[Updated Now] Roborock S6 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2019

Roborock S6 DealsRoborock S6 released in June this year 2019. Definitely the top end robot vacuum with mopping feature.

This prime day we have seen some amazing deals on these Roborock models. And we strongly believe there will be much higher deal discounts this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

What is the Best Roborock S6 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal 2019?

Deals ended.

Check out the Roborock S6 current price here.

In case you missed out on our top recommend deal or it gets out of stock. Don’t miss out on the next recommended deal. 

Here is the complete review of Roborock S6 with all key features, pros, and cons.

Roborock S6 Review – Covered Key Features

If your brain is ready for Roborock S6 then read this:

The Roborock S6 (available in colors black, white) is a seductive robotic vacuum cleaner that has given iRobot and Neato a run. The Roborock other models were a favorite with more than half the populace and now with the Roborock S6, the company seems to have nailed it. You will love the 14 sensors that it is equipped with and more in this vacuum.

Let us have a look at the key features:

  • Roborock S6 works up to 3 hours. No other robot vacuum can beat this.
  • Most advanced adaptive navigation system. Auto plans your home layout and adapts to it.
  • Mopping feature. Available mostly with all Roborock models.
  • Tangle-free brushes. (Very less maintenance and supervision required)
  • Auto top-up. Mean when the battery gets low it reaches the dock and recharges itself. As said above no supervision needed.
  • Carpet boost option like 900 series models. Effective for carpets cleaning.
  • Powerful suction – the best option for carpets as well.
  • Accessories: Virtual wall barriers help keep robot vacuum away from “no need cleaning spaces”

The first thing that we must clarify in this review, is about the 14 sensors which aid in mapping your home for the S6. These sensors aid the vacuum cleaner to operate smoothly and accurately. That is to say, it has cliff sensors (infra-red) that scans for drops, laser rangefinder, and sensor that can clean carpets with power. Yes, all this makes the S6 a pretty good model to put your trust in.


Roborock didn’t go ballistic on the design for this one at least. On the contrary, they have left it to a minimalist layout. The body is made of high-quality plastic and so is the dock station. The S6 makes a cozy fit into the dock because of the deep groove, which keeps it in sync. This reminds us of the fact that it can self-charge whenever the power runs low.

Battery Life

The Roborock S6 can run up to three hours continuously and that too in a quiet mode (more than any other Roborock model). This is a blessing in robotic vacuum cleaners for sure. Of course, there is more to this robot vacuum cleaner than this.

Roborock Noise

Speaking of silence, we think this must come next. The Roborock S6 does not make too much of sound while at work. It works without even dropping a hint at your guests and family members. It only produces 56db of noise! Isn’t that great? Of course. Yes. It’s great. A quiet robot vacuum cleaner.

A word on the Suction Power

Yes, this is another significant aspect that remains lurking in our minds when procuring a vacuum cleaner. Be it robotic or not, you would want one that has a string vacuuming capacity. Guess what, the S6 only gets better with its 2000 Pa. What say?

Mopping ability – Robot vacuum with mop feature

This is another key feature you won’t find with most of the high-end robot vacuums even with Irobot models.

This robot vacuum can wet mop your floors, which is a blessing for tile, hardwood, marble, stone and the likes. It uses a microfiber cloth that is just to dampen and start mopping. Oh, smart technology! Yes, it has gone to that level and this only takes cleaning to another level with robotic cleaners.

To Climb Or Not Climb

Oh, yes it can climb owing to its larger wheels that work along with a motor with high torque. This makes the transition from carpet to floor a breeze for it. Mention has to be made about the fact that it works without a pause under such situations. (Easy transition between floors and carpet)


  • Powerful suction at a considerable price.
  • Wifi connectivity and smartphone-enabled.
  • Very low on maintenance
  • The top-end robot vacuum makes less noise. (Quiet mode)


  • Mopping feature not that up to mark compared to individual robot mops.
  • It might be expensive for some.


This Roborock S6 Review meant to simplify how easy things would get with a voice command via Alexa or Google Assistant.

And another key feature not to forget, Like Other manufacturers high-end models this robot vacuum came up with carpet pressurization technology that helps it clean carpets with force and low on maintenance,

A gem in robot vacuum cleaners to rely on for cleaning.

What is the Best Roborock S6 Cyber Monday Deal 2019?

Cyber Monday this year is on December 2, 2019. The Deal will be soon updated.

As we review the products all year along we know how deals will be every shopping season.

Mostly the top Black Friday deals will stay the same on Cyber Monday.

Roborock S6 Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2019 Prediction Deals:

Last prime day we have seen some amazing deals with on average more than 10 percent discount. Even this high-end Roborock S6 model.

And this Black Friday as we all know the deal discounts will be more on thanksgiving day than the days like the prime day.

So we are expecting some high discounts this year. As Roborock is a new robot vacuum manufacturing company and to note S6 released this year we can’t be that much accurate with our prediction deals.

Archived Roborock S6 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals:

The Roborock S6 robot vacuum just released on June 26th, 2019. So no archived deals.

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