roomba 981 has a unique feature of automatically recharging, which resumes, and the work never gets hampered. This feature marks the exclusivity for the cleaner as it allows you to work without any break.

Imprint Link Technology

With imprint link technology equipped, Roomba 981 is made to work in sync with the Irobot’s mopping device like Braava Jet M6 if your home has it.

Immediately after the vacuuming section, the mop starts automatically and makes your floors shine with sparkles.

HEPA Filter

The equipment has Hepa filters attached to attract dust to the bin. Yes, the Roomba 981 has a small container attached to gather dust.

The Hepa filters are known to be one of the most efficient filters that can help the owners to make the right choice for their home in the cleaning domain. They are not only efficient in cleaning but can make your carpet, floor spotless too.

Also, cleaning them is pretty easy as they can be separated and cleaned to work again. An extra filter also arrives with the Roomba 981, and although it depends upon the usage, ideally, the filter lasts between 4 to 6 months.


For the machine to perform well for years, the user needs to check for support regularly. The user needs to keep a check on the bin and empty it before using it for cleaning. The accessories attached, like a filter, side brush, extractor, etc., should be replaced as per their life cycle.

Air sensors and air chambers should be cleaned regularly to check on clogs being developed if left unused for a more extended period.


The Roomba 981 is not a low noise-making machine. Instead, it is loud and will be busting your eardrums. While using it in your home, your kids can’t watch television or listen to the radio or even need a break in concentration if they are studying.

The features like carpet boost make a whooping sound of 80dB at its max.

The sound of such frequency can be compared to the prop plane flying over your home. Nonetheless, the Eco mode, known to be the lower power mode, is also known to make the sound of about 70dB.

It is a lesser drawback for some, but you need to consider having this model twice for sound-sensitive people.

Accessories & Parts

The Roomba 981 comes with a home base station for charging, a chord, an extra HEPA filter, a side brush, two virtual wall barriers or batteries, a documentation package, and an owner’s guide.

Final Words

Low maintenance Roomba 981 is one of the best additions to your home if you clean floors. Using it once a week or more can make it perfect for your massive levels.

The containment or filters arriving with the Roomba 981 can last over a year.

The exclusive features like camera-based navigation, carpet boost, Hepa filtration can make your purchase stand out among other vacuuming equipment.

They are best for small or big homes, work locations, manufacturing units, and even challenging places like garages.

What is the Best Roomba 981 Cyber Monday 2021 Deal?

Cyber Monday is on 29 November 2021.

The deal will be updated soon as the deal time rings. Please keep on checking the early Black Friday starts.

Roomba 981 2021 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal Predictions

Roomba 981 is a mid-level model which is available at a reasonable price range all the time. But there is no uncertainty; the best time to take this for your house is November days.

Starting that month itself, we predict the price will drop by 20 to 25 percent maximum.

We foretell in the way of examining the last two-year deal providing patterns. So there is a solid chance about our prediction. Make a revisit at that time, and we hope you will be glad to plan the budget respectively.

Roomba 981 Archived deals

To be fair, we were not aware of this model last year. We thought this product was not in stock, but it is our fault not to be updated with every model.