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Roborock S7+, S7 Black Friday and Cyber Monday [Updated Deals]

Roborock S7+ and S7 have it all. The latest released ones became best sellers because of their long pro list.

First, let’s check the difference:

Roborock S7+ VS Roborock S7?

The only difference is the auto emptying feature (self-emptying dock) with Roborock S7+ (S7 Plus), where S7 lacks it.

What are the Best Roborock S7+, S7 Black Friday 2021 Deals?

UPDATE:  Best Black Friday Deals Are On.

Roborock S7 –  Check Best Deal here.

Roborock S7+ – Check Best Deal here.

Note: If budget is not a problem, get these. The best products are often more valuable but worth it in the long run.

Roborock S7 Plus (S7+), S7 Review

As there is only one difference in self-emptying and all remaining the same, this review is for S7 Plus and S7. Instead of using S7 Plus, we used the word S7. Don’t get confused.

Many brands made their reputation in the market to deliver quality work. How is Roborock differentiating and creating its own consumer space like other robot vacuum cleaners?

Differentiated by quality finish, brilliant navigation, more powerful suction, highspeed sonic mopping, automatic mop lifting, ultrasonic carpet sensing, and the self-emptying (with S7+), the Roborock S7 and S7+ are the best robot vacuum cleaners available in the market.

With time the demand for a high-end Roborock model like S7 and S7+ is making its own space in the consumer market nowadays.

The robot vacuum cleaner is known for its varied features; let discuss them in detail ahead:


The black and grey colored vacuum cleaner is said to be muted with silver trim underneath the rim. The center of the robot is raised with laser cover and has a splash of orange underneath.

There are buttons placed for recharging, cleaning on or off, and spot cleaning right above the body. The side has wall sensors at its rear and front.

About its size, the model is said to have a diameter of 13.8 inches, which is why it is much more significant compared to other similar options. The Underside of the machine has the rotating brush bar employed and made up of rubber and bristles.

Cleaning Performance – Intense HyperForce Suction

The robot vacuum cleaner gets its bearing by cleaning precise, thorough, and snake patterns. The robot cleaner can find their way in and out through the rooms, thick rug pile, challenging obstacles, etc.

There are many cleaning modes for you to choose from, like MAX, Turbo, balanced, and quiet. Also, there is a carpet mode present with maximum suction.

To tackle hard floors, the mop has the optional mop attachment to set up when desired. The robot vacuum cleaner offers many choices and sticking, balanced, and realistic can give you the best compromise between sound and performance.

This model of Roborock is equipped with the 2500Pa of suction power. The climbing capability of the machine is quite impressive, and it can easily climb up to 200mm of height.

High-Speed Sonic Mopping With Automatic mop lifting

Roborock S7 Auto Mopping Lift Up
Source: Roborock

The most helpful feature for all the Roborock is that they can perform mopping and sweeping of floors. It entails that you do not need to invest in both machines.

By having the robot vacuum cleaner, you should be assured that the floors are taken care of. The sweeping system is designed for enhancing the utilization of wind and draws the dust into the bin.

Roborock S7 came up with high-speed sonic mopping that scrubs your floor up to 3000 times per minute, best for cleaning without leaving any grime or stains.

Another essential feature is automatic mop lifting, which you don’t see in other robot models. Whenever the roborock detects a carpet, it automatically lifts its mop back and keeps vacuuming the carpet region, very smart to say.

Recharge and Resume (Battery Life)

Once the cleaner finished mopping, it finds its way back to its park or charging dock on the plastic floor-stand to prevent water from dripping and ruining the floor.

Roborock S7 is known to recommend removing the mop when you are not using it because it helps in saving battery life. The battery life of the vacuum cleaner is about 150 minutes and 180 minutes in quiet mode.

With the help of the saved map, the vacuum cleaner can find the best path to return to its dock. The battery of configuration 5200MAH is known to have been employed in the machine.

App Connectivity

The Roborock S7 is known to be primarily controlled with the Mi Home application. The application is available for iOS as well as Android. The instructions are clear and will guide you to connect through Wi-Fi and start operating without any delays.

The main screen of the application on accessing displays the recent mopping area in meters and lets you know the cleaning time with the information of the remaining battery life.

The ready-to-click bottom icons like Zoned, Clean, Dock, and Go clean up is always at your service to help you out for cleaning your home at the earliest. The application serves the client at its best and allows them access at any hour of the day.

Selective Room Cleaning

We all have times like a single selective room needs to be cleaned. At that time, setting the robot to run for the whole house wastes your resources other than arranging the roborock model to clean that selected room. This is one of the advanced features Roborock top ends come with.

Self Emptying (With S7 Plus)

S7+ Self Empty dock
Source: Roborock

With S7 Plus (S7+) roborock model, an auto empty dock came in with the box, which helps the model auto empties its dust when the 470ml bin is full

So maintenance and supervision are a bit relaxed now.

With the Roborock S7, maintenance is not at all tough as you can open the machine and start cleaning it with the brush. Try performing the same at regular intervals so that your robot vacuum will last long.

Washable Air Filter

The filter system is quite crucial, and if at your home someone is suffering from allergies or the user has pets, then it becomes more important later.

The Roborock S7 series is known to have the E11-grade type of filtration system. The filter is washable and also allows no maintenance for the vacuum cleaner. You can wash the filter once a week and can be replaced in a year.

Cleaning Modes

The four cleaning modes are known to be an essential part of the cleaning process via vacuum cleaner. The balanced (works with volume: 67db) and quiet methods can allow your robot to clean your house quietly and can help in saving the energy price too.

The Max and Turbo have an aggressive form for cleaning, which is excellent for carpet locations or areas required to collect the dirt, grime, and other unwanted particles.

Final Words

With core features like the high-speed sonic mopping, powerful suction force, automatic mopping lift-up, carpet boost, and self-adjustment bushes, you can keep your floor as crystal clean as it is never used.

It is one of the best machines for households to use regularly or at times once a day.

Using the Roborock vacuum cleaner will allow you to use it with pets at home, and the reader manual should be read thoroughly before you start using the vacuum cleaner.

What is the Best Roborock S7+, S7 Cyber Monday 2021 Deal?

Cyber Monday is on 29 November 2021.

Deals will be added without any delay once they are active.

Roborock S7+ and S7 Black Friday Deal Predictions

Both the robots are expensive. There is no point in mentioning that deals time is the right opportunity to go for these biggies.

This 2021 we predict this model will gain a reduction of around 20 percent related to the current costs.

As both these are new releases, there are no saved archived deals in this section.