Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair 2017 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

best robot vacuum for pet hairI hope you’ll agree with me when I say:

Pets are one of our greatest companions. But, ONE thing which we all pet owners hate? It’s the “PET HAIR”.

And to say, vacuuming with a regular vacuum cleaner takes your valuable time and energy. In few cases it also causes allergies.


Don’t worry, there is a perfect solution, the Robot Vacuum, which automatically cleans your home and picks up the dust and pet hair to a great extent.

Well, there is a problem, not all robot vacuums are designed to clean pet hair. So, finding a GOOD pet hair robot vacuum isn’t an easy job.

That is why we have created this “Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair 2017” list. After putting hours in testing these robot vacuums, I have shortlisted the top 7 best pet hair robot vacuums which you can buy right now.

Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair 2017

Robot Vacuum NameBattery life
Key FeaturesPrice 
Irobot Roomba 650
(Editor's choice)
60-80 MinBest All round,
From Irobot.
$$ Check price
Irobot Roomba 980
(Professional's choice)
120 MinutesWith stronger suction,
Long battery life,
Works with Alexa,
Great for all jobs.
$$$$ Check price
Neato Botvac D80
120 MinutesLong battery life,
Highly Durable
$$$ Check price
Irobot Roomba 88090 MinutesBest for all,
Superior performance.
$$$ Check price
Eufy Robovac 11
(Best for Hardwood Floors)
90 MinutesHardfloor expert,
and carpets,
Affordable price.
$$ Check price
Bobsweep pethair
(Budget friendly pet vacuum)
75 Minutes Budget option,
Large Dustbin.
$$ Check price
Ilife V3
(Best under $200)
90 Minutes Cheap but best,
Great Design,
Long Battery Life.
$ Check price

1. Irobot Roomba 650 – Best Pet Hair Robot Vacuum to Buy in 2017

 Irobot Roomba 650 ReviewProduct Dimensions: 13.4 x 3.6 x 13.4 inches.

 Weight: 11.7 Pounds.

The first robot vacuum on the list is the Roomba 650 from the veteran company Irobot. For those who don’t know, Irobot is the most popular company well-known for their top end robot vacuums.

As soon as you open the Roombas 650 box, you will get fascinated with its black elegant look. It’s not the looks that matter Right?

Let’s check out its dirt and pet hair cleaning ability which makes it reach the top of the list. 

Speaking of the performance, Roomba 650 works like a boss to make your home PERFECT clean. 

It offers 3-stage cleaning system (Pay attention!! Not once or twice. It’s thrice), such that it easily picks up pet hair, dirt, and debris to the great extent. And the very few buttons made it easy to use. Not to forget, its innovative design (3.5 inches tall) makes it clean the hard to move difficult places like under the furniture, beds, and sofas easily so that the dirt can’t hide from it.

The key feature we are going to talk about is an outstanding one, it’s the scheduling option, I really liked it that it can start on a schedule, works for about an hour and go back to its docking station for recharging. It is not a silent one but compared to a standard vacuum it’s quieter.

Another awesome feature is the virtual wall technology which allows the robot vacuum to clean only the places you want and to stay away from those you don’t want to clean.

If the robot vacuum can’t go, it can’t clean. For the robot vacuums, it’s what the navigation matters. Roomba 650 came up with a well-programmed navigation system (Iadapt) which makes the vacuum adaptable to your changing home such that there will be no issue of “dust left over there”. Roomba 650 also comes with a spinning side brush which effectively cleans the corners and edges in your home.

The dustbin came along is easy to empty. It works perfectly with carpets and hardwood floors as well. Simply an all-round robot vacuum cleaner great for all jobs.


To say, this robot vacuum really does the job it supposed to be. Its 3-Stage cleaning system cleans up pet hair well. Overall, Roomba 650 is the best performing robot vacuum available at a fair price. It’s the only affordable robot vacuum cleaner opts for every job and at the same time works pretty well.
Those who want to make a start with the robot vacuum, Roomba 650 is the best choice for you.


  • All round robot vacuum (good enough for any job including the pet hair extraction).
  • Awesome design allows it gets deep under the hard to reach places like furniture, beds, sofa etc., easily.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Never get stuck.
  • Self-charging (automatically goes to dock station and charges).
  • Affordable price.
  • Overall positive reviews.(It’s the best selling and top rated robot vacuum on Amazon).
  • Not a WiFi/Bluetooth enabled. (Even WIFI is with everything these days, before its performance to price ratio, it’s not a problem).
  • Lacks remote control.
  • Little noisy (but quieter compared to a regular vacuum cleaner).

2. Irobot Roomba 980 – Expensive but with Powerful suction (Works with Alexa)

Irobot Roomba 980 Review Product Dimensions: 13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches.

 Weight: 8.7 Pounds.

No doubt it’s from Irobot again. Irobot’s Roomba 980 is the smartest robot vacuum came up with the same design as its Roomba predecessors.

It’s a bit pricey one, but the features which came along and the performance delivered by it will make you ignore the price completely. 

Equipped with some awesome features makes it an outstanding robot, and to say a difficult one with much more to talk about its performance. Irobot’s 980 works greatly on all surfaces BUT with stronger suction and reduced noise level comparing to other Roomba’s. Let’s have a complete report on it.

Speaking of the design, it’s round and the center large clean button makes it easier to use. The main thing which makes it sale is, Roomba 980 works for up to two hours (120 minutes) and automatically reach the dock and recharges. And not to forget, Roomba 980 works with Alexa, so you can easily control its movements with your voice.

The main two rotating brushes came along and the armed aero force cleaning system (ten times more powerful compared to Roomba 650) makes it pick up the dirt and pet hair aggressively. And the tangle free brushes are added helpers to pick up the pet hair with ease so that nothing left remains on your floor and deep inside the carpets.

Hold on, I am going to talk about the outstanding feature came equipped with this robot vacuum. Roomba 980 comes with an automatic carpet boost option (with stronger suction than common floors) which makes it does an excellent job cleaning carpeted areas.

The exceptional thing for this robot vacuum among Roomba’s is its enhanced app which lets you view maps, schedule, clean your home and customize cleaning options from your mobile phone. All you have to do is just install the Irobot Home app available and it automatically detects your wi-fi network and asks your password if you want to connect your Roomba to it.

Roomba 980 has two considerable downsides, One: its sulky app functionality, and the second: In testing, We have noticed its increased sound level while working on carpet.


Even it is expensive, there is no denying that Roomba 980 is the best performing, smartest, easier to keep up, wi-fi enabled Robot vacuum ever with longer work span (battery life) and app connectivity. And needless to say, it’s the best robot vacuum for everything.
If you want the best performance ever and at the same time you don’t have any budget restriction, then we highly recommend Roomba 980.


  • Most advanced and effective robot vacuum till date. Denying the price, no doubt to call it as the top #1 robot vacuum.
  • Long battery life (120 minutes runtime).
  • Powerful suction than its competitors.
  • Works with Alexa.(You can control its movements with your voice)
  • WiFi and app connectivity on both IOS and Android devices.
  • Automatic carpet boost.(You can’t find this with other robot vacuums)
  • Never ever get stuck.
  • Expensive for some.
  • Smaller dirt bin (makes you empty it often), not a problem for medium and small-sized homes. 
  • Sulky app control.
  • Louder when Carpet Boost On.

3. Neato Botvac D80 – Great for Pet Hair and Allergies

 Neato Botvac D80 ReviewProduct Dimensions: 12.7 x 13.2 x 3.9 inches.

 Item Weight: 9 pounds.

Neato Botvac D80 is the powerful high-performing robot vacuum at a fair price. Even Roomba 980 works great for pets, it’s not an affordable one for some.

Considering the pet hair alone, Botvac D80 is definitely the game changer. You don’t have to worry about it while cleaning, just set it and leave it.

The first most thing I got fascinated with this vacuum is its D-shape design. This d-shape with corner clean technology delivers better cleaning ability around edges and corners. Looking at the top of it, the intuitive touchscreen helps you set things like scheduling, cleaning and customizing preferences easily.

And, when it comes to navigating and moving around obstacles Neato D80 does pretty well. The laser smart technology used helps the robot to map the room plan and systematically clean instead of knocking around. For best results, make sure your home clutter-free. It continuously works about an hour and returns to the base station and recharges as needed. It never gets stuck, the retractable wheels help it out of jams.

Funny thing We noticed in testing is Neato D80 chirps at the offender to put it back when picked up.

Neato Botvac D80 comes with spin flow power clean technology delivers powerful suction that picks up more of what there on the floor. It also comes with the combo brush, good for pet hair extraction and no need to say the side brush is good for corners.

We highly recommend this robot vacuum for people with strong shedding pets. Another great thing which makes human effort negligible while cleaning is, the dirt bin, a larger one compared to its predecessors. So there is no need of frequent empty out.

The only considerable drawback with Neato Botovac D80 is, there is no remote control or WiFi control options as compared to its competitors.


If you are more related for cleaning floors with shaggy pets, Neato D80 shows it worth. Writing my personal experience it does an outstanding job of picking up my pet hair. Well worth the money.


  • D-shape makes it easier to clean the corners and edges effectively than Roomba 600 series.
  • Quieter vacuum experience.
  • Designed especially for picking the pet hair.
  • Extra-large dirt bin and large filters.
  • Easy touch interface.
  • Lightweight.
  • No Remote or WiFi control option.
  • Dust may escape while emptying the bin (advisable to empty the dirt bin outside).
  • Louder prompts may make you irritated.

4. Irobot Roomba 880 – Best Rated Roomba Known for superior Performance (5 power)

 Irobot Roomba 880 ReviewProduct Dimensions: 13.9 x 13.9 x 3.6 inches.

 Weight: 8.4 pounds.

If you are looking for the better performance than Roomba’s 650 and at the same time best budget option compared to 980 and from popular brand Irobot, then no doubt Roomba 880 is the best choice for you.

For pet hair pickup, Carpet, Bare floors cleaning and for everything this robot will never disappoint you.

The only thing which makes this product stay on top five of the list is, Roomba 880 is an all round vacuum great for every task and surprisingly it came with five times the air power than Roomba’s basic vacuum 650, definitely a great performing one with strong suction.

Speaking of its design, the 880 doesn’t move far away from Irobot’s existing design. Along with the large clean button at the top, the Roomba 880 is elegantly designed with four control buttons, few indicator lights and a LED display showing the time and day (scheduling) details.

Being just 3.6 inches tall makes it fit under most sofas, furniture, and beds.

Compared with Roomba’s 600 and 700 Series 880 comes with an additional virtual wall device enables multi-room navigation such that the device becomes much smarter to clean the areas you want and to stay away from the places you don’t. It is also smart enough to back away from the stairs. 

And the most interesting feature offered on the Irobot’s Roomba 880 is its well designed powerful AeroForce cleaning system, which highly enhances the dirt cleaning ability and pet hair extraction.

You can schedule the Roomba 880 up to 7 times per week and have the robot do all the cleaning while you are out. It automatically reaches the dock station as needed, self-charges and completes the task it has to. Works two times longer than Roomba 650.

And the tangle free dual counter-rotating extractors came along grabs the dirt and debris to the extent and prevent the dirt and pet hair clogs such that it’s very easy to empty the dust bin. 

The main problem we noticed in testing with Roomba’s 880 is, it’s noisy when cleaning compared to other Irobot Roomba vacuums.


Searching for the best durable, high-efficiency robot vacuum cleaner and from the reputable brand as well, Roomba 880 will never regret you. Surely, you will get the best value for your money. Great for people who need day-to-day maintenance. And not to left, this robot vacuum is one of the highest rated robot vacuums on Amazon with thousands of happy customers.


  • Surprisingly powerful suction (five times more than Roomba 650).
  • Easy to use remote control.
  • Long battery life. great for pet hair, affordable price,
  • Great design for cleaning hard to reach places.
  • Requires less maintenance and easy to clean.
  • Lightweight.
  • Little noisy during the action.
  • Needless to say, relatively low suction compared to 980.
  • Small dust compartment needs to be emptied often.

5. Eufy Robovac 11 – Designed for Hard Floor and Carpets

 Eufy Robovac 11 ReviewProduct Dimensions: 13 x 12.8 x 3.1 inches.

 Weight: 6.7 pounds.

The next robot vacuum on the list is Eufy Robovac 11. This robot vacuum is available under $250. And to be honest this robot vacuum cleans well for the price. Even it’s not a game changer there is still a lot to talk about it.

For the price, you will get the robot vacuum along with the remote. Like many Robot vacuums, Eufy Robovac 11 is a circular one and dark charcoal in color. And as fact, looks don’t matter, right? Let’s check out the features came along.

Being 3 inches tall (half an inch shorter than Roomba vacuums) and slightly wider makes it highly maneuverable such that the robot can get under hard to reach places like furniture, and sofas more easily.

Robovac 11 Comes with remote control allows you to manually steer the robot vacuum so the probability of “dust in your home” will be zero.

To the point considering the carpets and hardwood floors, there is a lot to talk about its performance. It does suck up a lot of stuff including the pet hair. Robovac 11 offers three distinct edge, spot, and maximum-concentrate cleaning modes. Each has its own purpose, the edge mode is great for picking up the dirt at corners and edges. And the spot mode makes it vacuum only the specific range areas. The last but the best, the maximum concentrate mode, great for carpet cleaning.

The included rolling brush and the two side brushes with powerful suction assure the perfect clean.

Robovac also comes with triple filters and HEPA filter best for trapping the microscopic allergic particles inside the vacuum and expels the fresh air to breathe. Simply, it purifies the air in your home. Nothing wrong to call it as the cleaning air purifier.


Overall, Eufy Robovac 11 is the only budget friendly robot vacuum which vacuums greatly on both carpets and hardwood floors. Best value for the money.


  • Best Budget price
  • Great cleaning performance with amazing maneuverability.
  • Good for carpets and hardwood floors.
  • Powerful suction with longer battery life.
  • Variable mode settings with remote control.
  • Quieter one.
  • HEPA filter, prevents you from allergies.
  • Random route finding (not a smart one).
  • No virtual wall technology like Roomba.
  • No app or WiFi functionality.

6. BobSweep pethair – Another Budget Friendly Pet Robot Vacuum

 Product Dimensions: 13.8 x 13.8 x 3.9 inches.

 Weight: 7.7 pounds.

Being specially designed for pet hair cleaning and at a great price (priced under $300) bobsweep happens to be the best budget pet hair robot vacuum. Out of the box, I am sure you will get attracted to its dynamic elegant look. Let’s have a look at its design,

On the top, its large intuitive LCD screen, seeable from 10 feet away, displays current settings, battery level and cleaning time.

It’s a five in one good-looking vacuum meaning that it mops, sweeps, vacuums, UV sterilizes, purifies air and automatically gets back to the docking station when the battery falls below 15% and self-recharges as needed.

Its high functional remote control allows you to clean, schedule and customize cleaning preferences. The large 7500RPM turbo lift motor works greatly picking up the pet hair from the hard to reach places.

Bobsweep offers three different cleaning modes: auto-pilot, quick-clean and touch up. Autopilot mode makes it maneuvers across all surfaces along the path for a deep clean. The quick clean mode is great for medium-sized areas and the third mode is great for small areas with fast touch ups. One thing to underline is its large 1-liter dust bin

A single charge will make this robot works over an hour continuously. Eliminating the limits of a normal vacuum cleaner, bobsweep sweeps and polish your home floors at the same time. The side brushes which came along sweeps all the corners, edges and other hard to clean areas effectively.

The materials used in this vacuum are Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compatible, means they are not harmful to humans or the environment. Do keep in mind that the 400 NM ultra-violet lamp equipped with this robot vacuum sterilizes your floor and makes it free from bacteria.

Its three-layered filtration system prevents microscopic particles escaping back into the air. It also comes with HEPA filtration which helps to remove harmful allergic particles from the air. There is nothing wrong to call it as the best robot vacuum for allergies.

It’s not an all round one. Except for homes with shedding pets, we never recommend this because of poor carpet cleaning performance.


Simply, Bobsweep is the “pet that cleans after your pets“.


  • Specially designed for pet hair removal.
  • Large dustbin (one-liter capacity), it’s the industry biggest.
  • Remote control.
  • HEPA filtration, best for allergies.
  • Scheduled cleaning.
  • High-capacity lithium-ion battery enhances battery life.
  • Can’t handle thicker carpet areas.
  • Little louder.
  • Not an all round one.

7. Ilife V3 – Cheap and Best Robot Vacuum (under $200)

 Ilife V3 ReviewProduct Dimensions: 11.8 x 11.8 x 3 inches.

 Weight: 4.5 pounds.

Since its launch in 2007, Ilife became familiar for its best performing budget friendly robot vacuums. The only reason for its existence on the list is its powerful suction for the price.

Speaking of its design, V3s three-inch slim design allows it to clean the most difficult to reach places. It has a remote control having great signal strength such that it receives human instructions to the extent.

Ilife V3 offers two cleaning modes, one: the spot mode which makes it goes around in a circular form, best for heavy fur pickup, and the second one, the edge mode which makes it clean the edges of the room.

Ilife V3 is very quiet compared to other hefty price robot vacuums. Another surprising thing with this less pricey one is its battery life, about 90 minutes. At first, I didn’t believe it. But after testing, I found the battery life seems close to 80-90 minutes of use.

Like most of the robot vacuums, Ilife V3 gets stuck while getting across the obstacles like cables came along the path. Other than that, it is great. For best results make your floor clutter free. The smart sensor’s built-in avoid V3s dropping off stairs. 

It’s very easy to empty the dust box and the HEPA filter makes it great for allergy sufferers. And it’s advisable to replace the HEPA filter every month. No need to say, it automatically docks and recharges. For best performance clear up all the barriers like cables, chairs, bar stools etc., on the floors before cleaning. 

The only considerable downside with Ilife V3 is, the robot can’t find its way to the docking station when the battery was low. Requires supervision. 


Works well for the price. It’s not from the well-known brand but this robot vacuum does what it promises. Definitely a small price to pay for such a powerful suction. Overall, very impressed with this little best robot vacuum and recommend it for low-budget ones.


  • Slimmer one improves maneuverability.
  • HEPA filtration.
  • Easy operation with remote control
  • Lightweight, quieter than Roomba.
  • Powerful suction for the price.
  • Easy to clean out dust tray.
  • Scheduled cleaning.
  • Stucks a little, needs supervision.
  • Difficult finding the dock station.
  • Smaller dirt bin.

Robot Vacuum Buying Guide

robot vacuums for pet hair trendOver the past 8 years, self-cleaning technology has experienced massive growth in the consumer market.

Self-cleaning? Yeah. Robot vacuums.

As these are not traditional ones, it’s always the recommendable one to know “what is it, how to use, how to maintain and things to consider” before making a purchase.

Surely, the Product reviews like the above “best robot vacuums for pet hair 2017” will not help you if you don’t know what to consider before buying the product.

Our in-depth robot vacuum buying guide will help you pick the best robot vacuum which perfectly extracts your pet’s hair. Let’s go through it…

Things to Consider before buying a Robot Vacuum

Battery life

One of the top end robot vacuums, Roomba 980, is the best one with long battery life over 120 minutes.

The main reason to have a robot vacuum is, to save both the human effort and cleaning time right? Having a short work span (battery life) makes it work for longer times. For a single charge, A normal robot will have a minimum work span of Sixty minutes. While the top end vacuums work more than that continuously and effectively.

Pay attention, the cheap robot vacuums make false advertisements of longer battery life. But they don’t. And never pick the one which doesn’t return to the dock station when the battery is low.

No need to worry, the above-reviewed robot vacuums are great for returning to dock station and self-recharging.

Cleaning Surfaces

Not all robot vacuums are designed for carpets and the same, not all robot vacuums are designed for hardwood floors. So first, determine the floor surface you are wishing to clean. However, there are very few robot vacuums like Roomba 650 works great on all surfaces.

Automatic Scheduling

Many of the today robot vacuums offer scheduling such that you can set it to and forget cleaning your home. And do keep in mind that some top of the line robot vacuums like from Irobot, provides much more advanced in scheduling such that you can schedule it to work for an entire week.

Have pets?

Roomba 980 picks the pet hair easily and considering budget, robot vacuums like Neato Botovac D80 and Bobsweep works great, they are specially designed for pet hair extraction.

One of the features, must for people with pets, have to see in a robot is its potential to pick up the pet hair.

Speaking of the allergies, HEPA filter is a recommendable thing for people with shedding pets. This High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter cleans the air by trapping allergic particles inside the vacuum itself. Great Right? Absolutely..

Number of Rooms

Bobsweep is the robot vacuum with 1-liter capacity dust bin (large in the industry).

The number of rooms? Yeah. Room size matters. 

As we all know that robot vacuums are self-cleaning ones which don’t need human involvement a lot, but things like smaller dirt container size make it wrong for large homes, we have to empty it often. So for the people with large house dirt bin size is the important thing to check out.

Remote Control

The remote control is the most common feature which helps you clean, schedule, change power modes, control its movement, and customize settings. Things like WiFi or app connectivity will make you ignore the remote option and definitely a convenient one compared to remote control.

WiFi or App connectivity

Irobot’s Roomba 980 offers app control. 

WiFi or App connectivity feature is the most advanced option offered by only a few top notch robot vacuums. This feature allows you control the vacuum from your smartphone itself. You can schedule, control movement, clean, and personalize preferences from your mobile phone.

Attachments & Maintenance

Attachments like side spinning brushes, rolling brushes, and filters make the vacuum suit for all jobs. Even robot vacuums don’t involve humans they still need maintenance. It is always the best to make an eye out on the replacement parts availability.

Popular brands like Irobot is great in terms of customer service. They make the replacement parts available from popular stores Amazon and their home website too.


In general, a normal robot vacuum costs at least $200. The more the price the best the performance and more the features offered. Products that do the job for you (with no effort) always deserve the worth. In common with new technology, the phrase: We get what we pay for is always the acceptable one to admit.

TIPS for Best Performance
  • Make sure your home clutter free. Replace all the path obstacles like cords, bar stools, office chairs etc., so that the robot vacuums don’t get stuck.
  • Use virtual wall sensors wisely to clean only the areas you want.
  • Check out the dirt bin often depending on size and empty it out for best performance.
  • Replace your HEPA filter every month, highly recommended for allergy sufferers.
  • Schedule it to charge when the battery falls below 10%.

Hey Wait, Don’t buy Robot Vacuum IF

If you are more concerned cleaning the stairs. Go for a traditional vacuum cleaner. As the robot vacuums are not designed for cleaning stairs, they are not the recommended ones for you.



Even most of the people love being in a CLEAN home, certain reasons like being busy, allergies, back pain, laziness etc., makes them away from cleaning and for pet owners, it’s much more a daunting job for pet hair removal. Right? Yeah. It’s true.

Undoubtedly, for those, robot vacuum is the best option to go for. Never compromise with the price. The Robot vacuums reviewed above are the best ones which never makes you regret and at the same time worths every penny. We have also added the budget ones as the Hefty’s are not for everyone.

In case you think we missed any “BEST” robot vacuum for pet hair extraction, let us know by commenting below. is a participant in Amazon Associates program, and we get a commission when you made a purchase through our links.

8 thoughts on “Best Robot Vacuums for Pet Hair 2017 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

  1. Faceithard it’s really awesome, great article with in-depth buying guide and perfectly written. At first, I was very indecisive about robot vacuums for pet hair removal. But Finally, I made a decision and ordered Roomba 650. And I am very happy with its cleaning ability, noise level, and navigation system.

    1. Yeah Mark, Just recently Irobot released the 690 which comes with Wifi Connectivity option compared to 650 and it is slightly more expensive than 650. All remaining is same. If you are okay with minor inconvenience, it is always the best to go for Roomba 650.

    1. Marrie, Roomba 980 is the one with powerful suction. Till now, no other robot vacuum outperforms 980. And speaking of Neato Botvac D5, it is a Wi-fi connected one and a bit pricey one compared to Neato D80. Okay with Budget and looking for a Wifi option, go for Botvac D5.

  2. Great work, the well-researched guide with in-depth content. You might have put a lot of effort to make this Best guide. Wish more reviews from your site in the future.

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