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Best Memory Foam Mattresses 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

best memory foam mattress 2017

1/3 of our life is spent on the bed (mattress). No doubt, Mattresses are essential in achieving a good night’s sleep.

And considering the type memory foam is the top rated one around great for sleeping in comfort.

Over the past fifteen years, because of its benefits, the memory foam has switched over from a novelty into a prominent, beloved and affordable mattress type.

As a result, choosing a single memory foam mattress really become a hard job when you have a lot of options to choose from. That’s why I have compiled this Best Memory Foam Mattresses 2017 list. So you can have a look at and find the one that suits you best.

The BEST?? Do keep in mind that, not everyone sleeps the same, different bodies have different needs. The best memory foam for side sleepers may not the right choice for people with back pain. That’s why Instead of a single mattress we are having mattresses list.

Best Memory Foam Mattress 2017

Surely, buying a good mattress is the most crucial and strategic investment in your health. So, it wouldn’t make sense looking for the cheaper ones. The best always deserves the value and in reverse worths every penny of you.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the Top Memory Foams for amazing night’s sleep.

Mattress NameThicknessKey FeaturesWarranty (Years)Price 
Sleep Innovation Shiloh
(Editor's choice)
12"Affordable price,
Ideal for Any (back, side and stomach sleepers).
Overall customer satisfactions.
20$$ Check price
Tuft and

(Editor's choice)
10"Supportive than memory foam,
Best Selling Mattress,
Long Life duration.
10$$$ Check price
Brands Cool Gel

(Best for Backpain)
12"For Backpain Relief,
Best for Heavy people.
25$$ Check price
Zinus Memory Foam
(Budget Choice)
12"Budget Friendly,
Best seller on Amazon
10$ Check price
Brentwood Home13"Complete organic,
Luxury looking,
Best for Side sleepers.
25$$ Check price
Signature Sleep12"Best for Couples,
Budget Friendly,
1$ Check price
Perfect Cloud Elegance12"Good for sex,
Easy to maintain,
Maintains motion isolation.
10$$ Check price

1. Sleep Innovations Shiloh – Best Memory Foam Mattress to buy in 2017.

 Sleep Innovations Shiloh ReviewMattress Feel: medium-firm.  

 Warranty: 20 Years. 

The first mattress on the list is the most popular universally comfortable Shiloh mattress from Sleep Innovations. In case if you don’t know, Sleep Innovations is the America’s best-selling mattress company well-known for their products (mattresses, sheets, and pillows) great to make your sleeping environment more comfortable.

Shiloh mattress (queen size) has an affordable price tag under $500 and to be honest, this memory foam worth every penny. After having three months of experience with this mattress we got to know some amazing things which make this mattress reach the top of our best mattresses list.

Without any waste of time, let’s have a quick look at how Shiloh satisfy your needs.

Out of the box: It took a couple of days for the edges to fully lay flat, and unlike most of the memory foam mattresses, Shiloh doesn’t smell.

Shiloh comes with two layered design (called “Duo-comfort” design), the top (2.5 in) layer is the memory foam (sureTemp) provides body contouring and pressure relief, and not to forget, this sureTemp foam also makes the heat dissipate, and provides cooler night’s sleep. The bottom foam (9.5 Inch) layer, provides strong base support to the mattress.

No matter how you toss and turn, Shiloh is the ideal mattress for any position you sleep in. Being medium on the firmness scale, Shiloh happens to be the best budget option for the people with back pain.

The only downside with this mattress is that its cover is not a replaceable one which makes it hard for cleaning. As most of them use sheets on their mattress it’s not that an issue.


It is the perfect amount of firmness and comfort. No doubt to say, It is great on back, side, and stomach. Overall, If you want a great memory foam mattress at a super reasonable price then Shiloh is the best one that you can buy now.


  • It’s highly comfortable and ideal for any position that one can fall asleep.
  • Such a huge warranty (20-year), definitely a risk-free product.
  • Luxury looking mattress.
  • Doesn’t transfer motion, you can sleep assured without disturbing your partners.
  • Helps relieve back pain.
  • Easy to set up and highly durable.
  • Affordable price.
  • Non-replaceable cover hard to clean.
  • A very little odor that lasted only a couple of days.
  • Doesn’t have handles to make it easier to move/carry.

2. Tuft & Needle – Best Exceptional Mattress for the Money (supportive than memory foam)

Tuft and needle review Mattress Feel: medium-firm (T&N adaptive Foam, more advanced than memory foam).

 Warranty: 10-year Warranty.

Are you searching for the best quality mattress available at a fair price? If yes, then you are at the right glance. The mattress we are going to talk about is Tuft & Needle.

Tuft & Needle the mattress selling company came up with a different innovative idea to make the mattress adapt to any individual’s body without any exceptions. And as a result, this innovation makes it the best-selling mattress online with above 95% overall customer satisfaction. Let’s find out how this mattress becomes the most selling one comparing to its competitors.

The United States most trusted product review site ConsumerReports itself acknowledges that Tuft & Needle is the great mattress that one can buy in 2017.

As said, Tuft & Needle came up with a new technology T & N Adaptive foam which overcomes all the drawbacks of outdated materials such as latex, memory foam and spring mattresses. From the day it’s out of the box, there will be no such things like “sleep hot”, “sink in” and “feel stuck”.

Its design, having only two layers, such that the air flow will be great and makes you feel cool all the night. We simply note this mattress as “not too soft, not too firm“.

Being soft, bouncy and supportive this 10-inch medium firm mattress became ideal for stomach, and back sleepers. The foam used in its construction is certified by CERTIPUR. Having very less motion transfer makes it the great choice for couples. Not to forget, Tuft & Needle doesn’t make noise. 

So is this mattress perfect? No. This memory foam also has a downside, its poor edge support which makes it inadequate for heavy people. Except for that say, tuft & needle is the best mattress, highly recommended for anyone who needs a good night’s sleep.



Overall, It’s definitely a Risk-free product that one can buy without any hesitation. Don’t ever waste your money buying other high-priced ($1000+) uncomfortable mattresses which led to restless nights when you have an affordable budget for T&N in your wallet. Tuft and Needle overcome all the drawbacks of the most memory foam mattresses so one can experience the best sleep in their life.


  • Its price is extremely reasonable for how high quality the mattress is.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Long life duration.
  • It is firm enough to have support and soft enough to be comfortable.
  • Supportive than memory foam.
  • Overall positive customer satisfactions, (to say, it’s the best selling memory foam mattress on Amazon).
  • It may take time for side sleepers to get adapted to the firmness.
  • Not a recommended one for heavy people.
  • Lack of solid(firm) support at the edges.

3. Classic Brands Cool Gel – Best Memory Foam Mattress for Back pain

Classic Brands Cool Gel Review Mattress Feel: medium firm.

 Warranty: 25 Year Warranty.

Waking up with back pain is the most common problem faced by most of the sleepers. If you are one of them, Classic Brands is the best choice for your back pain relief.

To say, Firmness is a strong asset to this mattress which surely makes you ignore the price. 

Speaking of its construction, the mattress is made off only with the top quality foam, makes you deserve the best sleep experience. This memory foam features three layer design. On the top, the 2.5-inch cool gel memory foam maintains temperature regulation and the 3-inch poly gel foam for breathability layered on the bottom 6.5-inch high-density memory foam great for superior base support.

Do keep in mind, Gel-infused memory foam has the ability to conform to each person unique body shape and weight. It also keeps up your body temperature within the ideal range for deep and relaxing sleep. 

Research says people with back pain have to prefer medium firm mattress so that it not only makes them feel soft but also for strong support to the back. Since Classic Brands is best enough to offer medium firm support and pressure relief we highly recommend this mattress for the people with back pain.

And the best part with this memory foam mattress is that you can sit on the edges for a long time because of its firm edge support.

Like most of the memory foams, it came up with Certipur-US high-quality foam best resistant to allergens, bacteria and dust mites. This aspect states that this memory foam mattress is not only a comfortable mattress but also safe and durable.

It did have a chemical/plastic (sorry, I failed to figure it out) smell for longer than I expected (one week).


Overall, it’s a nice looking and comfortable mattress at a reasonable price. Needless to say, issues like chronic back and shoulder pain will no longer bother you.


  • Excellent balance of Soft/Firm, more comfortable than most mattresses out there.
  • Solid edge support, adequate for heavy people.
  • The mattress inflated quickly (within minutes).
  • Hypoallergenic (Certipur-US certified).
  • Best for back pain relief.
  • Doesn’t get hot (because of gel infusion).
  • Reasonable price.
  • Takes a while for off-gassing.

4. Zinus Memory Foam – Best Budget Mattress (Under 300$)

Zinus memory foam review Mattress Feel: medium-firm.  

 Warranty: 10-years.

This memory foam mattress is from sleepers familiar mattress company zinus. For those who don’t know zinus is well-known for their most affordable high-quality mattresses.

This memory foam is surprisingly comfortable for this price range (under $300). 

Speaking of its design, zinus memory foam came up with three-layered construction. The top memory foam layer (3 inches) provides the soft feeling and body contour for sleepers, and the middle layer provides conforming comfort. Finally, the air flow bottom layer provides core compression support and keeps you cool all the night.

These three layers come together to provide additional support, stability, and luxury to your bed so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep. The natural green tea infused foam is specially designed to conform to your body, regardless of weight, shape or body size and it also helps cut down allergies.

It goes without saying that back sleepers prefer firmer mattresses and the side sleepers like softer ones. Zinus memory foam is a great balance between the two. It’s a perfect combination of firm support and creamy softness.

To say, the edge support of this memory foam is better than expected. And the foam used in this mattress is Certi PUR, US certified for durability and performance.

Surely, this mattress will help relieve the pressure which is normally, accumulated throughout the day. For the price, no other mattress beats this mattress in terms of quality


In short, we simply frame it as “you get more than you pay for”. That’s why it’s sold mostly online. If you are searching for the best medium-firm, hypoallergenic, resilient mattress within the best price which maintains both the pros of memory foam and the spring then zinus is the best option to go for. Great product at a great price.


  • Great value for the price. A perfect affordable alternative to a traditional mattress.
  • As comfortable as high-end ($1000+) mattresses. 
  • Plenty of support for heavier people.
  • Has green tea in its composition which is a powerful antioxidant.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Certipur-US certified foam, best for durability and performance.
  • Overall positive reviews.
  • It is way heavier than I expected, makes it difficult to move.
  • Not a great one for temperature regulation (makes you little hot while sleeping).
  • A particular smell when the box is opened (but doesn’t stay after 24 hours).

5. Brentwood – Best Mattress for Side Sleepers (100% Organic)

Brentwood home side sleepers review Mattress Feel: Between medium-soft and medium-firm.

 Warranty: 25- Year Warranty.

The mattress we are going to talk about is the best memory foam mattress from Brentwood. It is the only eco-committed mattress company which proactively works to conserve global resources. Undoubtedly, these mattresses are safe for both your health and home.

Brentwood is a beautifully designed organic mattress came up with four layer combination. Coming from the bottom it provides solid support which helps to prevent noise and maintains motion isolation. And the two-inch airflow foam layer allows you to stay cool all the night. The most important one the memory foam layer (3.5 inches) relieves pressure and maintains body contouring from head to toe evenly. New Zealand wool is placed as the top layer which helps to regulate body temperature. 

The entire mattress is free from toxic substances so that we can call it the best organic mattress.

Another best part to talk about Brentwood is its “removable cover” derived from bamboo makes it easy to clean and also keeps you stay cool all night.

It conforms to the curves of your body for greater pressure relief and proper spinal alignment. Being medium on the firmness scale, and a little softer than average helps to relieve pressure joints and provides strong support which makes it the best option for side sleepers.

This mattress is way too soft for an average guy. Not a recommended memory foam for heavy people and for people with back pain.


Overall, Brentwood is the best affordable long lasting organic memory foam mattress which definitely exceeds your expectations and makes you fall in love with it immediately after opening the box.


  • Complete organic mattress (CERTIPUR-US).
  • Very soft and comfortable.
  • Fully inflated just in a couple of hours.
  • Absolutely, no chemical or plastic smell right out of the box.
  • Its removable bamboo cover is great for cleaning.
  • Luxury looking mattress.
  • Not for people who sleep exclusively on the back.
  • Lack of solid support at the edges.
  • Not as plush as expected.

6. Signature sleep – Another Budget Friendly Memory Foam Mattress

signature sleep review Mattress Feel: medium-firm.

 Warranty: one year.

The next mattress on the list is from Signature sleep. For those who don’t know, Signature sleep is the veteran company well-known for their top end memory foam mattresses available at a great price.

The main reason most people are looking for a memory foam mattress is they want comfort while they sleep and this memory foam is the best out there. Let’s get into details.

It’s the most affordable memory foam mattress to help you with the joint problems.

Speaking of its design, the Signature Sleep Mattress is constructed with the top 3.5″ layer of high comfortable memory foam which helps pressure relief, body contouring, and optimal blood flow. And its bottom 8.5″ layer of high-density foam, provides strong base support. 

The foam used in this mattress maintains initial softness while sleeping. No matter how much you move, this comfortable mattress distributes your weight evenly and provides much-balanced support. It came up with high-quality CertiPUR-­US certified foam which is free from harmful retardants which make Signature sleep eco-friendly hypoallergenic mattress.

Unlike most of the memory foam mattresses, Signature sleep doesn’t make noise and it maintains motion isolation (which is essential for couples). It is advisable to allow this memory bedding for 24 hours to expand to its proper size and shape.

Pay attention, if you are some one who doesn’t need extremely firm or super soft mattresses it’s hard to go wrong with this mattress. However, an added mattress topper would help the situation.


Finally, It is really a good price for what you get. The memory foam on this mattress is a bit harder than most of those we tested out. It is ideal for those of you who have problems with that shoulder or hip pain. If you are on a budget or just want to try a memory foam mattress it’s the best choice


  • It is very comfortable (distributes your weight evenly) and easy to set up. 
  • Great price.
  • Overall customer satisfactions. (to say, it’s the top rated budget friendly memory foam on Amazon).
  • Doesn’t make noise.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Too firm for stomach sleepers.
  • Only one-year limited warranty.
  • Less durable one compared to zinus.
  • Takes a while to “off-gas”.

7. Perfect Cloud Elegance – Good for Sex

  perfect cloud elegance reviewMattress Feel: medium-firm.  

  Warranty: 10 Year warranty.

The next memory foam mattress on our list is comfortable in any area it’s not too hot, not too soft, or not too firm. It’s as good as it gets.

As soon as you open the mattress box you will start feeling excited with its stylish and dazzling look so that you can’t take your eyes away from it. 

Perfect cloud is a medium firm mattress came up with the three-layer design with 2.5 inch HD and regular air infused memory foam on top which makes you feel cool all night by dissipating heat away from both the body and mattress. And the second 2-inch gel memory foam provides conforming comfort, while the bottom 7.5-inch Support foam provides strong base support and makes you feel bouncy. 

Being enough soft and firm bouncy nature makes it the best mattress for sex.

Speaking of the maintenance, the removable premium knit cover makes it great for easy care. Like most of the foam mattresses, this memory foam doesn’t make noise and do keep in mind that this mattress maintains motion isolation so that you can sleep assured without disturbing your partners. There is nothing wrong to call it as the best mattress for couples.


Overall, if you are looking for a good night’s sleep, this mattress is the best one for the money. Needless to say, everything is better on this mattress (even sex).


  • Maintains Motion isolation.
  • It is both firm and comfortable.
  • Being little bouncy makes it amazing for sex.
  • Removable premium knit cover great for cleaning.
  • Expensive for some.
  • Not a recommended one for side sleepers.
  • It does get little hot.

Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide

Memory Foam trends

The story behind Memory Foam? 

In the 1970s under a contract, NASA scientists specially designed the memory foam for high comfortable airline cushion seats. From then because of its comfort level, memory foam become more common in all bedding products including toppers and pillows.

Over the past ten years, memory foams have experienced a huge massive growth in the consumer market.

Our in-depth memory foam buying guide will help you pick the best memory foam mattress which perfectly satisfies your needs. Let’s go through it…

Why Memory Foam become the popular mattress type? Comfort, Softness and Affordable – In a survey of 20000 mattresses of all types, memory foam has the highest owner satisfaction and the top rated mattress type with overall positive reviews.

Is it enough to go for a memory foam mattress? of course not.

For those who don’t know there are few things to consider before buying a memory foam mattress. And it is always recommended to know what is what before making a purchase.

Like everything, this memory foams also have its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • As memory foam mattresses don’t use any spring foundation in construction they don’t make noise and maintains motion isolation so that you can sleep assured that your partner will never get disturbed by your movements.
  • Evenly distributes the sleeper’s weight and eliminates pressure on joints.
  • Memory foams body molding quality allow your mattress to conform to your body’s shape.
  • The air flow technology came up with few memory foam mattresses keeps you stay cool all night.
  • As most of these are medium firm ones, they are the best ones for people with pains.
  • Durable doesn’t sag.
  • A pure 100% memory foam sinks deep and not the best experience for some.
  • Not an ideal option for the people who are searching for the strong firm mattress. Memory foams are usually medium firm ones.
  • Few of the memory foams smell at first because of the remnants remained during the manufacturing process.
  • Not a recommended one for toddlers.
Quick note: Forget those disadvantages, the memory foams coming these days are perfectly designed eliminating all those.

Standard Certifications

Always consider a hypoallergenic memory foam mattress. A Hypoallergenic Memory Foam? Yeah. Memory foams are made of chemicals how it deserves to be hypoallergenic. If you are thinking like that pay attention, it’s completely a myth now.

Memory foam mattresses from the top brands as mentioned in the above list came up with CERTIPUR-US certified foams great for keeping you away from all allergens and bacteria. Do keep in mind, all CertiPUR-US foams are low emission ones great for indoor air quality. 

Foam Types

Memory foam is a mattress type and under it, there are three types traditional, air cool, and gel infused ones. Let’s go in detail.

TraditionalAir coolGel Infused
  • Traditional memory foams are designed in such a way that the body will get cradled when you sleep.
  • The traditional foam supports the body greatly and maintains optimal blood flow. Also, the traditional ones maintain motion isolation so that you will not get disturbed by your partner movements.
  • “Feeling hot” is the common complaint with memory foam. Surprisingly the air cool memory foams are designed to avoid this. This memory foam allows the air to flow inside and makes the heat dissipated away from the mattress and provides you cooler night sleep.
  • Gel Infused memory foam is designed to avoid pressure points and it distributes the weight evenly. These are firmer and durable than traditional memory foams.
  • Great option for individuals who suffer from chronic pains.
  • Price

    Cheaper ones? No way. Mattresses play a major role in our life. Needless to say, mattresses are essential in achieving a good night’s sleep. So it wouldn’t make sense looking for the cheap ones.

    And to say, We have checked out few less pricey ones and as expected they started sagging (<5 months).

    Most Common FAQ about Memory Foams

    Does Memory foam generate heat?
    Though many people admit that it’s great to sleep on memory foam mattresses, you may have heard about issues with memory foam and heat.

    Yeah. It’s true for traditional memory foams. You will feel little hot while sleeping.

    If you are really sensitive to heat, then there is always the alternative of “Air cool” and “Gel infused” memory foams great to make the heat dissipate out. An additional tip!!!

    Order a waterproof mattress protector that will allow even more air to pass between you and the memory foam mattress or topper so you don’t have to worry about the heat problem and helps make memory foam sleep cool.

    Is Memory Foam Mattress good for back pain?

    As most of the memory foams are medium firm ones (softness and also provides strong support to your back), they are great for your back pain relief. An additional tip!!!

    If you exclusively sleep on your back, place a pillow under your knees to help maintain the normal curve of your lower back.

    Are the Memory Foams Safe?

    If you have allergies, memory foam mattresses and natural latex mattresses without coils are the best way to go for. In general, it is recommended to pick out the hypoallergenic mattress. But these days, 90/100 of the memory foams got labeled “Hypoallergenic”. Are they safe to use?

    To the point, hypoallergenic means that the manufacturer claims its product causes fewer allergic reactions than other. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is complete allergy proof. However, there are very few best memory foams out there which are 100% organic (safe for both you and your home).


    There is no such BEST mattress which opts for everyone. Every body is unique and each individual has different sleeping positions. It’s highly recommended to determine your preferred sleeping position first and then check out the reviews like above. 

    The above-reviewed memory foams are the best ones which never makes you regret and at the same time worths every penny. We have also added the budget ones as the Hefty’s are not for everyone.

    In case, if you think we missed any BEST memory foam mattress, let us know.

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