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Best Vacuum Cleaners 2017 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

A clean home is a happy home. But to say, the “CLEAN” is not possible without a good vacuum cleaner…Right?

But to the point, having various types, competitive brands, models and features offered makes it a tedious task to find the best vacuum. That is why I have created this Best Vacuum Cleaners 2017 list.

What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

To be honest, there is no such thing which opts for everyone. The actual definition of “the Best” is the product which flawlessly satisfies the consumer needs. The best vacuum for carpet cleaning may not be the fine one for cleaning hardwood floors. It’s what the need or purpose that matters.

Best Vacuum Cleaners 2017

Model NameWeightTypeFeature 
Shark Navigator NV356E
(Editor's choice)
13.7 lbsCorded (30 feet) / UprightAll round
Best Budget
Check price
Shark Duoclean Rocket HV38210.1 lbs
convertable to a 4.6lb.
Cordless / UprightAll round
Check price
Shark Rotator NV75215.4 lbsCorded / UprightGreat for pet hair Check price
Irobot Roomba 650
(Professional's choice)
11.7 lbsRobotic
Best Robot
Check price
Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Professional51.1 lbsCorded (30 feet) /UprightDesigned for
Best Rated
Check price
Shark Rocket HV302
(Editor's choice)
7.6 lbsCorded / lightweightBest Budget
All round
Check price

1. Shark Navigator NV356E – Best All Round Vacuum Cleaner to buy in 2017.

Shark Navigator Liftaway Professional NV356E Review

 Type: 2 in 1 vacuum (upright and lift away).

Weight: 13.7 pounds.

 Bag: Bagless.

 Cord: Corded with length 30 feet.

 HEPA Filtration: HEPA filter + Anti-allergen seal technology.

 What we like: Affordable price, Great for all jobs, Best for allergies, Highly maneuverable, wonderful suction power. Respectable Cord length, Easy to operate. Hard floor attachment is pretty good.

 What we Don’t: Little noisy (definitely not an issue when compared to its high suction power), Cord is not retractable. The brush head is not so wider compared to its competitors.

The first vacuum on our list is from veteran company Shark. For those who don’t know Shark is familiar with their top-notch upright vacuum cleaners. All along the way, shark produced four NV Series vacuums which are well established to date for their leading performance and overall positive reviews.

The upright we are going to talk about is Shark NV356E a multi-purpose vacuum which is extremely best in price as compared to its performance. Let’s have a look at the features which makes it reach the top of the list.

 Ease of Use:  This model comes up with a lift away function which allows you to separate its canister from the head so that you can simply clean the hard to reach areas in your home. Because of the long appreciable 30-foot power cord, there will be no issues like stop and unplug or searching for the port.

 Shark NV56E features swivel steering and effective Brook head which makes it easy to get around and under the furniture, tables, and sofas. It is easy to empty the dirt bin and the mechanism involved prevents the dust escaping to the best. The vacuum is not so heavy and the “lift off” option makes it effortless to get up and down the stairs.  

 Performance: To be fair shark navigator is the best vacuum cleaner which we have ever bought which came up with high suction power. In the first run, it picked up much more dirt than my previous Dyson’s vacuum. The adjustable suction feature is very useful when dealing with carpets or lighter rugs.

Shark has its own reputation for its amazing performance on both hardwood floors and carpets. This 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner came up with a HEPA filter with anti-allergen seal technology completely cleans the dust inside the vacuum itself. There is nothing wrong to call it as the “best vacuum for allergies“.


All in all Shark NV356E Vacuum is the most powerful, reliable, light-weight, suits for every kind of floor, carpet, tile, hardwood etc., Overall, if you are looking for the best all-round robust vacuum cleaner which opts for everything and at the same time available at a fair price then Shark Navigator NV356E is the best vacuum out there.


2. Shark Duoclean Rocket HV382 – Another All Round Ultralight Vacuum from Shark.

 shark rocket hv 382 reviewType: Upright.

 Weight: 10.1 lbs

 Bag: Bagless.

 Cord: Cordless.

 HEPA Filtration: Exists.

 What we Like: Long battery life, Anti-allergic, Corded, the Wider brush bar with high power than its siblings. Lightweight ever, Maneuverable, Easy to use. The best option for stairs.

 What We Don’t: Has to be charged. Bit expensive but worth it.

 The most interesting aspect we have to talk about HV382 is its weight. Just under 10 pounds it happens to be one of the best lightweight vacuum cleaners exist so far. Having high suction power and longer battery life than Shark HV302, HV382 became the best vacuum that one can buy now.

Even though it’s expensive, the features which came along will make you ignore the price issue. To say, it is as powerful as a Navigator vacuum.

 Ease of use: Because of being light it goes wherever you want and enhances the maneuverability to the best. A few simple steps can easily convert this stick to handheld vac which is a perfect one for difficult to clean places like windows and sofas.

The attachments came along helps to work pretty well on hardwood floors. The tools including the soft roller hard-floor head and two powered brush heads make it great for all jobs.

Even it’s very easy to empty the bin it’s small in size so for a big house we have to empty it frequently.


Performance: The vacuum offers high power mode which works up to 7 minutes with powerful suction necessary for some difficult tasks. It’s wider head drives bristles deeper into the carpets, so there is no chance of dust or pet hair left behind. The suction is so powerful and battery life has not been an issue. The HEPA filtration works as an air purifier which expels cleaner air so that there will be no issue of having allergies in your home.


Overall, HV382 Duoclean is the best maneuverable, easy to use, lightweight, high performing anti-allergic cordless stick vacuum available so far. It will be well worth the investment. Completely a risk-free product that one can buy without any hesitation.

3. Shark Rotator NV752 – Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

 shark rotator liftaway trupet NV752 reviewType: 3 in 1 powered lift away vacuum (upright cleaner detachable canister and convenient caddy).

 Weight: 15.4 lbs.

 Bag: Bagless.

 Cord: Corded, length 30 feet.

 HEPA Filtration: Anti-allergen complete seal technology + 1 HEPA filter.

 What we Like: High Suction power, Great for pets, Amazing maneuverability.

 What We Don’t: Not recommended for stairs.

The next vacuum on our list is from shark again. But this time it’s Rotator NV752, another vacuum with lift away feature.

The most interesting aspect of this vacuum is its combined ability to operate as an upright, a canister and to some extent a handheld vacuum. It’s well worth the price of a high powered vacuum.

We tested the NV752 and I found it works great cleaning hard to reach places. It does a great job of picking up the hair easily and doesn’t take a lot of effort. It’s definitely well worth the money, especially if you have pets.

 Ease of use & Performance: Having the detachable canister allows you to reach everything. The vacuum has fingertip controls great for easy and it also comes with LED lights which really helps you see where the dirt is.

And the main thing to say about this vacuum is its Swivel steering technology, this technology enhances its movement such that vacuum can reach easily under the furniture and all the things along your way. It has a 30 feet power cord, definitely a respectable length for an upright.

As soon as you start using it, you will experience its powerful suction with your arms. It’s a bit heavy. Apart from that the suction and performance are great. The cleaning ability of the true pet motorized brush attachment is awesome such that there will be no hair left out on the floor or carpet in your home.

The cleaning ability of the true pet motorized brush attachment is awesome such that there will be no hair left out over there. While cleaning noise level is an issue for some people but after testing we found this as one of the quieter upright vacuums so far.


Because of its high suction power, high maneuverability, three in one system with detachable canister, anti-allergic technology, and the true pet motorized brush specially designed attachment for pet hair makes it the best pet vacuum.

4. Irobot Roomba 650 – Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Irobot Roomba 650 Review Type: Robotic.

 Weight: 11.7 pounds.

 Cord: Cordless, Self-charging.

 What we Like: No Human effort, Three stage cleaning system, Simple to program, One-touch start,  Self-charging, Best value for money, overall positive reviews, Great for people with back pain.

 What We Don’t: Not suitable for stairs.

As humans are becoming more and more busy things like automation are getting geared upon. In the same way for cleaning, vacuums are designed in such a way to avoid human effort.

And as robots work on their own by taking human instructions, these vacuums got named as robotic vacuums. Over the past two years, these robot vacuums experienced a huge growth throughout the world.

The robot vacuum cleaner we are going to talk on this list is the most powerful Roomba 650 from Irobot. Irobot is well known for their series of top-end robot vacuums. Let’s check out how it works and fulfills your needs.

How it works & Performance: Roomba 650 features a three-stage cleaning system with high suction power so that there is no chance of having pet hair or dirt in your home.

The navigation system Iadapt used in this vacuum uses sensors to adapt to your cleaning home. It moves all the way through hard to reach places, especially under furniture, beds, and sofas so that dirt can’t hide from it. All you have to do is just press a button and your robot starts working.

 You can schedule this vacuum preset it to 7 x per week and forget about cleaning. No human is required for charging, It automatically docks and recharges (self-charging). For most of the people vacuuming causes back pain. For those, the robotic vacuum is the best option and honestly, in that case, Roomba 650 will never regret you.


Roomba 650 is the best robotic vacuum for the money. Those who want to have a start with robotic vacuum or those who are so busy such that they don’t have time to clean their house or for people with back pain Roomba 650 is the best choice for you.

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5. Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Professional – Good for Carpets and Rugs

 Bissell 86t3 reviewType: Multi Floor Upright.

 Weight: 51.1 pounds.

 Cord: Corded, length 30 feet.

 Bag: Bagless.

 What we Like: Good for carpets, High suction power, HEPA filtration, simple to clean and empty the dirt, Easy to maneuver, Long cord.

 What We Don’t: Little heavy (not recommended for stairs), stiffer extension hose(while expanding).

As Shark vacuums are known for their lightweight vacuums, Bissel’s are well-known for their strong Suction power. This deep cleaning machine earns its reputation as the best one which delivers Super strong suction. 

Bissell 86T3/86T3Q is well designed by its engineers for better carpet performance and reduced noise level.

 Ease of use: This cleaning machine comes with ball technology which makes it reach the difficult to move areas very easily. It’s highly maneuverable and came up with an easy to push button that enables you to empty the dirt bin effectively so that there will be no chance of dirt escape.

Performance: It’s extremely comfortable to use and the rotating dirt lifter power brushes offered are very powerful for removing the microscopic dirt too. There is nothing like a Bissell 86T3/86T3Q for carpets. 

The stronger nylon bristles provide deeper carpet penetration. Nylon? Yeah. The bristles used in this vacuum are made of high tenacity fiber nylon which drives deeply into the carpets and removes the dirt and ground-in air perfectly. The Radial technology along with brush bar makes it remove the dust forcefully from your home. Because of minimal air leaks and whole HEPA filtration, the dirt and bacteria will be trapped inside the Vacuum itself.


Offers great suction available for a great price especially recommended for carpets.

6. Shark Rocket HV302 – Best Budget friendly Vacuum Cleaner ( Under $200 )

 Shark Rocket HV 302 ReviewType: Upright.  

 Weight: 7.6 Pounds.  

 Cord: Corded, 30 feet length.  


 What we Like: Lightweight, Great performance at the great price, Easy to use, Long Power Cord, Great attachments for easy cleaning, fantastic flexibility, Best for Stairs, Quieter one.  

 What We Don’t:  Small vacuum head and small dirt container.  

 Shark is well known for their upright vacuum’s available for a great price. Vacuum HV302 is an upright one with high suction power. Even microscopic dust can’t escape from its suction. HV302 is designed in such a way that there will be no suction loss being lightweight.

Ease of use & Performance: One can easily convert it into a handheld vac such that there will be no doubt of its versatile floor to ceiling cleaning. I have always been fascinated with the tools came along. These tools are great for upholstery, crevices, furniture and especially for car and very easy to use such that the vacuum get adaptable to the task we have to. Being lightweight makes vacuuming so easy. And the fingertip controls

Being lightweight makes vacuuming so easy. And the fingertip controls

And the fingertip controls offer excellent control to switch over hard floor and carpet. Even though it’s not a game changer, there is still a lot to talk about it. Its powerful motor offers great suction and takes up the dirt very well. It also comes with swivel steering technology which makes much easier to maneuver. After checking out I found it does a great job on my floors.

The vacuum head is small which takes more time to cover the area. Not recommended for big houses.


Are you searching for the best vacuum cleaner with all in one performance and at the same time on limited budget HV302 is the first choice for you. This lightweight inexpensive upright delivers a superior job than the most expensive Dyson models. No need to look for another vacuum if your main purpose is to clean stairs.
All round vacuum for the great price.

Vacuum Cleaner Buyer’s Guide

Before buying the vacuum with your money, we strongly recommend reading this guide so that you will identify your needs first, and then the best vacuum cleaner which suits…

Things to Consider before buying a vacuum cleaner


Going into the concept of vacuuming, we find six types primarily. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Types of vacuum cleaners

Cordless Vacuums


Amazing maneuverability.

Great for stairs.


Have to be charged.

Shorter work span.

Usually less powerful than corded vacuums.

Robotic Vacuums


No human effort.


Considerable option for people with back pain.


Not suitable for stairs.

Stick Vacuums



No need to bend.


Easy to clean the mess.


Louder ones

Less powerful as compared to canisters.

Handheld Vacuums


Great for car cleaning.

Easy to maneuver.


Affordable ones.


Not as powerful as the full-sized vacuum.

Upright Vacuums


Easy storage.

Great for carpets.

Cheaper than canister vacuums.


Heavy guys.

Less operative for corners.

Noisy compared to others.

Canister Vacuums


Quieter ones with Powerful suction.

Great maneuverability.

Great for stairs.


Bit expensive.

Harder to store.

Not a recommended one for people with back pain.

These advantages and disadvantages obey the majority of vacuums.Also, do keep in mind that some top end products like Shark Navigator NV356E and Dyson V8 will function as multi-typed which makes them eliminate the corresponding cons.

Even type is a considerable one to check out before buying, the multi in one option coming these days makes it insignificant.


Similar to the type of vacuum this option is also an unimportant one. As a matter of choice lets quickly check out the pros and cons.


Corded Vacuums


Great suction compared to cordless.

More powerful.

No need to think about batteries.


Harder for storage.

Not as easy one to get around.

Cordless Vacuums


Easier to store.

No restriction (cord length, power sockets).

Lighter ones.


Limited capacity.

Short work span.

Have to be charged.

As corded and cordless both have its own pros and cons its completely your decision to buy before buying the vacuum. The so-called “best” ones mentioned in the above list are designed in such a way to eliminate the drawbacks of both corded and cordless vacuums.


As bagged vacuums provide less exposure to allergens, they are highly recommended for allergy sufferers. But these days it’s not a problem because of HEPA filtration came along. The negative side is we have to buy more bags for its function. Being less expensive and easy to use ones, Bagless vacuums happens to be the most popular option among customers.

Considering the negative, disposing of dust may release the allergens or dirt back into your home.

Strike out? Yeah. It’s a myth now. The present Bagless vacuums are crafted in a way that there will be no chance of dirt escape.

HEPA Filtration:

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. These HEPA filters make you away from allergies. After our valuable testing and splendid online research, e found that HEPA filter is the most common thing in vacuum cleaners.


Keep an eye out for weight while buying a vacuum. It’s very hard to find the best vacuum cleaner which delivers superior performance. Most of the lightweight ones are well known for their poor performance. However, there are few vacuums like Dyson V8 exceptionally lightweight and also delivers an appreciable work with great suction.

Variable Power Settings & Attachments

Variable power settings help you make the vacuum adaptable to the job. In few well-designed vacuums, a small button will help you shift from hard floor to carpet while cleaning. And the lift away option makes it easily convertible from one to other (type). The attachments which came along will make the vacuum great for specific jobs. So it’s definitely a considerable thing that one should have an eye on. 

Noise levels

We all know that unwanted noise can damage your health both mentally and physically. Some of our tested products are louder ones.  We simply removed them from our list.


Take time to identify your need first and opt the best vacuum cleaner from our list.

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