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Roborock S7 VS Roomba J7 – Robot Vacuum Comparison

Roborock S7 and Roomba j7 are both newly released top-of-the-line models of their respective brands.

What are the differences between them? And the similarities? Let’s check.

Key Differences:

Roborock S7Roomba J7
Roborock S7 model Roomba j7 model
Suction Power: 2500 PaSuction Power: 10X Powerful (compared to 600 series)
Navigation: LDSNavigation: PrecisionVision
Detects Pet Waste: NoDetects Pet Waste: Yes
Mopping?: YesMopping?: No
Carpet Boost: YesCarpet Boost: No
Filter: E11 filterFilter: HEPA filter
Self-Emptying Variant: Roborock S7+Self-Emptying Variant: Roomba J7+
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Roborock S7

Roborock S7 model

BottomLine: Speaking of the main differences, Roomba j7 is capable of pet waste detection and avoidance, where Roborock s7 lacks it.

Excluding that single difference, Roborock S7 is an excellent choice for all, a simultaneous vacuuming and mopping model with the highest suction and an incredible sonic mopping feature that results in the cleanest home one can ever see.

And for deep carpet cleaning, S7’s carpet boost feature helps a lot.

Roborock S7 VS Roomba j7 – Full Comparison Chart

 Roborock S7Roomba j7
Weight4.7 kg3.4 kg
Height9.65 cm8.6 cm
Suction2500 Pa10 times (Compared to 600 series)
Variable Suction SettingsYesYes
Sonic MoppingYes
Detects Pet WasteNoYes
Hazard Detection & AvoidanceNoYes
Battery Life120 mins(approx)90 mins(approx)
Auto RechargeYesYes
Auto ResumeYesYes
Cliff sensorsYesYes
Carpet BoostYesNo
Dustbin Size470 ml500 ml
Water Tank300 ml
Edge Side BrushesYesYes
Tangle-free Brushes?YesYes
FiltersE11 filterHEPA filters
Washable FilterYesNo
Zone CleaningYesYes
Keep Out Zones / No go zonesYesYes
No Mop ZonesYes
Mopping SchedulingYes
Selective Room CleaningYesYes
Wi-Fi ConnectivityYesYes
App ConnectivityiRobot Home AppRoborock App
Voice CommandsYesYes
Amazon AlexaYesYes
Google AssistantYesYes
Maps savingUpto 4 MapsUnspecified
Customized Cleaning RecommendationsYesYes
Self-EmptyingNo (but supports)No (but supports)
Self-Emptying VariantYes (Roborock S7+)Yes (Roomba j7+)
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Roomba J7 VS Roborock S7 –  In Detailed


Who is heavy? Who is tall?

At 3.4kg, the Roomba j7 requires less effort when you want to move it between floors than the Roborock S7, which measures close to 4.7 kg.

Can they get under the couch?

Roomba j7 is about 8.6 cm tall, but it still squeezes under low-clearance furniture like your living room sofa.

Roborock S7, on the other hand, is 9.65 cm in height, and it too manages to negotiate short obstacles by going under them.

Both robots get to spaces not possible with conventional vacuum cleaners and perform comprehensive cleaning in your house.

But comparing the models, Roomba j7 is designed to reach more challenging places than Roborock S7.

Reviewing their Vacuum Pressure

10X of maximum pressure in Roomba j7

Dust and pet hair will not be a problem anymore after the j7 glides across your floors.

The Roomba removes every speck of dirt from hard floor and carpets, featured with a Power-Lifting Suction that outputs nearly ten times (10X) more potent than the beginner level Roomba model of solid suction force.

The j7 thoroughly cleans even gaps between the floorboard and deeply stuck stains on rugs.

2500 Pa of raging force in Roborock S7

Roborock S7 Suction
Roborock S7 HyperForce Suction. Source: Roborock

Equipped with an enormous suction force called HyperForce suction of 2500 Pa, the S7 has the best suction power compared to most robotic cleaners.

Not even tough stains deep inside your carpet or caked dirt on the hardwood escapes the violent vacuum force of Roborock S7.

What is more interesting is you can adjust the suction pressure of the robot at will using the Roborock Home App.

Do they Mop?

Roomba j7 does not come with mopping capabilities and falls short against the Roborock S7. The latter is a decent mopping machine on top of being a capable vacuum cleaner.

An intelligent electronic system dispenses water from the tank to the S7’s mopping pad while it slides your hard floors. Precise wetness is administered to the mopping map to mop your home and leave shining floors behind gently.

Like the Roborock’s suction pressure, you can control the mopping wetness by configuring it from the Roborock Home App.

Roborock S7 High-speed sonic mopping & Automatic mop lifting

S7 is with the rapid mopping system named Vibrarise sonic mopping, which ables the robot to scrub 3000 times per minute, getting your floor intact stainless.

And what about the carpets when mopping?

Roborock got an answer for it. With the S7 model, the robot automatically raises its mopping base to the top and proceeds the normal vacuuming process on the carpet with its intense HyperForce suction power.

Optical technology is featured in Roborock S7 called the Stereo Camera. Dual cameras mounted at the front of the robot cleaner capture images at 30 fps and stitch them together to create a precise map of your home.

Moreover, the Stereo Camera of Roborock S7 recognizes obstacles in its paths and alters its cleaning way in real-time.

Also, you don’t need to worry about an electrical cord or forgotten sock on the floor – the S7 sees them as obstructions and navigates around them with poise.

What is more, the LiDAR module of Roborock S7 knows where each object or furniture is in your house and generates an efficient cleaning path around them.

Roomba j7 is the first Roomba model with this kind of navigation – PrecisionVision Navigation, where all the other Roomba models are with the vSLAM navigation.

Like the other Roombas, j7 navigates in a row-row pattern but with more intelligent AI technology that detects objects like pet waste and power cords and avoids cleaning that zone.

A Robot Vacuum that avoids pet waste? Yes. Finally.

Roomba j7 detects pet waste
J7 Detecting Pet Waste. Source: iRobot

And whenever the robot identifies a new object in the home, if it seems like a hazard to its AI camera, it takes a picture of that object and asks you for the input.

Like what to do when this object is in the way, everything through the app. And till your suggestion, it keeps on bypassing the object near-zone.

How long they can clean?

It takes around 90 minutes for the Roomba j7 to clean your home within a single charge. Meanwhile, Roborock S7 can continuously operate for 180 minutes (in Quiet mode) before it needs to recharge.

Note: As long as the robots are recharge-resume enabled, battery life is not a subject of attention in comparison. 

Learn more about the points to consider when selecting a robot vacuum.

What happens when the battery becomes low?

Roomba j7 and Roborock S7 will return to their respective charging stations to recharge when the batteries become low.

Both robots will not run out of battery power entirely and still have some charge left to return to their docking stations.

Will they resume their cleaning duties?

Yes. Roomba j7 and Roborock S7 remember their exact cleaning spot. If the battery is detected to be low, the robots will auto-dock themselves.

After recharging, they travel to the same place where they had left to complete cleaning. If you have a large home, this feature comes in handy and offers wholesome cleaning.

Analyzing their sensors

Roomba j7 comes with a suite of sensors, including the cliff sensor and anti-collision sensors. When working around the stairs, the cliff sensor ensures the j7 does not topple down the stairs.

In Roborock S7, the cliff sensor also differentiates average terrain from a staircase. It prevents the S7 from moving around it.

Apart from that, the S7 has a vast range of sensors like accelerometer and infrared sensors that help the robot stay in its course when navigating.

Carpet Boost feature

With the Roborock S7, the robot will maximize its suction pressures and remove even the toughest dirt on the rug when a carpet is detected.

When the hard floor is sensed, the forces drop to pre-configured settings, or you can manually set the suction pressure based on the cleaning modes.

The carpet boost feature is not possible in the Roomba j7 model.

Bin & Tank Capacity Differences

Dustbin differences

Roomba j7 holds a 500-ml dustbin under its hood, whereas Roborock S7 equips only a 470 ml dustbin.

This means you can forget about emptying the bin on the Roomba for a few days compared with the S7 model. And talking of this, even there is a slight difference, it matters a lot in the long run.

And suppose you go with the auto-empty base docks separately or the plus models (Roomba j7+ and Roborock S7+). In that case, you need not consider the dustbin volume variation as they auto empties the dust when the bin is full.

How much water can the storage hold?

A water tank is only present in Roborock S7, and it holds 300 ml of water. Given the size of the reservoir, you don’t need to refill it as often.

Comparing their Cleaning Brushes

Dual, multi-surface rolling brush & side brush for the j7

The rolling brush in Roomba j7 is designed to be in constant contact with your floor – be it carpeted or hard-surfaced. The excellent extractors flex up and down depending on the floor type and capably loosen deeply stuck dirt.

Even larger debris is pushed into the suction slot by the main brush without much effort.

Adding to that, the side brush sweeps dust in places not reachable by the main extractors and pushes it into the suction path of the j7.

Inventive Cleaning Brush for the S7

Featured with 250% more bristles, the main cleaning brush on Roborock S7 works tremendously well on hard surfaces and carpets.

You will be astounded looking at how clean your floors have become after a pass from the S7. The durable bristles scrub tough stains on hard floors and untangle dirt from carpets with ease.

Even wall edges are dusted by the side brushes on S7, which means no space is left uncleaned.

Note: Both the robot vacuums are with anti-tangled design brushes—a massive advantage for maintenance lookouts.

Filters that do their job

Roomba j7 outfits a HEPA filter that catches fine dust up to 99% like Roborock S7, but it is not washable as the latter offers.

Furthermore, the S7 features an E11 filter that captures allergens as tiny as 0.3 microns and ensures your home is pollutant-free.

But there is a crucial point one needs to memorize; genuine HEPA filters are not washable as HEPA labeled are washable. HEPA filter with Roomba j7 is more pollutant trapping capable than the roborock S7 model.

Easy Maintenance

The iRobot Home App and Roborock Home App will remind you when maintenance is due for their robots. From changing brushes to replacing the filters, all maintenance activities regarding the Roomba j7 and Roborock S7 can be quickly done.

Other Key Features

Differences in Cleaning Systems

Roomba j7 adopts a Premium 3-Stage Cleaning system, where else Roborock S7 relies on its adequate suction power and reliable mopping.

On the Roomba, dust is pushed from the side of the wall and brushed from the carpet and floors to the suction chamber for complete absorption.

In Roborock S7, simultaneous vacuuming and mopping help the robot achieve a higher cleaning rate for your home and better cleaning results.

Dirt Detect technology

The Dirt Detect Technology is only featured in the Roomba j7 and not found on Roborock S7. An intelligent sensing algorithm recognizes the dirtiest area from a map and commands the j7 to clean those places thoroughly.

Uncomplicated scheduling

Setting schedules can be quickly done using the iRobot Home App for Roomba j7 and from Roborock Home App for the S7. From choosing the time to clean to assigning repeat cleaning sessions, both apps provide an easy scheduling experience.

What about no-mop zones?

You can restrict the S7 from mopping a zone in a larger cleaning space using the Roborock Home App. However, dropping no-mop zones is only possible with Roborock S7 because its counterpart, Roomba j7, does not feature mopping capabilities.

Is zone cleaning supported?

Roomba j7 and Roborock S7 support zoned cleaning. You can easily create a zone within an area for the robots to clean. There is no need to clean the entire kitchen if you have spilled some food particles with this feature.

Are Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatible?

Roomba j7 and Roborock S7 can be connected to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Just use voice commands and watch how the robots dutifully follow your instructions.

This hands-free control is practical when you are busy with your chores and unable to use the robots’ app.

Can they differentiate rooms in your home?

Scheduling by room is possible with both the models Roborock S7 and Roomba j7. You can benefit from this feature as you only need to select the robots’ kitchen or living room as cleaning targets.

Can you set mopping schedules?

On Roborock S7, scheduling mopping is simple. You just need to launch the Roborock app and configure the schedules as you would do for vacuuming. This feature also does not exist in the Roomba j7.

Cleaning customization based on rooms

Another advantage of the Roborock S7 and Roomba j7 is their ability to recognize customization for separate rooms.

Is the living room dirtier than the bedroom? Just use the Roborock app and iRobot home apps to increase the vacuum pressure and mopping wetness to ensure thorough cleaning in the living room.

Navigating barriers

While moving around your house, the Roomba j7 and Roborock S7 would not get stuck on thick mats or doorsills as the robots are very capable of climbing obstacles up to 2 cm.

Power Differences

Roborock S7 has a wattage of 68 Watts. It needs the power to run multiple operations such as vacuuming, mopping, and advanced computation. On Roomba j7, on the other hand, the rated power is unspecified.

Can you store more than one map?

Yes, on both robots. Up to four multi-floor maps can be saved and accessed using the Roborock Home App.

On the other hand, Roomba j7’s stored maps can be viewed from the iRobot Home App. But iRobot has not specified the number of maps saving.

What about the Roborock S7+ and Roomba J7+ models?

Note: + indicates the exclusive self-empty addition, and with the same features.

Roborock S7+Roomba J7+
Roborock S7 Plus Roomba J7 Plus
Check Price On AmazonCheck Price On Amazon

Roomba j7 and Roborock S7 support automatic dirt disposal compared to the other few Roomba and all Roborock models. S7+ is the first roborock model with this auto empty feature.

A unique Clean Base must be attached to the charging station of these models for this feature to work.

Both the plus models empty the dust on their own, and the respective clean bases hold the dust for nearly a week without making you open the base every day.

You can buy that clean base separately or go with the plus models, Roomba j7+ and Roborock S7+, where that clean base attachment is within the box, and no separate purchase is required.

You need to pay that extra bucks either by buying separately or with the plus variants. Everything depends on your requirement.


Comparison of Roborock S7 and Roomba J7 models

Simple. If you are not looking for a mopping feature or previously had an iRobot mopping device in the house, get the Roomba J7.

Other than that, if you are a first-time robot vacuum buyer or unsatisfied with previous purchases and thinking about what to pick between these models, without any question, go with the Roborock model S7.