Best Robot Vacuums For Thick And High Pile Carpets 2020 – With Buying Guide

Robot Vacuums Cleaning Thick Carpets

We All Know:

Thick high pile carpets are ultra-plush and ultra-soft make your home warm and incredibly comfortable.

Well, there is a PROBLEM.

High pile carpets require extra care to keep them clean and to maintain their beauty.

A normal cleaning way can damage both the carpets and the vacuums.

What about the robot vacuum for thick carpets?:

Does Robot Vacuums Work on High Pile Thick Carpets? Can Robot Vacuums go over the thick carpets?


Most of the present market robot vacuums designed to work on low, medium pile carpets. Not on thick carpets. There are very few advanced high pile carpet cleaning robot vacuums out there.

Here is the Quick Summary:

Note: Both the above robot vacuums are with the most advanced features capable of cleaning all types of floors and surfaces. And they are from veteran company Irobot.

First, It is important to know the key features a robot vacuum cleaner should have as not all work on thick shag carpets:

What to Look for in a Robot Vacuum for Thick Carpet?

Key Features:

  • Powerful Suction: The major problem with high pile plush rugs is the debris that gets on the rug can reach down to the rug’s base. So, to grab that dust out, we recommend picking the robot vacuum with strong suction or adjustable suction feature.
  • Air Filters (HEPA): An air filter is necessary to prevent those microscopic allergic particles from escaping back into the air. Choose the robot vacuum with air filters especially HEPA (High-efficiency particulate air) filters which makes your home and you allergic free.
  • Larger wheels: The most important feature. The larger wheels (came up with advanced robots mentioned in this article) auto-adjusts the height of the vacuum helps the robot move easily from floors to the thick shag carpets. Pick the one which goes over the rugs without any issue. Robot vacuums with smaller wheels can face problems moving on thick carpets.
  • Tangle Free Dust Extractors: Never opt the robot vacuum with brushed rolls, not even a roller bar with bristles. Because they can pull out the fibers making your carpets looks ugly and also reduces the age. So, it is highly recommended to choose the robot vacuums with brushless tangle-free dust extractors.

Best Robot Vacuums for Thick Carpets – Comparison Table

 Roomba 960
(Editor's choice)
Roomba I7
(Expensive but Best)
Roomba E5
(Budget Pick)
Powerful SuctionYes (5X Suction)Yes (10X Suction)Yes (5X Suction)
Brushless RollersYesYesYes
HEPA FilterYesYesYes
Larger wheelsYesYesYes
Recharge and ResumeYes YesNo
Battery Life 75 minutes75 minutes90 minutes
Wifi and App connectivityYesYesYes
Visual MappingYes YesNo
Clean or Schedule by RoomNoYesNo
Keep Out ZonesNoYesNo
Check PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

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Why Only Roomba’s?

After spending hours in research, considering the features needed and the customer reviews from various sources, we compiled this list. These robot vacuums are with:

  • Powerful suction.
  • Rubber rollers (tangle-free extractors).
  • Larger wheels.
  • HEPA filters.

Roomba 960 – Best for Thick High Pile Carpets (All round robot vacuum)

Roomba 960

Roomba 960 is from the veteran company Irobot.

Its super-slim profile makes it low enough to get fit underneath any furniture edges and under cabinets.

Its larger wheels (auto adjustable height) and lightweight structure make the Roomba move between the rugs and normal floors effortlessly. So carpet’s height is not a problem for this Roomba.

The key aspect that makes it great for cleaning thick high pile carpets is that it offers suction five times the air power compared to the normal robot vacuums strong enough to grab the dust and pet hair effectively from deep inside the carpet depending on how fluffy your carpet is though.

And like every present robot vacuums, Roomba 960 came up with the Wifi connectivity app which is so useful letting you do everything that a robot vacuum can.

Another important feature to talk, the cleaning modes, especially the spot cleaning mode which is so beneficial. By setting it, you can get it to one particular area rather than doing the whole room. Great for cleaning plush carpets where extra care is needed.

The only disadvantage with Roomba 960 is its increased sound level while working on carpet.

Roomba 960 has an advanced feature, the Visual mapping feature. The camera and sensors armed with will map out your home so that the robot knows exactly where it is in relation to the dock and the areas it is already covered.

Roomba 960 is with the rubber brush roll extractors (tangle-free) prevent high pile fibers and pet hairs from tangling. No brush cleaning necessary compared to the other robot vacuums.


Finally, Looking for the best value in the long run which delivers superior performance and with all extra bells and whistles? Roomba 960 is the recommended one for you, for everyone and for everything. Works great on any floor type, any floor surface. Simply an all-around best robot vacuum.

Roomba I7 – Expensive Model but the Best

Roomba i7

Roomba I7 is another newly released top-end model from Irobot with all the features required for cleaning thick carpets.

Roomba I7 is nearly the same like 960 with few major upgrades:

  • Roomba i7 has 10x suction power in comparison to Roomba 960s 5x.
  • Roomba 960 is a bit cheaper and lack a few advanced features of the updated i7 like “cleaning or schedule by room” and “keep out zones

All everything is the same. Twice the powerful suction with Roomba I7 will make it the top one for cleaning high pile carpets.

What about the Roomba I7+?

Roomba I7+ came up with a self-emptying dirt feature where I7 does not.

IF you are looking for the least supervision while cleaning and want to keep the allergens away from you then I7+ is the best for you.


What we deduce from this is that the Roomba i7 is a way better option than the Roomba 960 in this case. If you are looking at powerful cleaning with all high-end features equipped, then Roomba i7 is the one for you.

Roomba E5 – Works on Thick High pile Carpets (Budget Pick)

roomba e5

Powerful suction, larger wheels, brushless rubber rollers. This is the only affordable Roomba model from Irobot with all these advanced features.

Designed keeping all floor types and surfaces in mind.

Taking out extra features like Visual Mapping, Recharge – resume, and the long battery life, E5 is almost identical to the Roomba 960.

Recharge – Resume is the feature that backs this robot to the second position in this list. For small to medium-sized homes, it might not be a problem.


If you are on a tight budget and a proud owner of small to medium-sized homes then Roomba E5 is a good option for you. The affordable and also the best performing, mainly for thick carpets cleaning Roomba E5 doesn’t disappoint you.

Here is the Quick Navigation:

Roomba 980 – Work on Thick Carpets?


Irobot’s Roomba 980 is one of their top of the line Roomba model just a sort of an incremental upgrade compared to 960.

The 980 is ditto the same in terms of overall features with the following improvements: Carpet boost option, Long battery life, 10 x powerful suction.

Carpet boost: It is an advanced option when it hits a rug it automatically boosts up its power to get better suction works great on thick carpets where pet hair is also a major problem.

Yeah. Because of its strong 10X powerful suction, we can easily say that Roomba 980 is THE BEST for carpets cleaning.

But a Quick Note:

Very rarely, the Carpet boost option may pull out fibers from some shag carpets (depending on the quality of your carpet piles). So better to test run first.

It came up with an extra side cleaning brush to get the dirt out from the edges and the corners of the room, an extra filter, and the handy virtual wall that limits where your Roomba can go.


Overall, we don’t recommend this robot vacuum because of its expensive price tag. Advanced models like Roomba I7 (big brother of 980) is less expensive compared to this.

IF you are looking for a better price as a high price doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best for everyone. We recommend 960. For cleaning thick carpets, considering everything, the clever way is to go for Roomba 960.

How Often Should We Clean?

It depends. If you are in a house with children and pets (or) in a high traffic home, these carpets should be cleaned daily. Schedule the robot vacuum to vacuum daily.

How to Vacuum a Long Pile Carpet (Step By Step Guide)

The truth is:

Thick, deep pile carpets are not like the medium, low pile ones. You have to be attentive and follow some steps to make your carpets ultra clean and also to extend their lifespan.

Here are the things you need to do:

  1. Ensure your dirt bin is empty before the robot vacuum is ready to go (for better performance).
  2. Replace any obstacles like toys, cables, chairs, furniture or anything that’s on the carpets for avoiding the robot vacuum getting stuck up.
  3. Also, pick up the large pieces of debris (or) food items sort of like that as the robot vacuum movement might make stains on the carpet.
  4. Ensure your robot vacuum fully charged. (Optional, as the robot vacuums listed above has recharge and resume feature, human supervision is not needed for plugin and plug-outs). If the task is done or the battery gets low, it will automatically go back to the docking station.
  5. Run the robot vacuum. Let it clean for you.
  6. Select the mode you need. only a few robot vacuums offer modes. The most useful one is the spot cleaning mode useful for cleaning the dirt spots needed to be clean more.
  7. If you think the rugs need some more cleaning, you can run it twice or thrice. Usually, to say, Robot vacuums we recommended in this guide have dirt detect technology. So it doesn’t give a chance (to you) to point a finger at.

Thick Carpets Maintenace Tips:

  • Empty the robot vacuum’s dirt bin as often as needed.
  • Replace HEPA filter every three months. If you are an allergy sufferer or in the home with allergy sufferers, this is highly recommended.
  • Do not use any brushes or the robot vacuum with brushed roll on your thick rugs as you don’t want to age your rug before its lifetime.
  • Based on the dust, wear and tear and the kind of traffic going in your home, apply steam cleaning at least once a month. The reason steam cleaning is the most effective and efficient method is that it removes the dirt and also the stains flawlessly.
  • Set the robot vacuum to run more often. Deep cleaning is necessary to make your carpet looks new and allergic free.
  • If the odor is the issue, try sprinkling the mixture of cloves, cinnamon on the rug before vacuuming.
  • And don’t follow carpet cleaning tips you find online as a whole, first be sure to test it on a small area of the carpet.
  • Finally, be clean. Avoid walking with shoes on carpets. Avoid eating on it. Keep in mind, even a small stain on the carpet makes your home “not much for looks” and also the stain cleaning process is too hard sometimes.
  • And we all know everything is not in our control every time. So for some reason, if your carpets get stains. Check out this shag carpet stain cleaning tips.



Stepping on thick carpets feels like having slushy, wooly clouds beneath our feet.

And the best perfect solution for maintaining such shag high pile carpets is to prevent dirt from accumulating by cleaning them often using these high efficient robot vacuum cleaners which saves both your effort and valuable time.


Is Robot Vacuum / Roomba worth it if you have deep pile shag carpets?

Note: For thick carpets cleaning, we don’t recommend the less priced ones as they require more maintenance and can damage your carpet fibers. Forget the budget, consider the value in the long run.

Irobot is the top manufacturer with the best high-end models which handle thick deep pile carpets easily because of the powerful suction and the auto-adjustable height.


What is the Best Robot Vacuum for Medium Pile carpet?

Not like high pile carpets, almost every robot vacuum works on medium-pile carpets.

To keep it simple, if you are looking for the best one with all bells and whistles included and from the veteran company Irobot, then check out Roomba 960.

IF 960 seems a bit pricier to you, then E5 is the affordable model with nearly the same features as 960 which works best on medium-pile carpets.

6 thoughts on “Best Robot Vacuums For Thick And High Pile Carpets 2020 – With Buying Guide”

    • Hello Dolores,
      When the budget is not the problem, you can go with the 985 Roomba model.
      But the carpet boost with 985 can damage your thick carpet fibers. It Depends on the quality of the carpets.
      So the smart way is to go for it. Test it on your thick carpets. If carpet fibers remain safe, thank us.
      Or go with the 960, works well on thick carpets and also a best performing allrounder.

    • Hello Mario,
      Considering various reviews and buyer’s experiences for thick carpets, we recommend Roomba high-end models compared to Roborock “S” series models.

  1. We recently got a Roomba i7 and love it. But we were wondering if adding a mopping robot would be worth the extra expense? I’m not convinced they’re as good at mopping as the vacuums are at sweeping.

    • It’s good to hear that you got the top-notch robot Roomba I7. Irobot also has mopping models like the Braava M6, which are quite affordable. You can go straight away as these models Roomba I7 and Braava M6 work in a planned manner (i.e., after Roomba i7 completes the vacuuming section, the Braava M6 automatically turns on and starts mopping the vacuumed area). All credits go to Imprint smart technology.


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