Best Roomba Models in 2020 – With Comparison Chart [Updated]

best roomba models comparisonEvidently:

In the class of Robot Vacuums, Irobot’s Roombas earned high marks for their build quality, efficient dirt cleaning ability, and the amazing equipped features (available at a fair price).

Well, there is only ONE problem…

Irobot’s Roomba has a very strong lineup. Not all Roombas deserve your hard-earned money. With many models to choose from makes it a difficult job to find the best Roomba that suits your home and satisfies your needs.

That is why we have compiled this best models list (the top Roomba models compared) which helps you find the best one for YOU. But before that, let’s go for this:

Quick Note:

We are updating this guide and we will be ready with the full-packed best guide within a few days.

But in order to help each and every visitor, we updated the comparison chart first which helps you compare the current Roomba models.

Which Roomba is BEST FOR YOU?

To be honest:

There is no such Roomba which works perfectly for everyone. The robot vacuum which works great on hardwood floors may not show its worth on Carpets. So, it all depends on the things you needed. That is why to help you till the end, (In this guide) we discussed how each Roomba shows its worth,how it compares to the othersandWhat is the Best Roomba for various situations (i.e. Carpets, Hardwood floors, for pet hair cleaning, etc.,)

Note: We update this guide daily, keeping the present-day requirements in mind. (All the outdated models will get removed, and the newly released model are added without any delay).


Top Roomba Models (Most Recommended) – Quick Comparison Chart 2020

 675E5960i7 / i7+S9 / S9+
Powerful Suction
(Compared to 675)
✔ (5x more)✔ (5x more)✔ (10x more)✔ (40x more)
Battery Life (Run Time)90 Minutes90 Minutes75 Minutes75 Minutes90 Minutes
Dirt Detection✔ (More Advanced)✔ (More Advanced)✔ (More Advanced)
WI-FI & App Connectivity
Alexa and Google Assistant Compatible
Best for Pet Hair Cleaning?
Brushless Rubber Rollers
Imprint Link Technology
HEPA Filter
Visual Mapping
Recharge and Resume Feature
Self Emptying Dirt Feature✔ (With i7+)✔ (With S9+)
Specified Room Cleaning
Keep Out Zones
Deep Edge Cleaning
Included Accessories
(Any Extras)
1 Extra HEPA FilterNone1 Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier,
1 Extra Filter,
1 Extra Side Brush.
With i7:
1 Extra HEPA Filter
1 Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier
1 Extra Side Brush
With i7+:
Same like with i7 and
2 Dust Disposal Bags
With S9:
1 Extra HEPA filter
1 Extra Corner Brush
With S9+
Same like S9 and
2 Dust Disposal Bags
Current PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon
Model675E5960i7 / I7+S9 / S9+


The below content needs to be updated. We will be back with it soon.

Roomba 650 – If You Are On Strict Budget (Doesn’t Want Any EXTRAS)

We don’t recommend this Roomba now.

No doubt the more expensive the more powerful Roombas will be, BUT there are some affordable Roombas like Roomba 650 that can deliver a thorough cleaning. Until the mid of 2017, this is my favorite Roomba (not only for me, In fact for millions). And to say, those days, it is the top-rated and the best selling robot vacuum on Amazon.

As it had the best overall price to performance ratio, it is also the most recommended one for us. But now as more and more newer models are knocking upwe no longer recommend this Roomba (EXCEPT FOR SOME) as the best Roomba to buy.

EXCEPT FOR SOME?. Yeah, still there are so many things with this Roomba that one will fall in love with it.

Roomba 650 is easy to use Roomba which easily picks up pet hair, dirt, and debris to a good extent and much quieter compared to a regular vacuum cleaner. It starts on a schedule, works for about an hour and goes back to its docking station for recharging. No supervision needed. With the 650, you will get a virtual wall barrier that helps the Roomba to navigate (clean) the area only you want. And the spinning side brush cleans the corners and edges pretty well. Overall, a good performing effective Roomba with no added ***.

Now the reasons (why we no longer recommend this Roomba):

  • Roomba 650 is not a Wi-Fi or App Compatible. We all know how a smart connected device saves our time and effort. So think about it. This is the major reason why 650 starts declining:On the release of Roomba 690, as it is the Wi-Fi-connected Roomba with an affordable price tag, people are most likely shifting towards it.
  • Needs more maintenance. (The hair gets stuck in the rolling brushes, not an easy task to pluck those out).

Roomba 690 – Roomba 650 + “Wi-Fi and App Connectivity feature”

These days people want to control everything from their mobile. So, there is nothing wrong to look out for a wifi-enabled robot vacuum. But with an affordable price tag? Yeah. There is. It’s the Roomba 690.

Released this year,Roomba 690 came up with an updated designwith a Wi-Fi connectivity option compared to its predecessor Roomba 650. All remaining is the same as it. So, without any delay, to the conclusion:


If you want a WI-FI connected robot vacuum (Roomba) which you can control with your phone with the budget in mind, then Roomba 690 is the one for you.

Roomba 890

The Roomba 890 is the latest in the long line of Roomba models.

How is it Better than Roomba 690?

Vacuum Suction is 5x More Powerful:

This robot vacuum got the five times more powerful suction compared to the Roomba 690 that will help pick up the dirt, works on carpets, tiles, hardwood floors and any surface it can work effectively and more powerful than 690 and there are no issues working with it.

Brushless Tangle-Free Extractors :

The dirt extractor came with the Roomba 890 is the brushless one. The tangle-free extractors.It is an important update, to say, a useful update compared to the basic model Roomba 690. We all know how hard it is to clean and maintain when the hair or dust get tangled inside the brush. To avoid these Irobot came up with the brushless extractors for some advanced models like this.

And like the 690 it does integrate with your smartphone and also integrates with Alexa so that you can access and control the robot vacuum and set it to run when you are far away also.

Like 690, It comes with the charging base station and one virtual wall barrier.


Looking for powerful suction especially for homes with lots of traffic and pets, this model doesn’t disappoint you. We recommend model 890 if you want a good performing powerful Roomba with the budget in mind.

Roomba 960 – BEST for the MOST

Responding to the ever-waging price wars with competitors, Irobot released the Roomba 960 in August 2016. Even Roomba 960 retails at 200 dollars less (compared to 980), It looks and works nearly identical to its most expensive Roomba brother 980. That is the reason it became the best choice for the most.

The Roomba 960 is with the same generation motor like the Roomba 800 series, so the suction power will be the same compared to the Roomba 890. But what makes it the BEST?Let’s go in detail:

How is the Roomba 960 BETTER than 890? -Visual Mapping, Recharge, and Resume, Brushless Rollers, Enhanced Irobot App

Visual Mapping:Yeah. Roomba 960 came up with a camera and visual sensor which helps for the BETTER NAVIGATION. What it does it actually knows about your room and has a plan to clean it knowing where everything is in the room. The previous Roomba’s move like swirls and in different types of lines which makes the process more time taking and your carpet fibers more clumsy.But once this Roomba 960 understands your room it starts moving in straight lines.

What I like most about this Roomba 960 is that it can clean the whole floor. Even if it runs out of the battery, it gets back to the recharging station and recharges itself and heads back to the old place where it left off. This is what “Recharge and Resume” cleaning means. Great for Multi-floor Cleaning.

Roomba 960 and 980 are the only Roombas capable of Visual mapping, Recharge and Resume features.

And the major one to say, the Roomba 960 model doesn’t use brushes (like older versions) to grab than debris, it has rubber rollers which keeps less hair and other cables from getting tangled inside.

It’s a Wi-fi or App connected device so that you can manage it from your mobile device. This enhanced app tells you how much area, how long it took and how many pieces of dirt it finds. Simply it provides you the Clean Reports.


Most Recommended.If you are a carpet owner, it is better to go for Roomba 980. Otherwise, considering the price to performance ratio, Roomba 960 is the highly recommended Roomba. And also for cleaning thick carpets, we recommend this robot vacuum.


“Great for Carpet Cleaning”

Roomba 980 is actually the highest-end Roomba from Irobot. Even it looks (the design) pretty similar to other Roomba models there is a LOT of LOT more to talk about it.

How is it BETTERthan Roomba 960?

Roomba 980 came up with these three significant improvements compared to the Roomba model 960:

  • Longer Battery Life, Upgraded Motor (5x more powerful suction), Carpet Boost.

Speaking of the cleaning time or battery life, Roomba 980 has 120 minutes a bit longer compared to the 960’s 75-minute battery life. However, those numbers can vary depending on whether they are cleaning Carpets or normal floors. But to note, I don’t think this as a useful improvement. As both 960 and 980 works in the same manner (i.e. When the battery gets low, they reach the dock station, recharges and resume cleaning where left off), the Roomba 980’s extra 45 minutes work span will not make that much difference.

The Second thing is the better motor the more powerful one (5x more compared to Roomba 960) which lets you clean not just floors but carpets as well to the great extent.

And the last but the most important is the Carpet Boost option. To say, this is a major improvement that makes the 980 new and more unique. Going into detail, Roomba 980 has sensors that are capable of detecting carpet floors, once it hits the carpet, it automatically kicks into a higher power to get the dirt up out of those fibers. No doubt, Roomba 980 will be the better buy for carpets households.

And not to forget Roomba 980 does include one extra virtual wall barrier which makes the Roomba 980 much more worthy especially if you have a large home.


Even it is expensive, there is no denying that Roomba 980 is the best performing, smartest, easier to keep up, wi-fi enabled Robot vacuum ever with longer work span (battery life) and app connectivity. And needless to say, it’s the best robot vacuum for everything.
If you want the best performance ever and at the same time you don’t have any budget restriction, then we highly recommend Roomba 980.

Final verdict

Irobot has released many models till now and many more best Roomba models are waiting to land.

Most of the Roomba Owners say that “buying a Roomba”is one of the best decisions that they have taken in their lives. And today it’s your time.

In case, if you think that we have missed any best Roomba, let us know…

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