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Roomba 694 VS Eufy Robovac 11S

When it comes to affordable robot vacuums with all the valuable features, Roomba 694 and Eufy 11S stands top in the field.

But which stands first? Is it Roomba 694 model Or Eufy Robovac 11s?

Let’s find out.

Starting with the key differences:

Roomba 694Eufy 11S
Roomba 694 model Eufy 11S Model
Mobile App, Voice Control: YesMobile App, Voice Control: No
Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant: YesAmazon Alexa, Google Assistant: No
Run Time: Upto 90 minsRun Time: Upto 100 mins
Virtual Walls / Boundary Straps: SupportsVirtual Walls / Boundary Straps: No
Carpet Boost: NoCarpet Boost: Yes
Personalized Schedule Recommendations: YesPersonalized Schedule Recommendations: No
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Roomba 694

Roomba 694 model

BottomLine: Speaking of the main noticeable differences, Roomba 694 stands ahead in terms of smart home compatibility and virtual wall support, where Eufy 11S is only remote-controlled and lacks boundary straps.

Also, considering the build quality, Roomba 694 outranks Eufy Robovac 11S.

Other than that, if smart home features and virtual wall support are not necessary for you, go with Eufy 11S. Much affordable model with good suction performance.

Roomba 694 VS Eufy Robovac 11S – Full Comparison Chart

Roomba 694 Eufy 11S
Series / Model694 (600 Series)11S
Product NameRoomba 694Eufy 11S

Design / Dimensions

Height3.54 inches2.85 inches
Width13.4 inches12.8 inches
Weight6.77 lbs5.85 lbs
Colors AvailableCharcoal GreyBlack
Dustbin Size17 oz (Approx)20.3 oz (Approx)
Related FAQS:

Eufy 11S is slim in design? Does it help?

If you have pieces of furniture or places under where regular cleaning is required, Eufy 11S navigates more challenging to reach areas easily than the Roomba 694 model because of its slim design (2.85 inches height).

Cleaning Features

Suction ForceNot disclosed1300 Pa
Scheduled Cleaning
Schedule Recommendation
Dirt Sensor
Drop Sensor / Cliff Sensor
Full Bin Indicator
Air filterAerovacStandard
True HEPA filtration
Related FAQS:

Roomba 694 or Eufy 11S? Whose suction is powerful?

Irobot, the manufacturer of Roomba 694, never disclosed the suction powers in any of their product pages/websites. But based on the few testing sites, Roomba base models deliver identical performance like its competitors.

Personalized Schedule Recommendations?

Roomba 694 provided schedule recommendations based on your daily schedule preferences. It is an intelligent feature not seen with other robot vacuum models at 694’s price range.

Anti Allergen Filters?

Both the models Roomba 694 and Eufy 11S came up with their filter systems, which work well trapping the allergic particles but not like the original HEPA filters. To say, Roomba 694 is with much efficient Aerovac filter.

Battery Life (Run Time)

Battery TypeLithium IonLithium Ion
Battery Capacity1800 mAh2600 mAh
Battery Life90 mins (Approx)100 mins (Approx)
Charging Time3 hours4-5 hours
Auto Recharge
Auto Resume
Navigation PatternRandomRandom
Onboard Cameras
Intelligent Objects Recognition
Virtual Wall BarriersSupports
Related FAQS:

Roomba 694 supports virtual wall barriers? What are they?

We all have places in the house that needs to be avoided cleaning at some point in time. In that case, all you need to do is place the virtual wall barrier (sold separately) near that zone, and the Roomba never enters there. Eufy 11S doesn’t have this feature like its higher-end models. Few expensive range Eufys are compatible with virtual wall-like accessories called boundary straps.

Advanced Features

Carpet Boost
Self Emptying
Self Cleaning
Selective Room Cleaning
Zone Cleaning
No go zones
Multiple Floors?
Multiple Floor Plans
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Eufy 11S works with carpet boost? What is that?

When Eufy 11S traverses from standard surfaces to carpets, it automatically detects the rug and increases its suction to its maximum power of 1300 Pa for deep carpet cleaning. Whereas Roomba 694 works with the same suction force irrespective of the floor surfaces.

Smart Home / Mobile App Connectivity

Wifi Connected
Remote Control
Voice control (commands)
Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa
Smartphone App Control

Mopping Functionality

Water Tank Capacity
Mopping Scheduling
No Mop Zones

Pet Hair Cleaning?

Pet Hair
Tangle Free Dirt Extractors

Multiple Surfaces Cleaning?

Hardwood Floors
Thick / High Pile Carpets
Medium Pile Carpets
Low Pile Carpets
Tile Floors
Laminate Floors
Related FAQS:

What about the Thick / High Pile Carpets?

Cleaning those shag-type carpets need more powerful suction robot models than these base-level models. If you are looking for one, here is the guide that helps.

Cleaning Modes / Variable Suction

Standard Mode
Manual Mode
Spot Mode
Max Mode
Edge Mode
Repeat Mode

Accessories (In Box) & Other Details

Extra Filter
Extra Side Brush
Boundary Markers
Virtual Walls
Assembly RequiredNoNo
Warranty12 Months12 Months

Conclusion – Eufy 11S OR Roomba 694?

Eufy 11S is BEST IF: If carpet cleaning is the important one on your priority list, eufy 11s is the right choice because of its high suction power on carpeted areas.

Roomba 694 is BEST IF: Except for the above eufy 11s supported point, all remaining Roomba 694 is the recommended choice with all smart features and good value in the long run.