Roomba 960 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2019 [Updated Now]

Roomba 960 black friday cyber monday deals

Irobot Roomba 960 black friday / cyber monday deals 2018

(Last Updated: December 15, 2018).

Update: Best Deals are still ON.

As we review and check out the robot vacuum prices all around the year, we know WHAT IS THE BEST DEAL.

What is the Best Irobot Roomba 960 Deal NOW?

Best Roomba 960 Deal Now: The Roomba 960 is currently on sale with best price on AMAZON here.

This is the best deal price available on Roomba 960 model from Amazon. As Amazon is the most trusted brand to buy from, we highly recommend getting this deal.

Current Best Cyber Monday / Black Friday Deals On Roomba 960:

ProductLive PricingPercentage savings
Roomba 960 (Editor's Choice)Check live deal hereUpdated soon
Roomba 960 (With Dual Mode Virtual Wall barrier + Extra Side brush + Extra HEPA filter + More)Check live pricing hereUpdated soon

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We compiled a quick review of Irobot Roomba 960 with all the major features, pros, cons and the final verdict. Continue reading below:

Roomba 960 – Quick Review

Pros & Cons of Irobot Roomba 960:

  • Surprisingly powerful suction (five times more than the basic Roomba models).
  • Simple low profile design allows it to move under sofas, furniture, and beds easily.
  • Super handy advanced app (provides clean reports) makes it easy to maintain and clean.
  • An ideal option for cleaning pet hair and debris. Hair doesn’t get tangled because of its brushless dirt extractors.
  • The Battery life (75 mins) lasts quite long enough to clean a medium sized home in one session.
  • Definitely the best choice for homes with hardwood floors.
  • Does great job cleaning edges and corners.
  • Alexa and Google assistant enabled.
  • Slightly louder than the previous Roomba models.
  • Dirt bin size isn’t big, for super large homes it needs to be emptied often. To say, it’s not a considerable downside for the most.


Overall, Irobot Roomba 960 is the higher end Roomba model armed up with all the present day required advanced features like WI-FI, Alexa and google assistant control, powerful suction, easy maintenance, long battery life, pet hair cleaning etc.,

We strongly recommend this to anyone. Great for any home, any floor, any surface, and most recommended for keeping your floors clean on a daily basis.

Check best price here.

When is Black Friday 2018 & What is Black Friday?

Black Friday this year (2018) will be on Friday, 23rd November.

The Friday after Thanksgiving day (Thursday, 22 November, the fourth Thursday of the November) is known as Black Friday. Usually, it is the first day of the Christmas shopping season, on which retailers offer many special discounts. And also many of the companies give their employees a rest day as part of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

No doubt to say one of the biggest shopping seasons every year. As Christmas is on the way after it people will not miss any deals to celebrate the discounts they got.

Stores such as Walmart, Target, JC Penney and other popular stores offer amazing discounts on Black Friday. The deals will get started mostly the midnight before the black Friday. From 2014 stores especially online shopping sites started giving discounts before 5 to 10 days on the name of pre-black Friday sales.

Bookmark this page and visit frequently from the mid of November such that you will get the lowest price deal on this Irobot Roomba 960 model.

What is Cyber Monday and When is Cyber Monday 2018?

The Monday after the Black Friday is called Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday is on 26th November this year.

Year by year cyber Monday sales percentage is going high (2X more in 2017 compared to 2016). On this day the deals mostly the electronics will be with top discounts like Black Friday. To say, from our analysis we found that the same deals started on Black Friday remains till the completion of Cyber Monday.

Predictions of Roomba 960 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals this 2018

Based on the past year deals and the present new models and the prices going around, we are making these predictions. Our last year predictions outcome was really great.

This year we predict that the Roomba 960 model one of the top line models from Irobot will go at least 70 to 100 dollars discount price.

And because of the huge demand and because of the new upcoming robot vacuum models with new smart features, the present market robot vacuums prices are getting down. The Roomba 960 is available now at a price equal to last years deal price.

Archived Roomba 960 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2017

Last year, In 2017, most of the online sites are with an astounding 14% discount on Roomba 960 Model.  The same deal continued till the Cyber Monday day and once the shopping season has ended they removed the deal. came up with $100 discount deal for this top line model Irobot Roomba 960.

Usually, we don’t recommend buying from Irobot, as they don’t have all around stores like Amazon for easy quick shipping and fast refunds if any returns.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Tips for 2018

We highly recommend following these steps to get the best deals on Black Friday, Cyber Monday days and throughout the holiday Shopping season.

  • Shop Online: It is always the best to avoid the heavy crowd and shop online instead. (Most Recommended). The benefit of online shopping is that most of the Online retailers offer pre-Black Friday deals (this year Amazon starts the deals available from 13th November (ten days before the Black Friday), so that you can’t miss your favorite deals. (We will update this page with the lowest Roomba 960 Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal prices this year).
  • Start ahead of Time: Yeah, Get up early. If you go to the store early either the local store or online, then you will find the best deals which you are looking for IN STOCK. People are like deals craving hunters so being early is the best.
  • Get Ready With The Things You Have: Make Sure your phone or laptop whatever you prefer fully charged and always have the best place near the docking station when you are shopping online.
  • Do Your Research: Check out some top review and comparison sites and compare the products you are looking for. And also check out and be updated with the social communities on Reddit and Facebook which are the best sources to find the top best trending deals and news.
  • The Cheapest Products are not always the best: Do keep in mind, not all products deserve your hard earned money. Not only the price but also check out the brand, ratings (Amazon is the BEST to check out the consumer opinions), warranty and other service related things offered by the retailer before making a purchase. You can see less priced deals somewhere else, but we request you not to tempt by just looking at the product prices alone.
  • Don’t forget to check out the Return and Exchange policies before buying: Most of the Stores (non-branded) won’t provide the refund on certain items when you return back. So, it is always recommended to check out the return and exchange policies and the time frame of the deal prices.

Bottom line:

Hope you find the lowest deal price of Irobot Roomba 960 this Black Friday / Cyber Monday using this page. In case if you find the best price somewhere else not as mentioned, let us know by commenting below.

Dyson V10 Absolute vs Animal vs Motorhead – What is Best For You? (With Comparison Chart)

Dyson V10 Absolute vs Animal vs Motorhead comparison

Dyson V10 Absolute vs Animal vs Motorhead comparisonTo be honest:

Anyone that deals with vacs know about the name Dyson.

We are sure you no different!

Of late, there have been a few models that have swept off the vacuum industry. Mention has to be made about the Dyson V10 series. literally is all that you would like in a vac.

But What is the Best Variant For You??? Dyson V10 Absolute OR Animal Or Motorhead???

We will help you decide on what is right for you.

Read moreDyson V10 Absolute vs Animal vs Motorhead – What is Best For You? (With Comparison Chart)

Dyson Cyclone V8 Absolute Versus V8 Animal – What’s the Difference? (Comparison Table)

Dyson V8 Absolute vs V8 Animal

Dyson V8 Absolute vs V8 AnimalLet us get to the point:

Dyson is Dyson and we cannot deny that.

They are expensive, but what about the long-lasting factor? That certainly takes it off them, the service and overall, cleaning it provides you, pretty much makes up for everything.

It is a one-time investment. But here…

Dyson V8 Absolute OR Animal? What is the BEST? What to go for?

In a Hurry? Here is the BottomLine:

There is no logical explanation as to which one you should go for, but it is your requirement that should give it away.  The main considerable difference between V8 the absolute and the V8 animal is the soft roller head (an extra help for hard floors cleaning) in the V8 absolute. So

  • If you have mostly the hardwood floors, don’t think about any other get the V8 absolute.
  • Or in a home with carpets and all types of floors and surfaces, V8 animal is the good choice for you less priced one than absolute. Also works quite well on hardwood floors.


Here is the detailed comparison table which makes you know the key differences without wasting time.

Dyson V8 Absolute vs Animal – Comparison chart 2019

DysonV8 AbsoluteV8 Animal
Suction Power150% more brush power than the basic Dyson V6 vacuum150% more brush power than the basic Dyson V6 vacuum
Battery Time Up to 40 minutes
(Varies depending on power modes)
Up to 40 minutes
(Varies depending on power modes)
ColorOrange - yellowMetallic silver
Handheld covertableYesYes
Soft roller Cleaner head (attachment best for Hardwood tile floors cleaning also extends run time)YesNo
HEPA filtrationYesYes
Maximum Power mode (for extra suction)YesYes
Convenient Docking station (Wall mount)YesYes
Attachments: Combination tool, crevice tool, mini motorized tool and soft dusting brushYesYes
Check priceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

Continue reading below for brief understanding.

What are the Key Differences?

The fact that Dyson is a leader in the home appliances industry makes all the difference. Now, if you want us to talk about the specifics, then there are two differences between these two:< /p>

  • Soft roller cleaner head – Dyson V8 Absolute has a soft fluffy roller head for cleaning. This roller cleaner is a great “must have” attachment for hardwood floors cleaning. This roller which is a blend of carbon fibers and nylon has anti-static properties that can save your floors effortlessly. Not to mention, this soft roller even saves the floors from getting scratched.
    Note: Dyson V8 animal with the direct-drive cleaner head also cleans well on hardwood floors. But not that great as Dyson V8 Absolute because of its Soft roller cleaner head.

  • Appearance – Both are a product of Dyson and for this reason, the changes are hardly noticeable. There is one dissimilarity between the two which is really a minor difference. The V8 Absolute comes in an orange-yellow color, whereas the V8 Animal is available in a metallic silver hue.


Same Key Features – An In-depth Review

The main functionalities and technology remain the same in these two variants make it difficult for people to make a choice. Here are the key features common in both Absolute and Animal:


The construction of the V8 Absolute and V8 Animal is very alike. Both of the vacuum cleaners weigh 2.6 kilograms. They are fundamentally almost the same kind. They are light in weight, make use of state of the art technology and are adorned with remarkable features.

The Animal and the Absolute, both give you the delight of not hauling a string here and there. The cordless element saves you from stumbling over strings and making a wreck.

These vacuum cleaners can likewise be changed over into a handheld. They are portable and simple. Dyson furnishes a removable wand for both the models. The wand is extremely helpful for cleaning high and difficult to reach areas. After you finish, you can simply detach the equipment including this wand and store them safely.


Undoubtedly, canister and upright vacuums are more dominant than convenient and robotic vacuums for entire housekeeping. Many a time, movability wins over control. It’s the reason individuals pick laptops over the once prevalent desktops. Here is more on this:

  • Handheld – Considering the Dyson v8 Absolute OR Animal selection process, you will be surprised to know that both are versatile tools as they can be transformed into a handheld device as they say “in one click”. This means you can work up your upholstery and stairs with ease using this monster of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Cordless – As a preliminary, Dyson calls their transportable vac “cordless” or “cord-free” for this. The cordless vacuums incorporate an expansion hose that enables them to be utilized like full-sized uprights when associated and work like upright handheld vacuums without it. Most handheld vacuums don’t have this alternative and of course, the battery life.

Cleaning performance

The V8 Absolute is similarly as effective in cleaning as the V8 Animal. Total, as it’s fabulous for cleaning both substantial flotsam and jetsam and little particles. You will find more on it in here:

  • Direct drive cleaning head – Among the best highlights of the V8 arrangement is its immediate drive cleaner head. Both the Animal and Absolute have a head that is 150% occasions more dominant than the standard V6 Animal floor head so it can dive profound into rugs to eliminate dirt, dust, and grime of any kind. There are additionally carbon fiber fibers to clean hard floors.
  • V8 motor – Dyson claims the V8 engine is their most dominant after Dyson V10 when put into its maximum mode. All V8 models utilize the same motor.

Battery Life

The battery likewise has a greater limit, and the runtime has been expanded 40 minutes in comparison to others. The lithium battery won’t begin fading with time, so you will dependably have the full power for your utilization. It takes 5 hours to get the V8 charged completely.

In short, the vacuums have lithium batteries that will not fail you under any circumstance. The new V8 display guarantees more power with twofold the run time. Hence, the vacuum cleaners are built to accomplish a most extreme suction intensity of 115AW joined with their new lithium-particle battery. The lithium-particle batteries of the V8 Animal and the V8 Absolute perform pretty much the equivalent under various settings.

With the mechanized devices joined, similar to the delicate roller cleaner head and rug cleaner head, they work for around 25 minutes. On max setting, the runtime diminishes to 7 minutes as it were. The battery life appears to be sufficient to control a cleaning session of a normal house. If you are a moderate cleaner, you may at times find that the battery was exhausted.

Convenient docking station

Dyson supplies a docking station with all the V8 cordless arrangement. This works like storage for the vacuum and its attachments. It also acts as a charging port when required. Dyson gives a docking station (Wall mounted) to charging and holding the vacuum cleaners.
The docking station is additionally included, which makes the vacuum simple to use and to put back again for charging. That indicates, you may not need to utilize it, but can simply connect the vacuum to charge it.

Dust Bin capacity – Hygienic dirt Ejector

The V8 Animal and the V8 Absolute have comparable bagless repositories. The canister’s ability to hold dust is 540 ml. The container may appear to be little by looks but has enough capacity to clean a normal house in one session. Nonetheless, for bigger houses or messier conditions, it may require changing it once a while. Emptying the dust from the container is a basic chore and hygienic as it may sound.

HEPA Filtration

The V8 arrangement is worked with Dyson’s “whole machine filtration.” Strangely, both the Absolute and Animal have the very same filtration framework. Dyson’s protected Cyclone innovation is incorporated with the vacuum cleaners for filtration. In any case, Dyson did not simply stop at that. The Animal and the Absolute both contain prevalent HEPA filters too. HEPA represents higher effectiveness with the ability to kill 99.9% germs and microbes.

The HEPA filters work by pulling air through a fine work and getting even the littlest particles of residue. Here’s one case of how productive these channels are. HEPA filters can expel tobacco smoke from the air. So, these filters don’t just catch residue and earth, they likewise decontaminate the air we relax in. To finish that off, Dyson has made these filters washable. That makes sense!

Maximum Power mode

When you need additional suction, both the Absolute and Animal have a maximum power mode. This significantly lessens battery life, yet gives a convenient lift in power for disposing of obstinate earth. Normal Dyson vacuum cleaners with gigantic suction control and hard brushbar are sufficient to lift pet hair up from hardwood and covered floors.
The animal has good suction control sponsored by a hard bristled brushbar is sufficient. When you can’t pick up exceptionally fine soil on hardwood floors because they cannot be collected by a brushbar while vacuuming, you fall back on the Absolute.


A standout amongst the Dyson V8 vacs is that they are low maintenance gadgets. The residue canister can be emptied out by a handle. When the canister turns out to be full, basically you can pull a lever and eject it to drain out the substance into your trash.

Moreover, the filters are washable as explained above, which makes maintaining it all the easier. As for the battery, it just requires substitution as it dies. Since any Dyson vac is accompanied 2 years warranty that covers labor and parts, it can be covered within this time period.


Dyson stick vacuums come with an arrangement of attachments. While they accompany an alternate arrangement of instruments and this discussion about Dyson v8 Absolute vs Animal must state that both utilize the equivalent V8 innovation engine and cyclonic filtration regardless.

The Dyson vacs devices incorporate blend instruments for different surfaces. This includes a crevice tool to clean all nooks and corners, the wand that can be detached, and a little mechanized device to expel pet hair and ground-in soil from furniture, along with a delicate tidying brush for delicate cleaning (Absolute). For example, the Absolute model is the most adaptable as it has explicit cleaning sets out toward the two rugs and hard floors notwithstanding the various attachments. A divider mounting docking station is additionally included, which makes the vacuum grab and use kind a thing.

Conclusion – What is Right Choice For You? (V8 Absolute or V8 Animal)

Honestly, you are the best judge which one fits your bill. What we can add is here that both are extraordinary vacuum cleaners that can do wonders for you. However, the Absolute has an additional feature of the soft roller head (as explained).

In case, you have polished and spacious hardwood floors, then V8 Absolute should be your choice. Otherwise, amidst the Dyson v8 Absolute vs Animal debate, the ones with small apartments can really do well with the V8 Animal. There we said it, but you still need to make that call. What are you waiting for?