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Neato D8 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals [Updated]

Neato D8 modelNeato D8 is a compound of advanced features available at a fair price.

It is the sole reason that makes it stick in the best-sellers listing.

What about the deals?

Let’s check out:

What is the Best Neato D8 Black Friday 2021 Deal?

For the best deals, you have to wait till Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Black Friday is on 26 November 2021.

Neato D8 Review

Neato D8 is a powerful robotic vacuum cleaner that comes with long battery life. It has excellent navigational skills and, above all, can mop quite decently. It self-charge and resume cleaning until it is done.

Yes, it is an intelligent robot vacuum that does not need much of an introduction. Let’s dive into the key features:


Neato has nailed by designing its bot vacuum cleaners with the exclusive ā€˜Dā€™ shape. That is their trademark, and a lot of other companies are now following their suite.

Besides this, the Neato D8 can clean your house quite thoroughly means; be it pet pug marks or breadcrumbs, your home will never remain messy again.

It can seamlessly clean your house with the click of a button and has a pretty long battery life.

Came in with a diameter of 12.99 inches and height of 3.99 inches makes it a clever choice for cleaning tough to reach places like under the cabinets, pieces of furniture, etc.

Suction – Cleaning Performance

We must start with Neato D8 and elucidate that it never quits. Bring on stubborn dirt, dust, and grime; it will always clean them with flair.

Suction power near 2000Pa makes the robot a good cleaner, not the best when chores like deep carpet cleaning are needed.

Did you know that this is a beast of a machine when it comes to pet hair removal? Neato D8 has a 70 percent bigger brush than the usual round-shaped robot models, which help trap the dust and pet hair at once.

Hands down, the regular round shape robot cleaners lack this efficient characteristic.

HEPA Filters

Being a pet specialist, this Neato D8 bot vacuum cleaner does tag along with HEPA filters. These filters can kill 99.9% of germs, allergens, pollens, and 0.3 microns.

Their filters are washable and are designed in a way that can reduce the frequency of your change.

With the device, you will get the extra filters and attachments in the box that makes your life more comfortable, and to say, as the filter is washable, you can fix a single one to run for months depending on the cleaning loads.

Battery Life (Run Time)

Neato D8 runs for 100 minutes while cleaning, which is sufficient for cleaning a medium-sized home in a single run.

And even it is a large-sized one, there is no problem because of the robot recharge-resume feature, which automatically recharges and resumes cleaning without missing any area.

Navigation – LaserSmart Technology

The Neato D8 uses a laser to navigate your house, and this even assists it in seeing in the dark. It cleans in straight lines, as it does not want to miss out on the dirt.

It makes a map of your house and evokes it to work around your furniture.

There are many robots in almost every other manufacturer’s models, and even Neato’s mid-level and base-level models fail to see in the dark. They can but not with similar accuracy in daylights. It is a massive star for this robot Neato D8.


Neato has this unique shape of a ā€˜Dā€™ that helps it cover every nook and corner of your house. This unique shape allows the robot vacuum cleaner to get under furniture and clean walls and corners satisfactorily.

Smart Home Connectivity

Speaking of intelligent devices brings us to discuss that both can work with Alexa and Google App – implies all you need is a voice command to start cleaning your house.

The Neato D8 can be customized with the Neato robotics MyNeato app. The point is you can schedule, monitor, and clean your home from anywhere in the world.

And there is a point to mention here – the app from neato that is with the automatic software update so that you never miss any of the newest features.

Cleaning Modes

We continually search for variable suction for two reasons: improved suction performance when aggressive cleaning is required and keeping the robot in low suction mode to save energy resources and product equipment runout.

Happily, the Neato D8 comes with cleaning modes that support many sorts.

It comes with eco and turbo modes; Neato D8 makes it an all-around performer irrespective of the region. When cleaning things like carpets and more dirted areas, shift to the turbo mode where more powerful suction is a choice.

No-Go Zones

Neato D8 No Go Zone
Source: Neato

YES, YES, YES. This feature is stated last, but it is one of the principal features available only in the higher, more expensive models compared to other brands.

But Neato D8 came out of the factory to create a new drift; it came up with the No-Go zones feature. What is No-Go Zone Feature? Is that useful?

You set the schedule to make the robot clean the whole house every morning and night before sleep. That’s the general clean timings. What if there is a birthday party or separate meetup in a specified room or zone in your home?

Cleaning is wanted after that, right?. Rerun the robot vacuum? Is that the solution? No. It makes the robot clean the entire house instead of that zone, utilizes more power needs more time.

So to assist in that kind of occurrence, No go zones or Zone cleaning are for aid. Within the MyNeato App, you can set the zones in your home using the map and set the robot to clean that zone or avoid that zone. We also have situations where a particular location needs to be bypassed.

Regarding key positives, there are a few that you must look into in Neato D8:

  • Let us start with practicality, and that was what the question is, Neato D8 is a realistic solution. It is an affordable solution to many.
  • Its shape is one of the essential features that you can count on.
  • It has a longer battery life, with recharge-resume active on.
  • Best for the homes where allergies are a point of the conversation.


The bottom line is, Neato D8 can clean your house in a formidable way. You will not have to think twice about cleaning being monotonous work with either of them around. It makes your life easy and helps you with mundane chores.

What is the Best Neato D8 Cyber Monday 2021 Deal?

You need not wait till Cyber Monday for the deep reductions. Start looking from the pre-black Friday days.