Ecovac Deebot 711, 711S Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2019 Updated

The best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals of Ecovac Deebot models 711, 711S:

First, What is the difference between 711 and 711S?

711S runs extra time up to 130 minutes more than the Deebot 711 model. Everything is the same.

What is the Best Ecovac Deebot 711, 711S Black Friday – Cyber Monday2019 Deal?

Update (December 2, 2019): Top deals added in the below current deals chart.

Current Deebot 711, 711S Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 Deals:

Deals ended.

The top-selling deals of Ecovac Deebot model 711 and 711S will be released here soon. We are just working on it. Keep a reminder and revisit soon Or have a bookmark.

Buying without knowing is not recommended if you have time to read. So for those guys, we compiled a quick review with pros and cons.

Ecovac Deebot 711 Review

What is the big deal about buying a vacuum cleaner? Yes, it could be something if you are thinking of a robotic vacuum cleaner. Again, a couple of years ago, it would have been a cool idea, but with the availability of so many robotic vacuum cleaners things have changed for good. One such cleaner is Ecovacs deebot 711 that has made things different with longer battery life and more. Let us have a look at what is special about this vac.

First, watch the key features:

  • With a highly prolific navigation system says Smart Navi 2.0 makes it never clean the same place twice. High rated power saver.
  • Around 2 hours run time. Not that good for the price.
  • You can run it on auto-clean mode or other available modes that make the best suit.
  • Black colored stylish and simple design great for its mobility.
  • You will get all the cleaning reports compared to the Deebot 500.

What Is The Ecovacs Deebot 711 All About?

It is a robotic vacuum cleaner that comes with one year of warranty. This certainly makes the product authentic, as the manufacturer believes in its product. Moreover, the Ecovacs Home App makes a lot of difference, as you don’t have to try a third-party app and put your privacy at stake. Of course, there is more to this and we will discuss all of that in this post. So, read on to know more.


The Deebot 711 has an elegant shiny body with a shiny silver border. Now that really lends it a chic look that is hard to resist. Indubitably, it is quite a task to find a gadget that looks good and performs as well. Guess what, this is one of those rare devices.


It can pull in twice the dirt, dust and debris in its maximum mode. This quite obviously makes it a beast of a machine that you can lay your hands on. You can run it on auto mode, command it to spot clean and take care of any kind of a mess.


This needs special mention that the Deebot 711 can run for 110 long minutes straight (711S is 20 minutes more). There is no need to explain that a longer battery is equal to more cleaning. Wow, now beat that!


Mention has to be made about the Smart Navi 2.0 Technology that aids it to map the required area and clean efficiently. The 3-Stage Cleaning ensures that there is no dirt left by this intelligent cleaning system. More or less, it has a low profile design with 3.2 inches height, helps it to clean under the furniture very competently. It can deep clean, which implies that carpet cleaning is a breeze.

Smart System

As we have already discussed that the Ecovacs app makes it easy for its users to schedule, monitor and control this robotic vacuum cleaner. This actually makes it easy-peasy to utilize this device.

Again, you can use the voice command feature with Alexa and Google Assistant too. There is no end to this contraption’s use and you will find it an inordinate addition to your household chores. Come on give it a go!


  • Compatible with Alexa voice control (even Google Assistant).
  • Best for medium-sized homes. (As it covers more 1000 sq.ft).


  • Speaking of the fact not the robot vacuum for its price. For this price, you could get the robot vacuum with a mop feature.


The Ecovacs Deebot 711 is a reasonable robotic vacuum cleaner that you will ever come across. It has great features that you can count on and that makes it a better device. You can rely on its spotless cleaning power and longer run time for more. Think about it!

What about the Ecovacs Deebot 711S Review?

As said earlier in the article, the only difference is the run time. 130 minutes for 711S and 110 minutes for the 711 deebot model.

What is the Best Ecovac Deebot 711, 711S Cyber Monday 2019 Deals?

Cyber Monday stands for around 30 percent of sales even after Black Friday. This section will get updated the moment Cyber Monday starts.

Ecovac Deebot 711, 711S Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 Deals Predictions:

As these models are new completely we don’t have the past experience with these models deals.

But taking the present prices into consideration we predict that the price will go down around 50 to 100 dollars.

Also to note, they are in a limited deal now with Echo free dot free along with the robot vacuum cleaner. Best time to buy now as well.

Archived Ecovac Deebot 711, 711S Black Friday – Cyber Monday Deals:

This section will be updated the next year as these are new models released this year.

Also, our team is striving to give the best user experience so they are working on each and every aspect of the model.

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