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Roborock E5 Robot & E5 Mop Black Friday Deals [2021]

Roborock E5 modelRoborock E5 is of two variants:

Roborock E5 – Vacuum Model, Roborock E5- Vacuum + Mop Model.

With the vac+mop model, you get the E5 which vacuums and mops simultaneously. If mopping is not required, the E5 vacuum model is the one for you.

Let’s check the best deal:

What are the Best Roborock E5 Robot, Mop Black Friday 2021 Deals?

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Roborock E5 Review

Dimensions / Design

In terms of weight, Roborock E5 is close to 5 kg, which is a 2 kg weight difference from other E series models, making the E5 a bit difficult than lifting the others in case you want to clean another room or move it to the second floor.

Roborock E5 is available in two different colors black and white.

Suction Power

When compared with older models, Roborock E5 outshines the others with its incredible 2500 Pa suction power. It is a force to be reckoned as dust and pet hair on hard surfaces, and deeply lodged debris in carpets are easily removed.

Adding to that, the E5 features outstanding airflow engineering and meticulously designed vacuum ducts that create a high static pressure zone to force in every speck of dirt.

A constant pressure keeps lifting all kinds of dirt even when you reduce the suction power using the app.

Battery Life

The battery capacity in Roborock E5 is 5200 mAh; it delivers only 120 minutes of cleaning on a single charge and 200 minutes in quiet mode.

Navigation System

The dual gyroscopes and OpticEye technology cover the mapping and navigation for the E5. This allows the robot to precisely move across your home without repeating the same path or randomly whizzing here and there

Moreover, an internal map produced when the robot navigates helps the E5 identify where it had been. Using this information, Roborock E5 moves 10% faster and completes cleaning earlier than conventional robot vacuums.

The intelligent Roborock E5 is equipped with a collection of precise sensors for multiple purposes. And also, the E5 is with the usual cliff-sensors to ensure that the model does not tumble down the stairs.


Roborock E5 vac, mop model
Source: Roborock

On the E5, you can opt for a mopping + vac model or vac model alone. The mopping vac model is super easy to use and provides much more than can be seen.

Once on, the mopping functionality of Roborock E5 commences as soon as the vacuuming system starts. Hard surfaces are wiped clean of dirt and dust, making your floors spotless again.

Moreover, you can easily set the wetness level thanks to the innovative hydraulics featured in the E5.

There is no need to concern about sporadic watermarks because Roborock E5’s mopping attachment uses a constant downwards force to wipe your floors evenly and with regulated wetness.

What about the brushes?

The main brush on the E5 works very well against dust and hair on both hard surfaces and carpets. And the rotating brush on Roborock E5 gets to the bottom and scrubs dirt off your floors.

On top of that, the side brushes of the E5 manage to reach wall corners very effectively and push the dirt respectively into the robots’ suction paths. The brushes of the E5 come with an anti-tangle design.

And if you take the vac+mop model, as soon as dust is sucked into the E5, its mopping role instantly kicks in and gently wipes the floor, resulting in a sparkling floor.

The E5 stops immediately and backs off before the mopping cloth even engages when a carpet or rug is detected. 

Filtration System

Roborock E5 has an entirely washable HEPA filter. The efficient filter screens and traps dust and dirt from exiting the vacuum chamber.

On top of that, the E5 model also features an E11 filter which captures allergens up to 0.3 microns to ensure only clean air is exhausted.

Water Tank & Dustbin Capacities

At 640 ml, the dustbin in Roborock E5 is of sound volume. This type of large dustbins can store more dust and dirt in a single cleaning schedule.

In Roborock E5, mopping functionality is with (mop+vac) model, where else in the vac, there is no water tank. The water tank in Roborock E5 measures up 180 ml and enough to mop a moderately-sized home once without refilling.

You can easily top up the water in the tank if you wish to relocate the E5 to another floor, and the robotic cleaner will dutifully complete its task.

Crossing Obstacles

Crossing doorsills and going over carpets 2 cm tall is easy for Roborock E5. Only hurdles above 2 cm become tricky for the robots to negotiate.

Is maintenance troublesome?

Maintaining the E5 is not a problem because the Mi Home or Roborock App tells you to check the brushes and filters.

Furthermore, you can quickly turn the E5 around and remove tangled hair easily from the brushes.

You can effortlessly remove hair from the main brush and wash the filter regularly for optimum performance.

Comparing their applications – Real-time robot location

Roborock E5 can be controlled using either the Mi Home or the Roborock Home App.

In its application, you can set cleaning schedules, track cleaning history, and monitor the statuses of the brushes and filters.

And with the E5 model, you can see the live robot location in the mobile app; this feature is a new one not available with other E series models.

Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa?

Connectivity to smart home devices is seamless with Roborock E5. You can use either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to provide voice-based instructions to the robots to start cleaning.

Just call them out and watch how the robotic cleaners perform.


Roborock E5 is the best affordable model, which works with the suction power of 2500Pa, typically seen in higher-end and rich models.

And with the E5, as said beforehand, there is a vacuum plus mopping model, which is more helpful so that there is no need for a separate device, and will do both the horrendous house chores with a single device in a single more optimal way.

Best for many. Check it out.

What are the Best Roborock E5 Model Cyber Monday Deals?

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