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Roborock E4 VS E35 – What is the Best Model to Buy?

Roborock E4 and Roborock E35 – best in the list of affordable roborock vacuum models that mop.

There are very few considerable differences between these models. 

Before that, to note, E4 itself has two versions: one mops and the other doesn’t.

Without further ado, let’s find what is the best.

Roborock E4Roborock E35
E4 Mop Roborock Model Roborock E35 top view
Mopping?: Yes (With E4 Mop + Vac Model); No (With E4 Vacuum Model)Mopping?: Yes
Navigation System: Optical Eye + Dual GyroscopeNavigation System: Dual Gyroscope
Battery Life: 200 minsBattery Life: 150 mins
Check On Amazon (E4 Vacuum & Mop Model) and (E4 Vacuum Model)Check On Amazon

E4 VS E35? (Summary) – Both are good models at this price range. But E4 stands ahead in terms of efficient cleaning.

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Roborock E4 VS Roborock E35 – Comparison Table

 Roborock E4Roborock E35
Height & Weight8.9 cm & 5 kg9.1 cm & 3.2 kg
Suction Power2000 Pa2000 Pa
Navigation SystemOpticEye + Dual GyroscopeDual Gyroscope
MoppingYes (vac plus mop model), No (vac model)Yes
Battery Life200 mins150 mins
Dustbin Size640ml640ml
Water Tank CapacityOptimal140 ml
Washable HEPA filterYesYes
Zone CleaningNoNo
Multiple Map SavingNoNo
Selective Room CleaningNoNo
Carpet BoostYesYes
Recharge & ResumeYesYes
Four Cleaning ModesYesYes
Mobile App ControlYesYes
Wifi ConnectivityYesYes
Google Assistant & Amazon AlexaYesYes
PriceCheck on Amazon (E4 Vacuum+Mop Model)Check on Amazon

Roborock E35 VS E4 – In Detail



At 5 kg, Roborock E4 is about 2 kilograms heavier than Roborock E35, which measures 3.2 kilograms on the weighing scale.

It makes lifting the E35 when it is stuck or carrying it to another room or floor is more manageable than Roborock E4.

Their compact sizes allow them to navigate comfortably under low-clearance furniture for better cleaning opportunities.

The dirt that has been there under your couch for the longest of time is now removed by the capable robotic cleaners from Roborock, thanks to their compressed dimension.


Roborock E4 measures 8.9 cm in height, where else Roborock E35 is 9.1 cm tall.

Given their heights, both robotic cleaners conveniently glide under low-clearance furniture like your sofas and floor-level coffee tables pretty easily.

Dust, which is not accessible during conventional cleaning, is dutifully removed by both robots.

Differentiating their Suction Power

Roborock E4’s 2000 Pa

To remove tough stains and dirt off the floor and carpet, Roborock E4 adopts an incredible 2000 Pa vacuum system.

With 11% more suction power than previous models, Roborock has incorporated a resilient fan that spins vigorously to generate the relentless pressure which cleans deep within carpets and hard surfaces.

On top of that, remarkable airflow engineering and intelligently designed vacuum ducts create a high static pressure zone to maintain relentless pressure throughout cleaning your house.

In case you require less power, access the app and turn down the pressure without even contacting the robot – variable suction power useful when needed, especially on dense carpets.

Same 2000 Pa on Roborock E35

Roborock E35 works wonderfully on carpets and hard floors by running over them with an extraordinary 2000 Pa of force, similar to the E4.

Specks of dirt are removed, and every piece of debris from carpet fibers is dislodged when the E35 makes a pass.

Just pour yourself a glass while you wait for the efficient Roborock E35 to pull out every bit of dirt without you touching the vacuum cleaner and mop.

Carpet Boost – Who has it?

The Carpet Boost feature allows Roborock E4 to ramp up to maximum pressure when it detects a carpet when navigating your home, resulting in a cleaner environment.

Both vacuums can work with carpet boost mode.

When Carpet Boost is activated from the app, Roborock E4 and Roborock E35 increase their suction power for comprehensive and thorough carp cleaning.

Deeply stuck debris and lumped hair are effortlessly removed due to strong suction force from the robotic cleaners.

Which one mops better?

E4 – Optional Mopping System

Roborock E4 mopping
© Roborock

The E4 is a durable vacuum cleaner that tidies your home with a spotless floor and cleaner air.

With the E4 vac plus mop model: The mopping system removes dirt effectively on multiple hard surfaces and ensures a hygienic surrounding once it is done.

An advantage is water regulation to the mopping cloth, which can be controlled using new hydraulics in the E4. You need not worry about patchy mopping because precise wetness levels can be set using the mopping attachment of Roborock E4.

Roborock E35 – Gentle Mopping

The E35 mops simultaneously as it vacuums your hard floors. When a carpet is sensed, the mopping activity is disengaged instantly, and the robot retracts to avoid the rug.

Another smart addition is after mopping the floors; leftover water is sucked in, ensuring no water puddles are left.

Moreover, the E35 glides, while mopping and vacuuming to make sure a trail of sparkling floors is left behind.

The only drawback is that Roborock E35 does mop but not as good as conventional mopping devices. Dirt thicker than a few layers are beyond the cleaning abilities of the E35. This is where high ends roborocks differ from affordable models.

Their Cleaning Brushes

The main brush on the E4 and E35 is quite similar and features an anti-tangle design. Dirt and dust are scrubbed off hard surfaces and from carpets ensuring comprehensive cleaning.

Moreover, the side brushes sweep dust off the wall edges into the suction path, allowing an all-around cleaning when the robots operate.

Roborock E4’s Rapid Technology with Gyroscopes & OpticEye

Every minute, the dual gyroscopes in Roborock E4 monitor the robot if its angle of motion is affected and the robot is flipped. By tracking these changes, navigation of the E4 can be commanded easily.

Furthermore, an LED-based OpticEye motion tracking system and a laser module produce precise navigation and mapping systems of the E4.

The OpticEye technology and assistance from a pair of gyroscopes make up the mapping and navigation dexterities of Roborock E4.

By assessing its travel distance, the dual-gyroscopes and the OpticEye system govern the robot’s navigation around your methodically. 

In addition to that, the E4 refers to an internal map to identify where it had been. The technology within the E4 allows it to move 10% faster than older robot vacuums.

E35’s Dual Gyroscopes & Dual-Optical Motion Tracing

The E35 also features two gyroscopes to track the robot’s movement as the E4 does. Using also the OpticEye technology, the E35 knows where it has been and avoids moving randomly like a short-circuited robot in your home.

Instead, the E35 glides systematically on a preset cleaning path while performing its duties

The E35 works very well using its dual-optical motion tracking sensors to navigate your home. It cleans by deploying a methodical movement pattern.

The robot does not move randomly but follows a pre-planned route analyzed by the gyroscopes and motion tracking sensors.

Less efficient compared to the E4 model.

Taking care of your furniture

Roborock E4 and Roborock E35 are smart cleaners that do not mindlessly move in random lines. Instead, they track their path and “see” where they go. Because of their OpticEye technology, the robots recognize furniture and other obstacles in their way and automatically slow down to avoid a collision. Forget scratches.

You can forget about rescuing the Roborock E4 or Roborock E35 from a funny situation like getting stuck under the dining chair. Smart technology allows the E4 and E35 to release themselves when they are stuck and continue cleaning after that.

Dustbin & Water Tank Capacities


E series 600 ml sized huge dustbin

The dustbins in Roborock E4 and Roborock E35 measure the same at 640 ml.

They have a higher volume than conventional robot cleaners, which allows them to clean longer and get to more areas within a single cleaning cycle.

Water Tank

Water from the 140 ml tank is dispensed to the mopping cloth attached to the bottom of the robotic cleaner for gentle mopping. Typically, a full water tank is enough to mop a moderate house once thoroughly.

YouTube video

How good are the filters? (Washable)

Roborock E4 is featured with a washable E11 filter that traps fine dust particles and allergens as small as 0.3 microns.

Meanwhile, the same type of filter is found in Roborock E35. The durable filters in both robot vacuums have a longer life than conventional filters and do the job better.

Cleaning Area Comparison

Both Roborock E4 and Roborock E35 cleans close to 200 m2, depending on the size and shape of the space.

Roborock’s cleaners ensure that your homes are entirely free from dust from the word go without recharging.

Differences when crossing barriers

Roborock E4 Climbing

Obstacles as tall as Roborock E4 and Roborock E35 easily negotiate 20 mm. You do not need to worry about doorsills at room entrances and a thick rug in the common room. Both E4 and E35 would cross them seamlessly when cleaning your house.

The omnidirectional wheels on both robotic cleaners conveniently drive them over the barriers without much effort.

Single Charge Runtime

Their operating duration

Roborock E4 and Roborock E35 operate for the same duration of 150 minutes before they need to be recharged.

In a single cycle, both robots will clean your house dutifully for 2.5 hours before their batteries become low.

Nevertheless, both robots have the recharge and resume function to continue cleaning where they had left off after a quick recharge due to a low battery.

When a low battery is detected midway cleaning, the robotic cleaners automatically return to their respective bases and recharge immediately. When completed, the E4 and E35 will return to where they had left off to resume cleaning.

Battery Capacity

The batteries in Roborock E4 and Roborock E35 are identical and at 5,200 mAh. The durable lithium polymer battery holds enough charge for the robotic cleaners to complete one cleaning cycle in a single charge.

Without the mopping attachment, Roborock E4 will do about two cycles per charge than its mopping counterpart.

Comparing their Tech

Anti-Entrapment System

Because they know where they had been, Roborock E4 and Roborock E35 seldom get stuck. In the worst case, they move back and forth in a tricky zone.

The navigation technology will reverse the movements until the robots get released from the situation.

Sensing Variances (Cliff sensors)

Both Roborock E4 and Roborock E35 are designed with a suite of high-precision sensors for guided navigation, cliff-sensing, and anti-collision purpose.

The array of sensors in both robotic cleaners allows the robots to negotiate furniture, perform spot cleaning and retract when nearing a staircase.

Additionally, there are anti-collision sensors integrated into the E4 and E35 to avoid obstacles along the route. There is also a perimeter sensor to release the robots from tight spots or when they get stuck.

Connectivity using Voice Commands

You can effortlessly connect both Roborock E4 and Roborock E35 to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for hands-free operation.

From setting cleaning schedules to directing where to go and clean, you are the master of commands, and you only need to speak out the instructions. The E4 and E35 will analyze the orders and act accordingly.

Zone Cleaning – Is it available?

In the E4 and E35, a zone-based operation is not possible. That means you cannot use virtual boundaries or block off areas using the app.

Furthermore, there is no zone cleaning option available for both robotic cleaners. Although mopping functionality is available for Roborock E4 and Roborock E35, you cannot set mop schedules independently using the app.

Multiple Maps Saving – No?

It is no shame that both Roborock E4 and Roborock E35 do not feature advanced map-saving abilities. Only a temporary, internal map is generated in each robot when they are navigating through your home.

Maintenance Differences

YouTube video

Check out the above video for a complete maintenance guide of these E series models.

Roborock E4 is with an easy brush design where you can remove tangled hair or fiber attached to the main brush’s end.

Using the same method, you can clean the main brush on the E35 too. Moreover, the E11 filters found in Roborock E4 and Roborock E35 are washable and have a long life.

Since the filters are washable, you can easily remove them from the E4, run them under tap water, and plug it back in after they dried. It is as simple as that.

Forget about a replacement for a year, at least.

Interestingly, the Mi Home app lets you know when the brushes and filters need replacing and when you must wipe the sensors to ensure efficient performance from the vacuum.

Their Application Comparison (Mobile App Connectivity)

The Roborock HOME App is used for the E4, and Mi Home App controls the E35. Setting up cleaning schedules, monitoring previous cleaning sessions, and connecting to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa is easy with both apps.

You can even set suction pressure strength for Roborock E4 and swap between different cleaning modes for Roborock E35 by accessing their respective app.


What about the cleaning modes?

Roborock E4 and Roborock E35 have identical cleaning modes like silent, standard, strong, and max. Each cleaning mode is applicable for different dirt situations at your home. Spilled some powder in the kitchen? Using the standard mode will do fine.

Which is good for mopping (E4 OR E35)?

Even both provide the same suction power when vacuuming, mopping is a bit different. With E4, you will get the best mopping pad which you usually get with the top ends.


comparison of roborock e4 and e35 models

It’s tough. When there are a few differences between, it isn’t easy to call about the best choice.

Speaking of the differences, improved navigation and different mopping functionality (with roborock e4 model) make everything clear.

To say navigation is not a point for discussion. Both the robots are outstanding, cleans efficiently without leaving any dust here and there.

If you use both the robots same time, there might be a few minutes coverage difference which might not be a matter for a good cleaning.

The only considerable difference is mopping functionality. Roborock E35 is like a complete package automatically (can change in settings) mops after completing the vacuum cycle.

For the Roborock E4 vac model, the mopping setup is not a built-in feature. And the E4 vac plus mop model is like a complete package advanced than the E35 model, which makes it our recommended choice.