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Roborock E25, E20, E2 Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 Deals [Updated Now]

Roborock E25 / E20 Deals

First and foremost. Let’s clear the most commonly confusing part with this Roborock model.

What is the difference between E2 vs E20 vs E25?

The Roborock E2 series has two models:

  • Roborock E20 – white in color. 
  • Roborock E25 – Black in color.

Color is the only difference. All everything is the same.

We categorized both as the same product and provided you the top Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals here. In case if there is any deal price difference between those models. We will update you here.

What is the Best Roborock E25, E20 Cyber Monday / Black Friday Deal 2019?

Update (December 4, 2019): Deals ended

This section will be updated once the pre-black Friday deals get started. There will be no time delay for deals update.

Current Best Roborock E25, E20 Black Friday Deal Prices 2019:

Here are the best sale deals of both E2 series models:

Deals ended.

Continue reading below for short review along with major specifications, advantages, disadvantages.

Roborock E25, E20 Review

Here is the list of key features:

Key features:

  • 1800pa strong suction capable of grabbing dust more effectively.
  • Vacuum and mop combo. (For now, this is the lowest priced model which can offer both functionalities).
  • Mobile App connectivity.
  • Auto Carpet boost. Same when compared to the other industry leaders like Roomba this is the only model till now with this feature at such affordable price.
  • Six Cleaning modes which help you when need.
  • Smart home enabled. (You can access it with Alexa voice control)
  • Auto recharge system.

Roborock did impress all of us with their top models and now they introduced the Roborock e25. There is no need to mention this that this is a way affordable sweeping and mopping model. This does not make it less of a robotic vacuum cleaner. It is the same workhorse that if put to test will blow your mind.

What Is The Roborock E25 All About?

In simple words, this robotic vacuum cleaner can mop and sweep your floors. It can keep your tiles, marbles, stones and the likes happy. This is why it comes with different cleaning modes and has been equipped with a set of power levels to combat dirt. We have broken it down for your easy comprehension.


Roborock has played it safe with the E25, as they have kept the design minimal. This makes your vacuum look simple, yet the kind of service it can render is not that simple. It is a powerhouse of efficiency and cleanliness. Try it!


For a robot vacuum cleaner, this is the most integral part and the Roborock e25 is prepared to do a lot. The different modes, for example, the carpet mode can use its power suction to clean rugs and carpets. Then the turbo mode can clean anything super fast and quiet mode can clean silently. There are six modes and you can make the most of them by utilizing them wisely.

Moreover, it has a suction capacity of 1800 Pa for intense cleaning. This means it can pick up crumbs, dirt, grime, and dust in a jiffy. This strong suction is a challenge to get at this price range in this category.


To begin with, it must be stated that it is very easy to program. You can use the Xiaomi Mi Home App to get things done in a smooth way. This implies that you will have a hands free cleaning that you are about to enjoy for the rest of your life.

Smart Home Choice

You may already that you can sync your Alexa and Google Assistant with robotic vacuum cleaners. However, you may not be expected one at this range. Guess what, the E25 has all the benefits of a high-end robotic vacuum cleaner. This is another feather that needs to be added to its hat.


The E25 has been furnished with microfiber pads for mopping, the water tank is thin but is more than to take on stubborn stains and the filters are HEPA certified. This means you are in a house which is safe you can breathe in air that is 99.9% free of allergens.

The charging station is stable and can be used for re-charging in-between cleaning. It must also be added that the Roborock E25 comes with one year of warranty and that certainly makes it a genuine product.


  • Affordable price. (Especially a device which can both vacuum and mop)
  • More than 1 hour 30 minutes run time. We can say it long battery life.
  • Gets slow before bumping to avoid damages.
  • Spot cleaning and different modes with this basic model is definitely a positive one.


  • Smaller dust bin size.
  • Not a complete robot vacuum when accessories are considered.
  • Can’t set “No go zones” like the other Roborock models. It’s a big disadvantage. But for the price, it’s worth it if you are looking for small to medium-sized homes.


The point is anyone would like to save them while cleaning. We speak this from experience, as we have used broom and bucket, vacuum cleaners and now the robotic vacuums.

This Robot vacuum cleaner Roborock e25 adds a boost to your cleaning chores and you must give it a serious thought for sure.

What is the Best Roborock E25, E20 Cyber Monday Deal 2019?

Both E20 and E25 models Cyber Monday Deals will be here shown in the form of deals chart once the moment the deals get alive. Be sure to check this page frequently to avoid deal misses.

Roborock E25, E20 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals Predictions in 2019

Depending on the previous sales day deals this Black Friday we are predicting that Roborock E25, E20 models will get down by a maximum of twenty to twenty-five percent of the present current going price.

Note: This subsection will be updated depending on the current price changes if any. So keep an eye on this as well.

Roborock E25, E20 Archived Black Friday Deals:

The Roborock E25 or E20 is not for sale last Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

But this year 2019 prime day the Roborock E25, E20 is on sale with a 20 percent discount tag. Definitely the top saver if you consider buying. 

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