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Roomba 692 VS E5 – Which is Best?

Roomba 692: the baseline model

Roomba E5: the mid-level model.

How do they differ?

Here is the quick outline:

Roomba 692Roomba e5
roomba 692 model roomba e5 model
Suction Force: StandardSuction Force: 5 times (than 692)
Tangle Free Brushes: NoTangle Free Brushes: Yes
HEPA Filter: NoHEPA Filter: Yes
Dustbin Capacity: 0.3LDustbin Capacity: 0.5L
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Roomba e5

roomba e5 model

BottomLine: Weighing all these differences, Roomba e5 is way ahead of 692.

E5’s powerful-efficient cleaning, tangle-free dirt extractors, and Hepa filtered system make it our recommended choice..

Looking for a basic robot vacuum for a small-sized room where pet hair is not a problem, Roomba 692 is the clever pick.

Find out all the similarities, differences, and key specifications in the below comparison table.

Roomba E5 VS Roomba 692 – Comparison Table

 Roomba 692Roomba e5
Height3.6 inches3.65 inches
SuctionStandard5 times (than 692)
Auto RechargeYesYes
Auto ResumeNoNo
NavigationAdaptiveAdaptive (Advanced)
Battery lifeUpto 90 minsUpto 90 mins
Dirt Extractors(Tangle Free)NoYes
HEPA FilterNoYes
Virtual Wall Accessory (In Box)NoYes
Ideal for home with petsNoYes
Dustbin Capacity0.3L0.5L
Alexa, Google HomeYesYes
Auto adjust cleaning headYesYes
Imprint Link technologyNoNo
Edge cleaning modeNoNo
Specific Room CleaningNoNo
App ConnectivityYesYes
Voice CommandsYesYes
Cliff SensorsYesYes
Carpet BoostNoNo
Keep out zonesNoNo
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Roomba e5 VS 692 – Differences and Similarities (In Brief)

Superior Suction Force – Which is Best? (E5 OR 692)

Roomba E5 has five times the suction pressure compared to Roomba 692, which has standard suction force just like all 600 baseline Roomba models. The explosive suction force of the E5 effortlessly lifts dirt and touch stains on carpets and hard floors.

When compared with the 692, Roomba E5 manages to clean more thoroughly thanks to its relentless suction force.

Although not as strong as the E5, Roomba 692 still manages to lift dirt off carpets and clean your hard floors as it glides past them.

3-Stage Cleaning System: The E5 and 692 are capable cleaners thanks to their 3-Stage cleaning system. It means that the robots use brushes and suction force to remove dirt while vacuuming your house.

The multi-surface brush rolls and edge-sweeping brushes loosen dust. At the same time, the suction force attracts it into the cleaning machines. As a result, you will be left with nothing but spotless floors and carpets.

BottomLine: E5 is powerful (5X more) than 692. E5 wins here.

HEPA Filter?

Irobots hepa filters
Source: HEPA filters (Irobot)

Although Roomba 692 cleans capably, it does not feature a high-performing filter like the one in Roomba E5. The HEPA filter in the E5 traps 99% of pet allergens and keeps your home dust-free.

The 692 does not match up to the E5 in terms of the dust and allergens trapping filter efficiency as it only uses an AeroVac filter, which does not capture pollen and minute dirt like the HEPA filter does on the E5.

BottomLine: E5 is with HEPA filter; 692 lacks it. A significant drawback for 692.

Battery Recharge time and Runtime

Roomba 692 operates for 90 minutes, the same as the Roomba E5. When its battery is exhausted, the 692 takes almost 2 hours to recharge to full capacity.

In comparison, Roomba E5 only requires 1.5 hours before it can commence operation again. When it comes to value for battery power, the E5 edges Roomba 692.

Recharge-resume? Both robots don’t have this feature as the top-end Roomba models.

BottomLine: Both models work for up to 90 minutes. 

Adaptive navigation is featured on Roomba E5 and Roomba 692. This means the robots will travel until an obstacle is detected. Then, the collision sensors get triggered, signaling the robotic cleaners to steer clear of the obstruction.

Whenever the E5 or the 692 is cleaning, you need not worry about the robots knocking into the furniture. The adaptive cleaning pattern and slim design (height under 4 inches) ensure the Roombas are navigating under and around the furniture without any heavy bumps.

Sensing Supremacy

A collection of precision sensors is fitted to the E5 and 692 for multiple detections of obstacles and cliffs. This means whenever the robotic cleaners are approaching a wall or furniture; the anti-collision sensors will kick in and gesture the E5 and 692 to take a diversion.

Another important sensing feature in both Roombas is the Cliff Sensor. Whenever the robots are cleaning near the stairs, the robots’ cliff sensing feature will be activated. Before the E5 or 692 gets too close to the edge, the sensors will alert the robots.

BottomLine: Both are similar in terms of navigation and sensor technology.

Mapping skills – Which is more efficient?

Roomba 692 does not feature digital mapping, unlike Roomba E5. The former relies on its surrounding sensors to travel your home without digitally mapping spaces. Therefore, the robotic cleaner is unable to produce the layout of your house.

Moreover, Roomba 692 tends to clean the same place twice because it does not know its exact location.

Roomba E5, on the other hand, is a versatile robot. It digitally maps your home using an accurate sensing system. The array of sensors surrounding the robot allows it to “capture” the details of your home and temporarily use it for navigation when cleaning the house.

BottomLine: In terms of efficient cleaning, E5 stands ahead.

Dirt Detect Sensors

Roomba E5 and Roomba 692 are equipped with Dirt Detect Sensors, which allow the robotic cleaners to scan your floor for debris and target-clean them. The sensors tell the Roombas to focus on the dirty areas with more scrubbing and vacuuming activity. Extra cleaning is also performed in places with high traffic.

BottomLine: Both models have these sensors.

Maintenance – Tangle-Free brushes?

Dirt Extractors of both models
Dirt Extractors Comparison

The E5 features tangle-free Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes to dislodge debris from your floor and carpets. Even the most stubborn dirt does not stand a chance against the E5’s brush scrubbing intensity. You don’t need to worry about the hair tangling as these are rubber bristle-free brushes highly beneficial in terms of maintenance required.

The 692 packs a little differently. The robotic cleaner features Dual Multi-Surface Brushes but is not tangle-free, made of tough bristles that make brush cleaning difficult when pet hair is tangled.

Keeping that aside, both the brushes are the multi-surface ones that attempt to stay in constant contact with hard floors and carpets, ensuring proper cleaning. It makes sure even deep debris inside the carpet, or the durable brushes capture floor crevices.

Dustbin Capacity – Washable Or Not?

E5 has a bigger dirt bin capacity compared to its forerunner 692. E5’s dirt bin handles half a liter, and 692 is 200 ml lesser than e5.

Also, once you are done cleaning, you can detach the dustbin from these models, give a quick rinse, and fit it back in after it has dried. That is how simple it is to maintain it.

BottomLine: E5 is with tangle-resistant multi-surface brushes. 692 steps down here with normal bristle ones.

Wi-fi and App Functionality (Voice Commands)

Roombas E5 and 692 are good listeners. Both are compatible with smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. All you need to do is speak up with instructions like “Alexa, ask Roomba to start cleaning,” and the robotic cleaners will commence their tasks.

Scheduling is a breeze, as you only need the iRobot HOME App to configure daily cleaning routines. The E5 and 692 will refer to the schedule and begin cleaning dutifully at the specified times.

Roomba E5 and Roomba 692 are technologically sound. The smart robotic cleaners will suggest additional cleanings when it’s pollinating or pet shedding season.

In terms of connectivity, the Roombas are Wi-Fi and IFTTT compatible. Once you pair them with your smartphone using the iRobot HOME App, you can do more, including scheduling, checking if the bin is full, and remaining battery level.

Remote-controlled using the app?

An excellent advantage of these remotely controlled models is getting the robot out of a tricky situation if it ever finds itself in one.

Bottom line: 692, e5 are mobile-app and wifi connectivity supported.

Variable Suction

Whenever the Roomba climbs up a rug or carpet, it automatically ramps up the suction pressure for more thorough cleaning. However, the carpet detection feature is not present in both these models; they use the same vacuum pressure on all surfaces.

BottomLine: Both models don’t have this feature.

Better at High-Pile Carpets?

Remember the high-pile carpet that is always dusty? Well, Roomba E5 solves that problem. The intense suction pressure (five times more) and versatile tangle-free cleaning brushes are more efficient than Roomba 692, removing deeply embedded dirt and pet hair from the high-pile carpets.

BottomLine: E5 is the recommended one here.

Virtual walls – As an attachment?

YouTube video

You can prevent Roomba E5 and Roomba 692 from entering a room or zone by placing the virtual wall barriers at the respective locations. It will help if you put them in front or adjacent to spaces you don’t want the Roomba to go.

To say, the virtual barriers are not offered with the Roomba 692 model and need to be purchased separately.

BottomLine: Both support this. But with E5 you get this in the package.


Compare 692 and e5 models

Key Differences:

  • Suction Force: E5 is five times stronger in suction compared to the Roomba 692 model.
  • Tangle-free Brushes: E5 is with tangle-free dirt extracting rubber rollers, whereas 692 is with regular bristle brushes.
  • Hepa Filter: E5 is with HEPA filter, whereas 692 is with average aerovac filter. (HEPA traps allergens and pollutants more effectively up to 99%)
  • Dustbin Capacity: E5 is with 0.5L dustbin capacity, whereas 692 is 0.3L in size.

Roomba 692 and e5 are both Roombas affordable models, and the price difference between these models is not that considerable, taking the e5s more potent suction and more advanced features in mind.

Finally, it is your choice.