Roborock S5, S50, S55 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals [Updated 2019]

Roborock S5 Deals

First, Let’s clear out the confusion if you have here.

What is the difference between Roborock S5, S50, S55? And even S51?

To say, All these models are the same in functionality, design, performance, accessories and everything except their color. Roborock just got these S5 series with unique variants to show the color differences.

Roborock S50 is white, S55 is Black and S51 is Rose Gold.

What are the Best Roborock S5, S50, S55 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019?

Deals ended.

Check the current price of Roborock S5 here.

We are not expecting a much better price on this model. As it is high in demand. Make it fast and get it. (Might get out of stock)

In the below chart we placed each color separately to fetch you the top going deal quickly without searching here and there.

Our top advice is to not to select the product by color-wise and just go with the best-discounted deal price as color is not a considerable feature.

Keep reading below for the key features of Roborock S5 robot vacuum:

Roborock S5 Review

Here is everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Roborock S5:

Key Features:

  • Top-notch smart navigation and mapping system saves battery life without cleaning the same place again and again.
  • The perfect robot vacuum device with mopping feature enabled. To say it’s a three in one device. Robot vacuum which sweeps, vacuums, and mops.
  • Works on various modes depending on your floor clean needed. Designed keeping every household in mind.
  • Auto adjustable wheels can climb up to 2 cm. Easily traverse between carpet and normal floors.
  • Carpet boost option.
  • Mops without leaving any water trace.

Xiaomi has exceeded all expectations when it comes to consumer electronics. The robotic vacuum cleaner industry was not far off. Hence, they came out with the Roborock series and it was an instant hit. The Roborock S5 is another product that has successfully pleased its users.

The Roborock S5

This device is an ideal match for big houses with multiple rooms. It can sweep and mop according to your requirements. What more do you want from a vacuum cleaner? Yes, hands-free cleaning maybe? This being a robotic vacuum ensures that you remain seated in one place while it does the job for you. We have gathered some more information on this contraption that has been discussed below.

Design Of The Roborock S5

The S5 definitely is a good looking robot cleaner from the house of Xiaomi. The white backdrop with gray and black borders lends its charm. The silver lining (no pun intended) adds to its beauty. Yes, the body is made from plastic but is of high quality.

In addition, it can self-recharge and can easily cross over items that are lower than 2 cms in height. It does not bump into your belongings and trip over unnecessarily. It has a smart navigation system at work that takes care of all this and more.


The Roborock S5 has an extraordinary suctioning capacity of 2000Pa. This can turbo clean, mop, clean your carpet and balance your cleaning by all modes. It has bionic mopping ability that assures, no water streaks to fuss over. The result is your floors will start to shine within a few days of using this robot.

Moreover, it has a longer battery life that helps you to clean more. It can sweep and mop in harmony. This means that you don’t have to worry about stains and debris on the floor anymore, as mopping literally takes it to another level.

Battery Life

The 5200mAh battery life means a lot for any electronic device. For a vacuum cleaner, it can mean 150 minutes of constant cleaning. This is why it is good for cleaning a big house with many rooms.

Really A Smart Vacuum Cleaner

This gadget changes your home into a smart home in an instant. You need to run it with the help of the Mi Home App. It is very easy to install and then follow instructions to get it going. With this you can monitor, control and schedule cleaning your home from anywhere you like in real-time.

The addition of voice command has made this mundane chore more exciting for sure. That is correct, now you can sync it with Alexa and Google Assistant to help you around as well. This certainly cannot get any better! What say?


  • Robot vacuum which also mops is a positive thing to consider.
  • Not a louder one when cleaning (Even on Carpets).
  • Unique design with a sophisticated navigation system.


  • Expensive for some.
  • Not a complete mopping device when compared to Irobot Braava models.


The Roborock S5 comes with a year’s warranty and that makes it an authentic product. This shows how much the manufacturer has faith in its product. Long battery life and advanced technology all make it a great robotic vacuum cleaner. Why not give it a try?

What is the Best Roborock S5, S50, S55 Cyber Monday Deal 2019?

This part will be placed with the on going cyber monday deals once they are alive. We keep this page updated every day till the shopping season ends.

Roborock S5, S50 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deal Predictions this 2019

There will be a huge discount of up to 100 dollars this coming thanksgiving day.

There might be some extra discount or coupon as well for this model as we usually observe with this Roborock S5, S50, and S55 models.

Also to say this model is recommended to go for on Black Friday / Cyber Monday days as it is called a “complete robot vacuum cleaner with mop feature“. You will get the best price on Deal days.

Roborock S5, S50, S55 Black Friday – Cyber Monday Archived Deals:

We haven’t seen any deals last year. And this year on Prime day we have seen the best ever deal on this model. Got down by more than 100 dollars compared to the present date price.

Thinking of the same this Black Friday. Hope you find one.

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