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Dolphin Escape VS Dolphin E10

When it comes to robotic pool cleaners, Dolphins are the first to come to mind.

We compared two of those – Dolphin Escape and Dolphin E10.

Which works better for your pool? Find Now.

Dolphin EscapeDolphin E10
Dolphin Escape Robotic Pool Cleaner dolphin e10 robot pool cleaner
Navigation: Smart Nav 2.0Navigation: CleverClean Technology
Motors: Two 24V DC MotorsMotors: One 24V DC Motor
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Dolphin E10

dolphin e10 robot pool cleaner

BottomLine: Both are similar performing models. In the real world, the advanced navigation and double motors are not worth the Escape’s high price label.

Reviewing the costs, we recommend Dolphin E10 over its pricey sibling Dolphin Escape.

Escape VS E10 – Side by Side Comparison Chart

 Dolphin EscapeDolphin E10
Navigation TechSmart Nav 2.0CleverClean
No.of Motors21
Suction Pressure4000 GPH4000 GPH
Weight14.2 lbs14.6 lbs
Top-Load FiltersYesYes
HighSpeed Rubber BrushYesYes
Ideal Pool TypeAbove-GroundsAbove-Grounds
Pool LengthsUp to 30ftUp to 30ft
Cable Length40 ft40 ft
Waterline CleaningNoNo
HyperGrip Rubber TracksYesYes
Full Bag IndicatorNoNo
Smartphone ConnectivityNoNo
Remote ControlNoNo
Warranty2 Years2 Years
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Dolphin E10 VS Escape – Comprehensive Comparison

Whether it is some robot vacuum or robotic pool cleaner, what if it travels in a random path?

It takes more time to complete the cycle. It swallows more resources, and still, there is a prospect of dirt remaining.

Dolphin E10 is with CleverClean technology that is able to clean in a systematic way, barely better than the complete random navigation.

In contrast, the Escape pool cleaner has Smart Nav 2.0 technology.

This tech enables the robot to navigate after proper planning.

So it drives the robot more efficiently. No place is covered twice, and no area is left after cleaning.

The intelligent sensors with Dolphin Escape recognize the obstacles, drain and whatever in the path and do the cleaning as it should.

Overall, there is a possibility of interruption or area missing when the E10 wanders, but that is not the case with Dolphin Escape.

Dolphin Escape has Dual Energy Motors

Though both work with the same 4000 GPH Suction pressure, there is a construction distinction.

Dolphin Escape is with single 24V motor, whereas the Escape has dual 24V motors.

An additional motor provides the robot with more strength and solidity when operating.

This extra motor might be the reason that in a few cases – the Escape climbs the walls as well to an extent, which is not stated by the manufacturer.

This difference does not play a crucial role in making your pool dazzle.

The added motor is certainly not worth the Escape’s extra hundred bucks price tag.

Design & Maintenace Perspective

If the comparison is the topic of discussion, then talking about the design and dimensional differences only comes into judgment if they are largely diverse.

Dolphin Escape and E10 are nearly identical in measurements and total viewpoint.

Made of polymer material, Dolphin Escape weighs 14.2 pounds, whereas the E10 weighs 14.6 pounds.

In display, E10 is with the white and grey color blend, and Dolphin Escape has a blue and grey color combination.

Now the maintenance part,

Every Dolphin Robotic pool cleaner is top-standard in the matter of maintenance and usage.

Dolphin cleaners are painless to take around as they are lightweight and with handle existence.

Or You can purchase the universal caddy from dolphin for your pool cleaner to store and bring the robot to the pool.

It is a pointless purchase unless you need to carry the robot vacuum from a reasonable long distance every cleaning cycle.

Plugging into the power supply is like child’s play. There is a power box that should be connected to the power supply.

And the cable from the robot is placed inside that power box. That’s it.

After every clean cycle, pull the robot using the cable and discharge the water by slanting it.

Dolphin Escape Top Load Filter
Source: Maytronics

The easy-to-access top load filters in pool cleaners are large-sized and sufficient to hold much debris.

It is effortless taking the filter out, cleansing it, and putting it back.

High-Speed Rubbing Brushes + Powerful Suction

Usually, pool surfaces build up with algae, dirt deposits, and other debris.

And sometimes, if you did not get the pool scrubbed, the floor surfaces get discolored from standard to light-yellow or green in color.

In all those cases, these robotic cleaners help to sparkle your pool.

Three factors work in unity to result in that:

  1. One is the strong rubber brush material that forcibly scrubs the floors wiping all the build-up on the floor.
  2. Two, the high-speed brush rotation drives the first step even more powerful.
  3. Three is the mighty 4000GPH Suction power that deeply vacuums all the dirt lifted by the brushes.

In terms of performance and dirt-free, stain-free cleaning, E10 and Escape stand on the same step.

Pool Types & Pool Lengths

Many become uncertain about whether these pool cleaners cleanse both in-ground and above-ground.

We have seen occasional experiences – some customers share that their robotic cleaners clean both pool types.

But all those are hypothetic, not confirmatory.

Dolphins manufacturer Maytronics says the E10 and Escape pool cleaners are perfect for above-ground pools.

We suggest that as well. It is better not to go against the instructions.

If you require in-ground type pool cleaners, there are separate dolphin cleaners.

Both the E10 and Escape come with 40ft cables and are suitable for pools up to 30 ft in length.

Energy-Efficient Or Power Consuming?

When there is a topic about conventional pool cleaning methods, pumps and hoses are the terms that kick in.

Also, if you dig deeper, you might remember that cleaning with those does not take more time but consume more power sources.

And about the current robotic pool cleaners, the way they look, the powerful they perform, the advanced they are, we all think that they lead to a packed power bill.

But that is mistaken with the Dolphin products index.

Every Dolphin robotic cleaner is developed with a power-saving factor in the chart. And they flourished.

Dolphin pool cleaners run with an average operating cost of around 5 cents per hour, as Maytronics states.

Isn’t that incredible?

Assessing that, compared to old cleaning systems, the power consumption would be ten times less with the dolphin pool cleaners.

Do these Dolphin Models Climb Walls, Scrub Waterlines?


As these models are ideal for above-ground pools, it is not on the expectation list that the robot should scrub walls.

But somehow, in some cases, Dolphin Escape manages to climb a little, but that too, not like one’s requirement.

If you are peeking for a robotic pool cleaner for both floor surfaces and walls, E10 and Escape are not the ones.

There are other dolphin models which extensively clean walls and floors combined.

Neither the models E10 and Escape can cleanse waterlines.

In the dolphin pool cleaners line-up, only the top-of-the-lines are able to clean waterlines.

What we say, we recommend not to go for a pricey one based on that waterline cleaning characteristic.

It is wise to clean waterlines alone by utilizing a scrub brush as they are the foremost place of discoloration and mineral deposits.

Both are with HyperGrip Rubber Tracks

Dolphins HyperGrip Rubber Tracks

The track between the front and back wheels of the robotic pool cleaner plays a vital role in the robot’s efficiency.

As the water floats, if the track feels slippery with the pool surface, the robot can not hold the brush in tight contact with the floor surface.

It results in inefficient cleaning – few spots would be missed.

With E10 and Escape pool cleaners – this is not a concern as both have hyper grip tracks.

These tracks have continuous rubber grips with an extremely short distance in between. So slipping subject is not in the dolphin zone.


Do these Dolphin Cleaners have a timer option? Can you schedule?


Scheduling choice is not in E10 and Escape Pool Cleaners.

You either leave the robot in the pool and power it on each time you want it to clean or store it somewhere else till the next cleaning requirement.

Is there any full-bag indicator?

No. Not with both models.

In real-world usage, there is not much significance for full-bag indicators.

Even with or without it, we recommend cleaning the bag after every clean as it is best to clear all the debris by flushing it under water.

Few mineral particles are known to wear the bag material if left uncleaned for a long time.

What about the Assurances?

Both the Dolphin Robots E10 and Escape are with 2-Year Warranty.

Here do not get misinformed by the manufacturer.

The two-year is for the plastic/rubber parts. And all the remaining vital things like power supply and motor unit are limited to one year warranty.

Can you control these using a remote or smartphone?


It is a notable shortcoming in these pool cleaners.

You only have power options on and off on the power supply box.

Do these filter bags trap the finest particles?

Maytronics recommends two filter bag types.

One is the fine-filter bag that comes equipped with the robot.

It traps nearly almost everything from algae moss to bigger leaves and sticks.

If you are more bothered about micro particles like pollutants, mineral particles, allergens, or sand?

There is another type, an ultra-fine filter bag compatible with both cleaners, sold separately. It entraps everything like a pro.

Final Words

Dolphin Escape, E10 Pool Cleaners Comparison

Dolphin Escape is the overall victor.

The title itself says the dirt and stains could not get escaped from this robot pool cleaner.

But we suggest E10.

E10 is exact the Escape when cleaning performance is taken into account.

All the other Escape’s top features are not compelling when the price difference is in the picture.

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